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How does this differ from other video guestbooks I've seen?

When we created our Video Guestbook in late 2022, our Product Management and Design teams did extensive research to understand the state-of-the-art and develop a way better solution. That's how we came up with the idea and design of our Video Guestbook — highly affordable, yet still fantastic.

We also closely monitor any new services to see what they have to offer, to ensure we still deliver the best.

And we continue to innovate.

That's why we're so confident we have the best service. A fantastic combination of features, flexibility, ease of use, and cost.

Here's a brief excerpt from one wedding that used Celebrate.buzz — all video clips were submitted by guests.


  • A fraction of the cost and easier to use than expensive alternatives
  • Includes three critical features and a special add-on. Other apps usually miss at least one and usually more
    •  Emphasis and guidance on getting heartfelt and fun messages on your special day
    •  Photo/Video Gallery to also collect other photos and videos from guests
    •  Easy tools to create your merged highlight reel
    •  Easily create a Coffee Table video book that autoplays your highlight reel when opened (optional add-on)

The complete package for an ideal price

Compare with Expensive alternatives

Some group video solutions have been around for many years. For example, you might rent a video camera and backdrop for your event. Those could be excellent, but they do involve a significant effort to ensure they're ordered at exactly the right time and set up correctly. Not surprisingly, they're also very expensive. If you can afford this, they can be a great solution. Plan on spending thousands of dollars, not counting the setup effort.

Compare with Inexpensive apps

Alternatively, there are a few other inexpensive video guestbook apps that pop up from time to time. But they're really no more than a picture (and maybe video) gallery — a step above asking people to send you their pictures via text.  While that's nice to have, it could be so much more. You're only doing this once — we help you get it right!

Compare with Google Drive/iCloud

You might be thinking you could do it for free using a Google Drive or iCloud Folder. These can be problematic too. With iCloud, you need to ensure everyone uses an iPhone, and you also need to send out invites to the folder. With Google Drive, you need to ensure they have a Gmail account. That might be fine for your bridal party but what about the rest of your guests?

And even then — at the end of the night, with both of them, you’ll just have a gallery and miss out on the things that make a video guestbook so magical!

More than just a photo gallery

  1. Enjoy heartfelt messages from your guests

Our focus is on helping you get special, fun, and heartfelt messages from your guests. We have many tips and tricks to help you do that based on our extensive experience with wedding couples to date who have used our app.

And yes, your friends can also upload their pictures and videos to our photo gallery.  Those are certainly nice to have too!

  2. Highlight Reel

Then, we make it easy for you to turn your favorite messages, videos, and pictures into a single video compilation — your highlight reel — that you'll cherish forever. With our easy-to-use editing suite, it’s a breeze to simply drag and drop to reorder and press a button to merge into a single, beautiful montage.

Optionally add creative touches like GIFs, stickers, text, and more. And as a special touch, auto-add credits at the end, movie-style, so you see all the names of the guests who submitted.

You can download the video as well as share the link with anyone you  choose — yours to decide for a full 12 months after the big day. You can  also download individual favorite pictures or clips. You're the one in control. We don't auto-share anything.

You can also purchase a Coffee Table Video Book, where you can load your highlight reel and watch it autoplay as soon as it's opened. Learn more …

You'll undoubtedly watch this again and again for a great many years. We're certain it will be an amazing keepsake 😄

So easy, affordable, and fun.
Why wouldn’t you have this at your event?!?

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