Create a Memorable Video Guestbook for Your Milestone Birthday

Throwing a party for a milestone year? Cherish the moment forever with our innovative approach to expressing love! A guest book has never been this fun and easy to do.

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Get Footage After the Party Immediately After the Event

Imagine being greeted with a heartwarming video guestbook filled with messages from every who could attend your special day.

Instead of passing around a traditional card, simply invite guests at the party to leave their well wishes on video. They can easily upload their video messages via a QR code, capturing the ambiance and joy of the occasion. Whether they choose to film on the spot or upload pre-recorded messages, each contribution adds to the memories of the day. Have them share video messages, clips of the event, or even pictures from your birthday!

The best part? Our platform makes it easy to create this special keepsake, requiring just 5 minutes of your time and no technical skills. Embrace the heartfelt sentiments and create a truly unforgettable birthday gift today!

The Super Fun and Easy Way to Relive Your Milestone Birthday
Guests scan your QR code printables and can easily upload videos from their phones whenever they're in the mood. See your special day through the eyes of your loved ones—it's a truly heartwarming experience!
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How It Works

Say goodbye to those old, clunky guest books! They just don't capture the heart and soul of your event. Instead, say hello to our digital Video Guestbook. It only takes a few minutes to create something truly special that can preserve every magical moment and every smiling face. Make memories that last a lifetime!


Create your event

Enter your name and date of the event. Then boom — you’ve created your personalized QR code and Guestbook web page.

QR poster


Create printables

Add your event’s QR code to one of our pre-designed postcard templates. Then print and place it throughout your event for guests to scan.

See example


Enjoy now and forever

By scanning the QR code, guests can upload or record their video messages. Quickly use the platform to put it together then enjoy your finished montage!

Video Guestbook Pricing

Digital Guestbook - $99
Get your custom QR code and QR poster, view, edit, and download videos with our suite! Includes unlimited guest video submissions.
$149 VALUE!
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The Bachelorette
Bundle - $119
Buy now to get your digital guestbook AND The Newlywed Game a hilarious game for your Bachelorette party!
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A Video Guestbook is free to start — only pay when you’re ready to download your personalized QR code or QR Poster

All prices in USD.
Real Reviews from Real Customers
Real Reviews from Real Customers
Tamara Y
green checkmark
Verified Buyer

Great and easy experience!

We celebrated my sisters 40th birthday with a video that we played at her party. She and a group of friends and family laughed and cried and just had an amazing time!! It was awesome and so affordable!

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Nancy J
green checkmark
Verified Buyer

It was a hit!

Celebrate Buzz was the perfect platform for me to put together a surprise 60th Birthday message! It's easy to use, yet allows room for creativity. I could have spent countless more hours creating this video because the end result can be such a fun surprise gift! I combined photos and video messages set to various background music tracks. It was a hit! It's a memory! I'll use it again.

Star rate iconStar rate iconStar rate iconStar rate iconStar rate icon
Lori M
green checkmark
Verified Buyer

A personalized gift

I've used before and it's always a hit. The app is super easy for people to contribute their videos and it's very easy to put the videos together. The recipient is always blown away and either laughing a lot or very touched and in tears - or both! It's such a personal gift to give and makes it easy to do.

Star rate iconStar rate iconStar rate iconStar rate iconStar rate icon
Susan F
green checkmark
Verified Buyer

Great video - easy, creative, affordable

I’m very happy with our experience using User friendly. Flexible for producer to be creative, incorporate lots of different contributions, and try different options. Free re-do’s. Compared to other video apps, this is my favourite.

Star rate iconStar rate iconStar rate iconStar rate iconStar rate icon
Stacey B.
green checkmark
Verified Buyer


What an awesome experience! So easy & MUCH better than trying to compile your own videos from multiple people. You literally just send the invite link via text or e-mail & contributes record their video, and it goes straight into the clipboard. With just a press of a button the videos are then put into a montage where you can leave it as is or add text, etc. In my experience it didn’t need anything added the montage that was created was perfectly great.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My child can do this for free (“I know a kid …”). Why pay for
Can Contributors use any device — desktop or mobile?
Does everyone need to create Celebrate accounts?
How long can Contributors’ video clips be?
Can friends and family share the invitation with others (since I don’t have everyone’s contact info)