How to Use Your Phone to Create A Birthday Message

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We have always wondered about how to spice up the happy birthday messages we send to our dear ones. And not only birthdays — any festive occasions demand us to be creative in our ways and here is when we can utilize our smartphones. Get your phones filled with attractive videos and clips and use them right away to surprise your loved ones. So instead of storing them in the gallery, combine them to create longer videos and create happy birthday wishes that will last forever.

Still, thinking about how to use phone to create birthday messages? Well, here are your answers. You can either use the built-in video editors or use third-party video editing apps to make videos of your choice.

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Use your phone to be a creator

Certain video makers will provide you with ready-made templates with songs to create happy birthday wishes of your choice. Also, some video makers can be used both on Mac and Windows and on Android and iOS. They give you options of free music and photos, which can further make your videos more engaging.

You can create the best happy birthday wishes by incorporating special video effects and animations in your video. The video can be enhanced with text, titles, and various transitions to make it more attractive. You can also merge two different videos into one; cut and trim the unnecessary parts, change the play speed and design the filters you want to add. There are endless options available, and you can seamlessly make a happy birthday video quickly.

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Three ways to use your phone to create happy birthday messages

Our ideas below will try to address all your questions regarding using your phones to create birthday messages:

  1. Send memorable happy birthday text messages- Simple birthday wishes in the form of texts tend to lift moods and make the person feel special. The text messages can be personalized with creative ideas. You can pour your heart out in curating the message and surprise the individual receiving it.
  2. Use apps to create birthday videos- Here are certain options that can mesmerize you with their options of creating videos. Check out all of them:
  • Celebrate: Create magic with Celebrate's easy-to-create videos. This cloud service lets you celebrate your and your loved ones' special days with a twist, helping you create wonderful virtual surprises that are there to stay.  You can create special happy birthday wishes of your choice by simply creating an account and following the following guided steps.

Step 1: Create the Celebration: This step asks for the details of the person you want to wish Happy Birthday (like his name and the birthday date).

Step 2: Create the Invitation: Here, you give the title to your e-card invitation, add the person’s picture, and select a few suggested ideas that your contributors can talk about (or create your own ideas). You can optionally add a video to your invitation to make it even more compelling.

Step 3: Send Invitation: At this step, you tap to send an email or copy the invitation link to send to your contributors via any messaging app you like to use. They can easily create a video or send pictures on any device without having to create an account. Just tap a button and begin recording.

Step 4: Create Video: The video messages from all your collaborators arrive in your account in full quality and you can then start assembling the birthday video. Here's where you can reorder the clips by simple drag and drop and optionally add fun GIFs, stickers, text, music and other fine-tuning if you wish.

Step 5: Process and Share: Once the video is ready, you can process it. Celebrate automatically adds end credits to make it feel like a theatrical movie. It also adds blurred backgrounds for portrait videos, and auto-adjusts the audio volume so all clips have similar sound, no matter what level people recorded at. Then you can share the link or share it in person with your loved one!

The following video editing apps are best used if you already have all the video and photo content you need and don't need many contributions from others.

If you do want to include videos from friends and family, you will need to do this manually —  compose a message and send it to your friends by email or text. They then respond, also by email or text and you import the clips when received. Be sure to explain to them how to do that with high quality, since compressed video sent by email can look pretty bad. And be sure to stay organized!

  • Birthday video maker- Creating and sending customized birthday messages has become easier with this app now. Select the photos you want to have in your video and select the music of your choice. Choose the features, apply the most appealing ones, and make the video stand out from the birthday wishes. Export it and externally share it with your friends and family on any social media platform you wish to.
  • Animoto- You can use the Animoto app to create birthday greetings. The platform is pretty simple, and the tools and features are out-of-the-box. You can create compelling and short birthday wishes in a jiffy. All you need to do is choose a preferred style, background music, and video customization to create it. You can also share it over social media platforms and access it through any smartphone device.
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  • Smilebox- You can create happy birthday messages in a short span. One has the benefit of choosing the template from a very vast range of available slideshow designs. You need to add just your preferred video, photo, and music and make it appear closer to your heart. The final piece can be shared anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or download for future use.
  • Wevideo- This is a cloud-based video-making platform. You can create your birthday appreciation message that would look like a movie. There are basic and advanced features available to help you throughout the process. The videos that you create are directly uploaded on the cloud and are not saved on your hard disk. This gives you more options of picking up the edits right from where you have left them. Control the entire look and feel of the video and include the features like slow and fast motion, transition, and green screen. A bit more complicated than some others but if you're up to the challenge, you can create an excellent video.
  • Animaker- This is yet another user-friendly platform. This allows you to create videos using your photos, music, and voiceovers. There is also a wide range of templates that you can choose from. Just drag and drop the images of your choice on the template, add other pictures or props you want, and edit the titles to suit the aesthetics. You can also add effects to the music or the video and download the final result. You can directly upload it on YouTube as well.

3. Create and mail birthday greetings- Instead of doing these manually, you can now use the below-suggested apps to create birthday messages.

  • Ink- This is a great app for Android, iOS, and the web. You can order cards and get them delivered even on very short notice.
  • Handwrytten- With this platform, you can automatically start mailing greeting cards to birthday recipients. It is efficient, and you do not need to remember birthdays individually.
  • Felt- This is regarded as the best greeting card service available. You can now create custom handwritten cards using a stylus or fingers and instantly send them to the birthday recipients.
  • Postable- With this option, you get open to many options. The platform is popular for its wide selection of cards and has choices for almost every occasion.
  • Punkpost- This app is mostly preferred for that dash of extra which you need on a birthday wish. You also get great varieties to settle with.

We hope this has answers all your questions about how to make a birthday video message. Now it’s time to explore all the options and create the best video ever. Surprise your loved ones with a video wish that’s sure to make their birthdays worth remembering.

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