Everything You Need to Know About New Year's Eve Wedding

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Considering throwing the ultimate wedding bash of the year? A New Year’s Eve wedding may be the wedding choice for you. New Year's Eve is a time for celebration with your friends and family. From champagne and fireworks to a perfect midnight kiss and laughter shared with your friends, there is a ton of fun to be had.

Let's take a closer look at how you can turn a New Year's Day wedding into the night of your dreams.

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New Year's wedding: Is it a good idea or bad?

It’s no secret that holiday weddings come with unique challenges. From expensive airline tickets and travel accommodations to holiday plans and commitments, your guests may already have. It can feel like you might be inconveniencing your guests by deciding to throw a New Year’s wedding.

However, your special day is about you and the one you love, not how the guests you invite feel. Imagine having the perfect midnight kiss with the love of your life or cutting the cake with fireworks in the background. Toasting flutes of champagne and celebrating the end of a year with the ones you love most! Plus, you get to end and start a year with your partner for life. How cool is that?

Every wedding has its pros and cons. If you’re set on getting married on New Year's, don’t let anything hold you back.

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How to plan a New Year’s Eve wedding

If you’re ready to commit to a New Year’s wedding, there are a few details you’ll need to be mindful of. For starters, you’ll want to plan for your ceremony to start a bit later in the day, around 7 PM or 8 PM if you plan on your guests to stay celebrating until midnight.

Since it’s a holiday, you can expect Ubers and taxis to be more expensive than usual. You may want to plan for transportation to avoid any unwanted surge costs for your guests.

Most importantly, don’t forget it’s New Years! Honor the holiday, have fun with the theme, and get everyone in the festive spirit ready to celebrate the end of a year and the undeniable love between you and your partner.

Best New Year’s Eve wedding ideas

If you’re going to have a New Year’s Eve wedding, you’ll want to go all out with the sparkle and shine of having a wedding on a holiday!

Here are our favorite New Year’s Eve wedding decor ideas and fun New Year’s Eve wedding ideas.

Wedding Champagne

More Champagne, Please

Is it even new years if there’s no champagne? Every New Year’s Eve wedding reception deserves a champagne toast unlike any other we’ve seen before. Take your New Year's Eve wedding decorations to the next level with a classy, elegant champagne tower.

Maybe, you want everyone to sip & seat during the New Year’s Eve wedding ceremony. You can create a champagne wall or turn it into a fun meet and greet moment before the guests sit down.

Firework Photos

Let’s get festive with fireworks! The beauty of New Years is that you get to capture a New Year’s Eve kiss by a professional photographer. Have fun with it! Add some sparklers, get your wedding party involved, and bask in the New Year’s Day wedding celebration!

Glitter Galore

Who doesn't love a good sparkle and shine on their wedding day? A New Year’s Eve wedding is the only type of wedding where you can have New Year’s Eve wedding centerpieces that are full of glitz and glam. Play with the centerpieces, create unique New Year’s Eve wedding invitations and get ready for the brightest night of your life.

Twinkly lights decoration

Twinkly Lights

Are you even getting married on New Year's if there aren't any twinkly lights? Turn the last night of the year into a fairytale wedding with intricate twinkly light details throughout the venue. Not only will this add a soft touch to the overall decor, but it will also light up the night, just like the love you have for your partner.

Decorate to Celebrate

This is a holiday made to celebrate and is the final day of a year to remember. When you start your new year planning for your wedding, never forget to decorate to celebrate. Purchase sparklers and big balloons, use a wedding video gift to showcase memories of the year and get confetti to throw when you walk down the aisle. Let the beauty of the holiday decorate your special day to create a night to remember.

Gift at wedding

Don’t Forget the Wedding Gift

If you’re looking for a wedding gift for someone for their New Year’s wedding, you’ll want to make sure you leave a long-lasting impression that follows them into the new year. The best wedding gift you can give them to show you care is a wedding video montage made to showcase their fondest memories with friends and family. This is an intimate gift that can tell the story of their love and be a forever memory that they will cherish for years to come.

New Year’s Eve Wedding FAQs

What time do New Year's weddings start?

This depends on when you want your new year's eve wedding reception to be. If you want to bask in the holiday, you may choose to have a night wedding. You can also choose to have a New Year's Day wedding and have a fun celebration later in the night. The choice is yours!

Will it be more expensive than a regular wedding?

Unfortunately, you may be subject to some surge pricing or higher labor costs if you choose to go with a new years eve wedding. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible! This is something to keep in mind as you build out your wedding budget.

Can you get married at midnight?

Of course, you can! It’s your wedding night! If you choose to finish the ceremony at midnight and have your New Year's kiss be the first kiss with your lover, you may want to do a backward wedding. Reception first, ceremony last! This is completely up to you.

As you start to take the next step and plan the New Year’s wedding of your dreams, never forget anything is possible! You can choose to turn your wedding into the best new years eve party anyone has ever been to.

Have some fun, get ready for the night of your life, and make it a memory you can cherish for years to come.

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