The Ultimate Birthday Video Gift Guide

The Celebrate Team

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Celebrating a loved one’s birthday involves dedicating a single day to showing your love and appreciation. Sometimes, this can be a challenge if finances are limited or you live far away.

Creating a personalized birthday video message is an effective, affordable and meaningful way to show someone that you care - regardless of your budget or location.  So, where do you begin?

This birthday video gift guide includes all you need to know on how to make a thoughtful birthday video. Let’s explore some of the easiest video ideas, what to say in your message, and steps to make a memorable birthday video.

Easiest birthday video ideas

Each person is different and has their own unique personality. If you plan on creating a birthday video gift, then it’s important to consider your loved one’s personality and incorporate their character into the video. 

Let your creativity flow and create a birthday video to remember. If you’re wondering where to begin, then start your research with these easy (but effective) birthday video ideas.

  • Recap the important milestones from the past year
  • Put together favorite moments that you’ve shared together
  • Include a quirky birthday quote
  • Compile birthday messages from various friends 
  • Film yourself singing their favorite song
  • Create a video using pictures and videos of favorite activity

Birthday video messages

Are you wondering how to create a meaningful happy birthday video message? The good news is that there is no single, correct way of showing your loved one that you care. 

Surprise the birthday person in your life by making the message personal and meaningful. Here are a few fun ideas for birthday video messages to get you started.

Compile many birthday messages into one

compile birthday video messages

A surprise video gift is a diverse and heartwarming way to wish someone on their special day. Just because your special friend lives far away, or they don’t like the fuss of a party, doesn’t mean that you can’t get all of their favorite people together. 

Compiling several surprise birthday videos into a single file is a quick and easy way to celebrate the day. Keep the following tips in mind when compiling happy birthday video messages together.

  • Sign up with a user-friendly birthday video maker, such as Celebrate
  • Send an invite to all contributors
  • Collect the videos and organize them together
  • Add a personal touch
  • Process and share the final birthday video
  • Watch as your loved one’s face lights up with joy

The best part about this idea is that the videos can be recorded and stitched together from your mobile phone!

Wondering what to say in a birthday video?

Are you camera shy? Knowing what you want to say in your birthday video message beforehand can give you the extra boost of confidence that you need to create a heartwarming video.

There are several tips on what to say in a birthday video message, and you simply need to pick the route that suits you best.

For example, you can share a memory that you have with your loved one. Whether it be the story of your first meeting or a memorable experience that you’ve had together, you’re sure to bring a smile to their face!

Another idea is to include a mashup of all of their favorite things. Consider including quotes from their favorite movie, pictures of them eating their favorite food or even add a soundtrack of their best band.

Personalize the message even more by letting them know how they inspire you or how they’ve had a positive impact on your life. You can even get excited about the upcoming year and all that it has in store for them!

Celebrating milestone birthdays

celebrate milestone birthday

A happy birthday video message is always a good idea, especially when celebrating their special digits.  If your special person is celebrating a milestone birthday, then you can boost the celebration by creating a surprise birthday video gift. 

For example, a first birthday is a distinctive milestone that celebrates a baby’s first year of life. Some fun first birthday video ideas include a recap of their first 365 days on earth or a mashup happy birthday song. Another great idea is a special interview of you speaking with the child and recording their actions.

What about celebrating later milestones in life? A survey revealed that people stop celebrating their birthdays after turning 31, but life is still worth commemorating - especially the major milestones.

For instance, the big 5-0 is a huge milestone and a surprise 50th birthday video is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. Collect photographs and videos from family, friends, and co-workers and compile an unforgettable memento with a video gift maker.

Long-distance celebration

When you can’t physically be with your loved one on their special day, then a birthday video is the next best thing. 

There are several unique ways to show your love from a distance. For example, you can treat them to dinner, deliver a birthday cake to their home, or help to build excitement with a virtual birthday countdown!

The cherry on the top is creating an unforgettable group video gift. Send out an invite link, collect all recorded videos, and put them together in a simple and effective video maker. 

Top tip: a little bit of humor can go a long way, so we recommend making your happy birthday video funny with a few chuckle-worthy moments!

Videos are the perfect keepsake

So, what is it that makes a birthday video such a special and meaningful gesture? Besides being sentimental, funny, and purposeful, videos are also a keepsake. 

Consider the following ways that videos serve as the perfect keepsake, allowing your loved one to feel special time, and time again.

  • Keep memories alive through real-life footage and sincere words
  • Videos last forever and can be safely stored online (and copied)
  • Share videos far and wide by simply copying and pasting a link
  • Videos are the gift that keeps on giving as your loved one can revisit the birthday message whenever they feel down

In a world that is full of single-use items, a birthday video is a special gift that will last forever. Whether you’re creating an in-person birthday party recap, collecting messages from around the world, or reliving favorite memories of years gone by - a video is an everlasting gift that will never find it’s way into the trash pile

Steps to make a birthday video in the easiest way with Celebrate

make a happy birthday

What would a birthday video gift guide be without step-by-step instructions on how to make a birthday video! 

Using Celebrate to create a fantastic group video gift is easy and effortless, requiring no technical skill. All that’s needed is to follow these five easy steps.

Get started with Celebrate for free - Create a happy birthday surprise video message Link. Only the person initiating the surprise video needs to create an account

Send an invite - ask friends and family to record a special message on any device and send it through to you

Collect and organize the videos - add all media files to your Celebrate account

Add your personal touch - use Celebrate’s easy-to-use tools to make the video truly unique

Share the video - celebrate the big day by sending the final video to the special someone

The beauty of the digital age is that video clips can be deleted, redone, rearranged and edited to your liking. There’s no pressure to get the video right the first time, giving people the opportunity to really express themselves in the way that they want.

Tips on how to make a birthday video

There’s no denying that Celebrate is an easy-to-use video gift maker that will produce a meaningful keepsake for the special person in your life. If you’re looking for ways to make the video extra special, then keep the following tips in mind

Preparation is key

Take the time to plan how you want the final video to appear. Consider whether you want the videos to be chronological or set to a certain theme. If there’s something in particular that you’d want collaborators to include, then make sure that you include the details in the request.

For example, ask all collaborators to mention a favorite memory and ask them to film in landscape mode.

Include all loved ones

Video is a powerful messaging platform that encapsulates everyone’s personality and voice. Reach out to all friends and family who share a special relationship with the birthday person and ask if they’d like to contribute their birthday wishes.

birthday video gift

Revise your edit

Take the time to check your video once you’ve included all media files and arranged them in the order that you want. Double check for dead space and any clips that have been cut short.

Add a personal touch

With Celebrate, it’s easy to personalize your video. Choose your own themes and music to add to the video, boosting the personal touch and making it that much more meaningful.

Start to create a birthday video Gift

Ready to compile the perfect gift? The first step is to pick your happy birthday video maker - and we’re right here!

Celebrate is an easy-to-use tool that can help you make an awesome birthday video. Get started for free and only pay when you’re ready to share your first video. Our platform includes everything that you need to create an amazing, personalized gift - including web invitations, auto-collect videos, the ability to rearrange clips, and more!

Get started today - and create the ultimate birthday video gift message link without delay!

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