1st Birthday Celebration Video Gift Ideas

The Celebrate Team

When you want to celebrate someone's birthday, sending creative videos is a great way to show your love and care. The greetings become all the more fun and personal in this way. So if you are thinking of sending videos as first birthday gifts, just do it as nothing can be better than this idea! First birthdays are always special, and capturing a baby’s every big and small moment in a video makes a perfect birthday gift for the parents and a cherished memory for all. 

Kids grow up fast. So to capture that time and those moments, gifting a video of the baby's first birthday can be a great idea. Here’s how you can make things more exciting and worth remembering for everyone. By the way, you can always combine your video with a gift for the little one!

Here are some of the 1st birthday video ideas that you can plan and execute.

Make a birthday video card with Celebrate!

Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated 😃. Start executing this 1st birthday video idea in a unique way. Gather together all your friends and family and record a video message for the little one. Or simply send invites to each member to share their video clips. Collate the best clips together and customize them with your favorite background music, cute GIFs, special text messages, pictures, and so much more. You can even sing a happy birthday song or dance to its tunes to personalize your video gift.  Besides this, you can also try making collages or photo bursts to send your wishes to the baby. This will enhance the video's visual appeal. This will be the baby's first happy birthday present and will be remembered for years to come.

Birthday Happy Birthday Card with Present and Cupcakes birthday card stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

What about a birthday wishes video with the best moments captured in a year?

It is an exciting way to sum up the child's entire year with his (or her) best memories on their 1st birthday. You can start by collecting the snapshots and the video clips of the moments you have shared with them and compile them into a nice video. Add personalized messages in the video along with a song that would be very close to both you and the child. It will make a memorable present to be played on the evening of the birthday party🎉.

Mashup happy birthday song!

If you can't be there in person for their birthday, your happy birthday video can be there for you 😁. Sing them a birthday song and also ask others to do so. Mashup the entire collection in a single video and play or stream it online. It is going to be a happening video showcasing your creativity at its best.

A special interview video!

You can record a heartwarming video of you speaking with the child and recording the actions and responses. It can be repeated by the rest of your family and friends over the entire year and can be transformed into a collage video. When this is played at the party, it will light up the whole environment.🥳

Send birthday party invites!

You can have all your close ones invited to the party just by sending an easy and fun to produce digital invite. Exclusively reach out to them using social media and add the party's date, time, and location. Don't forget to add an awesome photo along with it. Spice up the entire process by choosing an imaginative invitation template that gels well with the party's theme. If you want to throw a virtual party, share the Zoom link and its details for more fun and frolic.

Best birthday party recap for a memory!

If your camera and phone are overstocked with pictures, it’s time to use and turn them into the first birthday presents for the child. Relive their infancy with an exciting video album and share it with everyone who could not attend the party.

How to make a first birthday video gift for your child with Celebrate?

If you are looking for the best first birthday gifts, then Celebrate is your answer. Easily make group videos that are effortless yet very close to heart. Anyone can make a video with Celebrate, and you don't require any technical skills, to begin with. Simply follow four easy steps:

Send invites!

Invite the friends and family you want to involve in your special video-making. Ask them to record short and crisp birthday wishes on any device they want. They can then upload these videos at Celebrate without having to log in or sign up.

Collect and organize!

Once you have access to all the videos, it is time to arrange them in your best creative sequence. Mix the videos and create collages with HD quality video clips. Once done, add them to your account on Celebrate.

Add your touch!

Personalize the video with your unique touch by adding special messages, fonts, and colors in your style and fashion. Add lively music in the background to help it stand out from the rest.

Share it!

Easily share it over the social media handles or live stream at the party using the projector, and it is sure to change the mood and ambiance of the party.

Tips to make a baby first video gift

  • Just be effortless and yourself
  • Use  every clip that has ever delighted you
  • Do not add a lot of clips as it can make the video long, dragged-out, and boring
  • Keep it in a fashion that displays the amazing transformation of your child over time
  • Jazz it up with music that your child easily relates to
  • Include your family and friends in the video. It will help achieve warmth and a feeling of pleasure.

With these tips and ideas on board, making your baby's first birthday gift will be a piece of cake! Let loose your creativity and collate the best ideas to create a video that will be cherished for years. We bet everyone at the party will enjoy what you have created, and it will be a pleasant journey down memory lane.

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