Birthday Videos are the Perfect Keepsake. Here’s Why.

The Celebrate Team

So it’s your friend’s birthday again, but you have no idea what to give them. After all, there are only so many gift cards and knick-knacks you can buy for them, and they may not even use your gift half the time. This year, you want to give them something memorable and meaningful. If that’s the conundrum you find yourself in, why not try giving them a personalized birthday video? They’re the perfect keepsake, and here’s why.

They’re a Great Way to Preserve Memories

As your friends get older, their memory of their loved ones may begin to fade. This can cause quite a bit of fear and loneliness, especially if they don’t have anyone to lean on. Not only will a birthday video give them a keepsake to look back on, but there are psychological benefits as well. It allows them to have memories that make them feel a bit less alone, and it can leave them with a sense of hope.

To ensure that the birthday video is a great keepsake, here are a few tips: When you’re creating your birthday video, invite a group of friends and family to contribute. Ask them to share a happy memory, funny story, or inspirational trait about the person receiving the video, and tell them to show their face clearly on camera.

Years from now, when your friend looks back on the birthday video you gifted them, they’ll be able to remember their friends and family in a way that a still photo just won’t quite capture.

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Videos Won’t Break Down

Unless you take some special care of photographic keepsakes, they’ll likely break down sometime in the future. They’re subject to issues like humidity, greasy fingerprints, and accidental rips and tears.

Birthday videos, on the other hand, don’t suffer from the same issues. Since they’re kept in a digital format, they won’t break down. In fact, photos are trying to catch up in this regard; many are attempting to digitize their physical photographic keepsakes to keep old memories alive.

Videos Can Be Shared in the Future

With today’s technology, videos can be shared for years and years. They can be saved on flash drives, on your phone, or on a memory card. With cloud technology, videos can even be saved on the Internet. This means that your video can be retrieved at any time, even if your computer breaks down or you accidentally lose your phone. Just be sure to back the video up in several places!

Birthday Videos Help You to Remember

Credit: Marcus Aurelius via

Birthday videos are one of the most meaningful keepsakes you can give a friend or family member. They’re a way for someone to hold onto the memories of their friends and family in the future, without worrying that the video will break down without proper maintenance. Videos can even be shared well into the future.

At Celebrate, we make creating birthday videos fast and easy. Friends can be invited to contribute at the click of a button, and you can edit the video together however you want. Give your friend a keepsake they can hold onto forever.

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