The perfect game for Bridal Showers
and Bachelorette Parties

The perfect game for Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties

If you’re responsible for creating a bridal shower or Bachelorette party and are wondering how to make it extra-super-special, you’ve found the right place!

You may have heard of the TV show The Newlywed Game. It’s the game that’s both exciting and nerve-wracking: possibly setting you up to have a fantastic time, possibly setting you up to have a massive blow-up with your partner. Fun, right?

There’s a version people play at Bridal Showers and Bachelorette parties too, where a bridesmaid asks the husband-to-be a bunch of personal questions and we all watch the bride give her best shot at answering them.

Most of the time, these things are done with the bridesmaid just telling the group of women what the husband-to-be actually answered after the bride-to-be makes her guess.

Not bad. But what if there were an easy way to make it more fun? More engaging? With lots more laughter?

The Newlywed Game: The Celebrate way!

Well, the good news is: there is! You can totally make this game way more fun using pre-recorded video clips.

As the Producer/Director, ask the Newlyweds to answer several questions by video before the Bridal Shower.

With Celebrate, we’ve made it super easy — we walk you through the entire process step by step.

At the Bridal Shower or Bachelorette party, you'll have a fabulous game video! Get ready to play, pause, fast forward, and laugh! A lot!!

And an extra-special bonus — this will be a wonderful keepsake the Bride and Groom will still treasure in 25 years ❤️

… and every time they watch this, they’ll remember and appreciate the awesome party you created!

If you really want more of the details …

Or just go ahead and jump straight into the app — it’s all pretty intuitive.

As the Producer/Director, here's what you do

Create a Celebration and select Q&A style

Choose Newlywed Game

Choose the questions

We provide a bunch of ideas for you. Select the ones you like or add your own. Those questions will be auto-added as text pages to your video, ready and waiting for the responses

Create your Invitation

Here’s where you give your instructions to the newlyweds
We’ve provided default text to get you started. Use it as is or modify to your liking
Add a video to your request to personalize it … and to urge the happy couple to do it!
Also ask them to not discuss their answers with each other or anyone else. All answers should be a surprise to everyone at the party (except you, their exceptional Producer/Director and party organizer 😄
We auto-create your invitation as a web page

Send the Request

Send the link to the newlyweds and ask them to respond before the party

Newlywed video clips are uploaded, saved and organized for you

As they respond, each of their video clips will be placed in the right spot in your timeline, immediately after the question, ready for you to view. You can also optionally add special touches, like GIFs or stickers, if you’re feeling creative. We make that part easy too.

Process video‍‍‍‍‍

Once both newlyweds have done their part, tap to process the video and get ready for the best Bridal Shower ever!

Easy Peasy for the Wedding Couple

Tap To Start

They each tap your link, see your web page and tap a button when they’re ready to start.

No need to download an app. This works on any device —desktop and mobile —in all major browsers.


They see your first question, answer by video, see your next question, answer by video … until all the questions are finished.

Sit back and wait for
the party

That’s it! Easy peasy. They can be done in minutes.

At the Bridal Shower or
Bachelorette Party

Connect to TV or big display Ideally, connect your phone or laptop to a big screen so everyone can easily see. The bigger the screen, the better!

Show First Question Press play to show the first question, then pause, while you wait for answers from the group.

Everyone guesses the answers Ask everyone to guess what the bride and groom answered. You can discuss it out loud or, also fun, have each person write down their answers.

Play answers to first question Press Play to view the answers from the Bride and Groom, then pause the video, laugh uproariously, and find out what everyone said.

Continue to the next question Show second question and repeat steps 3-5 until the end.

Best. Bridal. Shower. Ever! Relax and be quietly thrilled with how well the party is going!

A Few further ideas

Champagne for the best guesser

If you choose to have people write down their answers, you can optionally create a special prize for the person who gets the highest score. A bottle of champagne often does the trick but it could be anything — even a gag gift.

Single User version

You can also create a single responder version of the game. For example, only ask the groom to respond and keep it totally secret. That way, you can surprise the Bride at the shower that you're even PLAYING the game.

Long term keepsake

No matter what you do, This will be a wonderful keepsake the Newlyweds will still treasure in 25 years❤️
To add an extra flourish, ask the wedding couple to include a sentimental (or fun) video clip at the end. It’s a special way to end the game.

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And so many more occasions!!!
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    We're happy to answer your most common questions below!


    My child can do this for free (“I know a kid …”). Why pay for Celebrate?

    You can certainly do that, especially if time and effort is no object.

    However, with Celebrate, you can do it WAY faster and almost certainly better — and you could even do it yourself!

    Check out this page for a comparison of the old Do-It-Yourself way and the Celebrate way.

    How long will it take from right now? I’ve left this to the last minute!

    That totally depends on how long it takes your friends and family to respond. Your own time can be as little as 15 minutes. It’s good to plan at least a little bit ahead so Contributors have some time to think about what they’ll say. On the other hand, they often wait for the last minute anyway so there’s often not much benefit to planning TOO far ahead. The fastest “OMG - it’s his birthday!” video we’ve heard about from our members took just 3 hours total elapsed time! In a case like that one, be sure to plead “PLEASE HURRY” on your video request (we guide you through it in the app).

    How much time/effort will this take? I’m so busy!

    If you only re-order video clips, you can do this in 15 minutes. On the other hand, many of our members love adding things like GIFs, cards, pictures, music. So really, it can take you as long or short as you wish. The main thing is to have fun with it. Whatever you do, we know your gift receiver will love it!

    I’m awful with computers. Can I really do this?

    So far, we’ve heard from members in their late 60’s telling us how easy it was to do. And we’ve also heard they’ve had videos contributed by friends/relatives in their 70s! So go ahead try it out — it’s free to try. You might be pleasantly surprised … and proud!

    About the video

    How long can the group video gift be?

    It can be any length you wish. The final video typically is about 20-30 minutes although we’ve seen some as long as an hour and more. Go ahead and have some fun with it — the more contributors, the merrier!

    Who can see the video?

    Producers (that’s you) have complete control. We don’t automatically share with anyone. Instead, we give you the tools so you can share it (or not share it) with whoever you wish

    Can I do more than just add video clips?

    We have lots of fun ways to add your creative touch.

    • Add music — use our stock music or add your own tunes
    • Add Pictures
    • Add Stickers
    • Add text on top of pictures and videos
    • Add GIFs (one of the extra special touches of our app that our users love to use!)

    Can I download the final video?

    Absolutely. There’s a download button on the Process and Share page.

    Do you have music?

    Yes. We have a range of stock music that is free for you to use. We only need to show their names in the credits at the end of your video.

    We also have music from guest musicians — Indie artists. We hope to add more over time if this idea is a hit.

    And you can also upload your own favorite tunes!

    Can I add pictures?

    Yes, to your heart’s content. A great way to do that is to add a bunch of pictures in a row and add some music underneath — it creates a great vibe!

    About my contributors

    Can Contributors use any device — desktop or mobile?

    Yes. Contributors can record and upload video and pictures on any device. — mobile or desktop. This is all done in their browser.

    On desktop, we support all the major browsers that can handle video recording as a standard feature: Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

    Mac Safari does not officially support recording yet but we even give your friends tips and tricks on how to turn on Safari's experimental feature if they really want to be cool and impress their friends 🔥

    Read a full review about at

    Does everyone need to create Celebrate accounts?

    No need for anyone else to create an account (other than you).

    How long can Contributors’ video clips be?

    They can be any length they wish — just not boring 😄

    (and if they are, you can trim it in the app)

    Can friends and family share the invitation with others (since I don’t have everyone’s contact info)

    Yes. Your invitation link or email can be forwarded to anyone. It's a great way to add more contributors.

    What if someone else sends me a late contribution. Can I still add it in?

    Yes. With Celebrate, you can reprocess the video with additions and changes any time you want — no extra charge 😄

    Visit our FAQ page for the full list of questions and answers!