What To Say In A Birthday Video Message

When it comes to a loved one’s birthday, you're probably looking for the perfect way to show them how much they mean to you. But you might find yourself a little overwhelmed when you’re making a birthday video.

There are so many ways to tell someone “happy birthday” that it can be hard to know where to start. You can tell them happy birthday in any language, use animals or people who look like that person as actors and give gifts out on screen...go ahead and get creative.

You probably already know what will put a smile on their face, but you just need a little push to make it special. Here are some birthday message video ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

What To Say In A Birthday Video : Some Prompt Birthday Video Message Ideas

Share the Story of Your First Meeting

Sharing the story of how you met is a great way to bring up old memories, especially if the story of your meeting is incredibly heartwarming or funny.

Did you meet as kids in school? Did you bond over a particularly tricky customer at work?

Maybe you two first met by chance at a bus stop. Make sure you let everyone know all the memorable details.

The best story you can tell is the one where you first met. Whatever that is, it's great to reminisce about the past and remember the good times.

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Memorable Experiences You’ve Had Together

If you’ve known the celebrant for years and are really close with one another, you probably have memorable experiences together.

You can include the first break-up, graduation, marriage, first child, new car or any memorable moments you’ve shared together. Whether it’s a trip abroad or just a normal rendezvous in a park, these experiences are great to remember.

Gather photos or video clips and put them together to create a birthday montage that tells an amazing relationship.

Funny memories are what make the best birthday video messages. Whether it’s your friend being pranked or you both telling funny stories, people love to laugh on their birthday.

Relive that awkward moment at college when the two of you were together in your dorm room and walked in on your roommate doing something strange. Tell hilarious stories about what happened when the two of you went home for Christmas break last year.

Don’t be afraid to get silly while recording a funny birthday message! Whatever kind of memory you

share, be sure that it makes them smile – or laugh out loud!

A great way to ensure that they have a good time is if you can feature other friends as well so it looks like a group effort.

Mashup of Their Favorite Things

What are some of the birthday celebrant’s hobbies and interests? Music, movies, TV shows. Everyone has something they love to do. If there is a particular movie they love or band they follow, make sure the birthday video message includes them!

Mix in a couple quotes from their favorite books and even create a montage with pictures or footage from their past birthday parties. Nothing will remind them what an incredible year they’re having.

If you have trouble with what to say on the birthday video, you can always mention what you are doing together. Anything goes here!

This could be a hike, going out for ice cream or even just catching up over coffee. You might find that what is simple and fun for the two of you will become something unforgettable for everyone else who watches it.

Messages From Family and Friends

It’s not always possible to get in touch with other friends and family members when making a birthday video, but don’t worry. There are other ways to show people care about someone.

This is where things like a birthday video message from home can come in handy. It doesn’t have to be from your closest family members.

What about a message from a favorite cousin or person that the birthday celebrant looks up to? Pull in people who are likely to say what this person wants to hear, and make sure you get permission first!

Share Funny Story or Anecdote

Have a good inside joke with your friend? Make sure you incorporate that into the video. Inside jokes are an easy way to bring a smile to their face, even if no one else gets it.

It just shows that you two have a special connection. You can even add GIFs into your video to make the inside joke funnier. This birthday video idea should not go to waste as an opportunity to make your friend laugh and smile on their special day.

You can use the idea of “remember when” to flashback important memories over many years together - including hilarious moments, embarrassing ones too (don't forget those!), and touching stories shared between best friends who've been there through thick & thin.

Let Them Know How They Inspire You

For your birthday video, let the celebrant know how much they inspire you, and what trait inspires you. You can talk about a particular personality trait like how they’re especially kind or incredibly funny.

Maybe you admire them for their accomplishments at work. If you have photos of their achievements, like a screenshot of them in the news or a picture of them receiving an award, be sure to insert them into the video.

It might sound a little weird to say what you like about someone in their birthday video, but it can be one of the most meaningful parts. Everyone wants to feel special and loved, so let them know you love who they are!

Let everyone know what makes the celebrant stand out from the crowd.

Share How They’ve Changed You

The people you hang out with change and improve you, but they don’t always know it. They likely changed you for the better, so this is the perfect time for you to let them know!

Think about how they’ve motivated you to embrace healthy habits or how they may have caused you to look at the world a bit differently.

Sharing the impact that the birthday celebrant has made on you and others is the perfect way to end your group video on a heartfelt note.

This birthday video idea involves you getting a little vulnerable, but your friend will appreciate being recognized for positive influence on the people around them.

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Get Excited About the Future

If the celebrant has big plans for the future, this is the chance to shout it out from the rooftops!

Take the time to congratulate them on taking the steps necessary to reach their goals, and let them know that you’re behind them every step of the way.

Maybe they’re about to get married, or they’re about to begin a new career position. These are all huge milestones you can celebrate with them while wishing them a happy birthday.

Let everyone know how exciting it is for you and what you hope happens between now and your next party together.

This will reassure her that even though this year might be stressful, next year will be even better.  Use stickers and music in your video to really party it up.

Perform for the Celebrant

You could sing a personalized song and record the lyrics. Throughout the song, show footage from memorable moments in their life, so they know just how much you care. 

Or, if they’re into cooking, show them this recipe you just made up for pumpkin fudge cake with cream cheese frosting too - but do not give away the secret ingredients of course.

Dancing could also be another idea for your video message or any performance that the celebrant also enjoys. You can gather their hilarious video clips and reenact those videos, too!

Don’t Feel Overwhelmed

If you’re not sure of what to talk about in your birthday video, don’t worry. You can talk about almost anything: you can share stories, inside jokes, or just talk about what makes your friend so awesome.

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