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Our Mission

At Celebrate

At Celebrate, our mission is to make it incredibly easy for anyone with any level of technical skill to create a fantastic group video gift for a loved one … and look like it was done by a pro!

No one ever has to know it only took you minutes to create.

Family creating a group video message

Our Process

We’ve made the whole process easy and intuitive for all, from creating an invitation through to sharing the amazing gift with your loved one. We guide you, step by step, through the process from A to Z.

Your friends and family will find it easy and fun to send you their video messages, using any device, with no need to create an account or download software.

And with our laser-focus on ease of use, with just the editing tools most people need 95% of the time, you’ll be thrilled with the gift you create!

Compare Celebrate to the OLD Way of Creating a Group Video

  • The Old DIY Way

    The Celebrate Way

Request video messages from friends and family

Send a text, DM or email. Be sure to include detailed instructions, especially for your less technical friends/ family. … or phone them and walk them through it.

Request video messages from friends and family

Auto-create an inviting web page with pre-written instructions that anyone can follow. You can even add a video request, so you can make it extra compelling! Then simply send a link to the web page via text, DM or email

Idea suggestions for your friends and family

People wonder and worry about what to talk about … and then they mostly smile and say (eg) Happy Birthday. Nice … but could be a lot better!

Idea suggestions for your friends and family

Select from our list of ideas for friends to talk about and add them to your web invitation. Or add your own ideas. Or both! And then receive heartfelt, touching messages from friends and family that your gift receiver will love forever!

Collect video messages

A jumble of videos arrive via text, email and carrier pigeon, all with different quality, and waiting for you to organize and import into an editor

Collect video messages

Friends simply “tap to record” on any device. No account needed. Videos are uploaded directly to your clipboard in full quality, organized, ready and waiting for you


We're happy to answer your most common questions below!


My child can do this for free (“I know a kid …”). Why pay for Celebrate?

You can certainly do that, especially if time and effort is no object.

However, with Celebrate, you can do it WAY faster and almost certainly better — and you could even do it yourself!

Check out this page for a comparison of the old Do-It-Yourself way and the Celebrate way.

How long will it take from right now? I’ve left this to the last minute!

That totally depends on how long it takes your friends and family to respond. Your own time can be as little as 15 minutes. It’s good to plan at least a little bit ahead so Contributors have some time to think about what they’ll say. On the other hand, they often wait for the last minute anyway so there’s often not much benefit to planning TOO far ahead. The fastest “OMG - it’s his birthday!” video we’ve heard about from our members took just 3 hours total elapsed time! In a case like that one, be sure to plead “PLEASE HURRY” on your video request (we guide you through it in the app).

How much time/effort will this take? I’m so busy!

If you only re-order video clips, you can do this in 15 minutes. On the other hand, many of our members love adding things like GIFs, cards, pictures, music. So really, it can take you as long or short as you wish. The main thing is to have fun with it. Whatever you do, we know your gift receiver will love it!

I’m awful with computers. Can I really do this?

So far, we’ve heard from members in their late 60’s telling us how easy it was to do. And we’ve also heard they’ve had videos contributed by friends/relatives in their 70s! So go ahead try it out — it’s free to try. You might be pleasantly surprised … and proud!

About the video

How long can the group video gift be?

It can be any length you wish. The final video typically is about 20-30 minutes although we’ve seen some as long as 45 minutes. Go ahead and have some fun with it — the more contributors, the merrier!

Who can see the video?

Producers (that’s you) have complete control. We don’t automatically share with anyone. Instead, we give you the tools so you can share it (or not share it) with whoever you wish

Can I do more than just add video clips?

We have lots of fun ways to add your creative touch.

• Add music — use our stock music or add your own tunes
• Add Pictures
• Add Stickers
• Add text on top of pictures and videos
• Add GIFs (one of the extra special touches of our app that our users love to use!)

Can I download the final video?

Easy-peasy. There’s a download button on the final video page.

Do you have music?

Yes. We have a range of stock music that is free for you to use. We only need to show their names in the credits at the end of your video.

We also have music from guest musicians — Indie artists. We hope to add more over time if this idea is a hit.

And you can also upload your own favorite tunes!

Can I add pictures?

Yes, to your heart’s content. A great way to do that is to add a bunch of pictures in a row and add some music underneath — it creates a great vibe!

About my contributors

Can Contributors use any device — desktop or mobile?

Yes. Contributors can record and upload video and pictures on any device. — mobile or desktop. This is all done in their browser.

On desktop, we support all the major browsers that can handle video recording as a standard feature: Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Mac Safari does not officially support recording yet but we even give your friends tips and tricks on how to turn on Safari's experimental feature if they really want to be cool and impress their friends 🔥

Does everyone need to create Celebrate accounts?

No need for anyone else to create an account (other than you).

How long can Contributors’ video clips be?

They can be any length they wish — just not boring 😄

(and if they are, you can trim it in the app)

Can friends and family share the invitation with others (since I don’t have everyone’s contact info)

Yes. Your invitation link or email can be forwarded to anyone. It's a great way to add more contributors.

What if someone else sends me a late contribution. Can I still add it in?

Yes. With Celebrate, you can reprocess the video with additions and changes any time you want — no extra charge 😄

Visit our FAQ page for the full list of questions and answers!