How to Make a Video Montage as a Gift

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Are you looking for a unique gift idea but can't go personally? How about something cool and unique? Would you like  to know how to make a video montage?

‍With our video montage maker, we've got the perfect solution!

‍There are many special occasions and celebrations throughout our lives, but sometimes we may miss them due to circumstances such as  the global pandemic caused by Covid 19. But did you know that even when you're not physically present during these moments with your loved ones, you still have an opportunity to celebrate from afar by sending a thoughtful and meaningful video?

‍There's nothing more heartwarming than the thought that someone is thinking of you on your special day. That feeling may be even stronger when it comes from far away … but could make all those missed anniversaries and many other celebrations feel a bit less painful! ‍

So what is a creative way to celebrate important milestones yet still be part of your loved one's memorable celebration? Why none other than to create a video montage with a video montage maker!

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A Custom Video Montage!

In this blog post, you'll learn how to create a Video Montage as a Gift.

What is a Video Montage?

A video montage is a collection of brief video clips that  tell a story. It's a beautifully planned arrangement of audio and video segments that convey knowledge, feeling, or both in a brief period of time. Montages are great for condensing a lot of information into a short video. A video montage portrays your story in motion similar to how a slideshow or a photo montage may describe a vacation. Montages are ideal for capturing travel footage, weddings, and other events you wish to remember or highlight for the future. This type of video can assist in telling the tale of the day, the excursion, or the event in a way that feels authentic and isn't unduly staged.

With a montage maker, you can continually recollect the memories for that special one on their special day!

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Why to Make a Video Montage?

As a video montage can condense large amounts of information, it is an ideal vessel for story telling.  Making a video montage leverages the power of editing allowing  you to imprint  your own personality onto your montage.

Video is a marketing medium used by 86% of marketing experts. And, video montages are a fun and engaging approach to promote your brand. As an added bonus, you can also send a brief video message to appear in the montage. 

Celebrate does all of the work for you — gathering, organizing, and processing these videos making it fun and simple to  add your own personal touch.

If you're looking for a unique gift idea that will thrill anyone, create a Video Montage! A video montage maker is right up your alley! 

Custom video montages are practically professionally edited videos containing stories from someone's life. They can include moments with friends and family members and special occasions. A custom video montage is a wonderful way to preserve memories and give the perfect gift to someone who will truly deserve it! 

Your loved ones will surely be delighted by this meaningful gift on any occasion!

When to make a Video Montage?

Whether you want to showcase a brand or a product, recall a special event, set the scene, or show a passage of time, a video montage is your optimal choice. You can quickly demonstrate how your product is opened, used, appreciated, shared, and even reviewed by using a montage. Or perhaps you can create a montage that highlights the best of a trip, a meal, or a night out.

Make memories last, have fun, and make beautiful videos! Create video clips, shorten clips, rearrange clips, and add montage clips. Make it flow smoothly by making the best use of montage transitions. Even if the footages are common, montage videos produce a fantastic and immersive visual experience that is unique from everyday perspectives. Montages dramatically intensifies emotions and feelings and allow for creative video expression.

The best video montages are those that evoke feelings. With Celebrate, it's simple to put a collection of pictures and videos together into a heartfelt montage.

How to Create a Video Montage for any Occasion?

Custom Video Montages are a thoughtful and personal way to make someone feel special. With this gift, you have an opportunity to celebrate with them from afar by sending the video as a message.

Here's how you can create a montage video as a gift for ANY occasion!

1. Create an event on Celebrate

2. Invite your family, friends or colleagues!

3.Collect videos of the special one for the day

4.Create your masterpiece and customize your video using the video montage maker

5.Publish and Share on social media to celebrate with friends, family and colleagues. You have the option of sharing a link to the video with family and friends. The choice is yours. We don’t automatically share it with anyone.

Here is the best way to make a video montage

Step 1: Create an Event

You need to answer three questions to create an event.

Who is it for?

Custom video montages are best suited to close friends and family members. Just enter the first and last name of the recipient.

What is the occasion?

The next step is to decide what kind of occasion or milestone you want to celebrate and turn into video montages for your loved ones!

You can choose from

  • Birthdays
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Graduation
  • Get well soon
  • Surprising the groom or bride
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Welcoming a new baby
  • Holidays or any other special event that would make for a great Custom Video Montage
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When is the Big Day?

Select the date of the event from the Custom Video Montages calendar.

When are contributions due?

You'll want to set up a date and time for friends and family to submit their clips. It is recommended that you give them several days to submit their videos before the event.

Step 2: Invite Family and Friends

It's time to invite your family and friends by sharing the event link via email or you may copy the invitation link and send it via text message, Messenger, WhatsApp, or whichever way works best for you.

You can invite as many people as possible to participate in the video, the more, the merrier! Make it clear that they won't ruin the surprise and inform the recipient.

Invited people will be able to easily record or upload their video messages and pictures by clicking the event link.‍

Step 3: Collect Videos and Organize Them

All submitted video clips and photos are collected into one event gallery for easy organization. You can preview and arrange them in any order. You can add the video clips to your timeline easily using the drag and drop feature. You can preview and arrange them in any order.

Only video clips added to your timeline will be included in the video montage.

The app will then give you an automatically created video montage that has everyone’s messages combined. 

Step 4: Create Your Masterpiece and Customize Your video

The creator of a video montage has all the options necessary for adding their personal touch, including setting the duration of each clip as well as choosing who they want to be featured in the video.

Best way to make a video montage more meaningful is by adding beautiful photos and background music. For added effects, you can add customized text, GIFs and stickers.

No need  for any video editing skills! This app makes it easy to create a personalized video for your special occasion.

You can also use pre-made templates to guide you through how best to create a video montage!

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Step 5: Process and Share on Social Media

Once you've added some video clips (along with photo clips, GIFs, cards, and stickers) to your timeline and finished editing them, just tap the "Process" and you'll be able to publish them. Voila! You just created a video montage for your special occasion!

This video slideshow is playable across all devices and the best part is that you can then easily share the video montage with friends and family.

Give them their own "Best Gift Forever" by uploading those amazing videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and You tube for all their friends, family or professional colleagues to see and enjoy!

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