A Video Montage: The Best Wedding Gift

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While big, showy wedding gifts are certainly eye-catching, nothing will touch a couple’s heart more than a video montage from friends. A video montage will let you and your friends show the couple how much you appreciate them, and it’s an easy way to shower them with fond wishes for the future. Personalize the video with photos, music, and more! Here’s what you need to do.

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Will it be playing during the wedding?

If you’re planning on creating a video montage that will play during the wedding, you may want to consider creating a rough outline. Videos shouldn’t run on for too long; keeping it short and sweet will make it much easier to incorporate the montage into the wedding. Allocate each person who will be contributing to the video a certain amount of time to say their well-wishes. Then, choose where you want to insert photos and extra features into the video.

After you’ve made a rough plan, be sure to let your contributors know! When you invite them to share their video messages, include all the details you need them to cover and share your rough video plan so they'll know what to do.

Or will it be private, just for the couple?

On the other hand, if this will be a private gift for the couple, feel free to make the video as long as you want! That just gives everyone more time to celebrate.

Credit: Lisa via pexels.com

Have Your Photos Tell a Story

When choosing your photos, try picking options that feature all the stages of the couple’s relationship. If you have pictures from when they first met or just started dating, that’s a good place to start. Photos from before they even knew each other are even better! Sprinkle them throughout your video montage by adding them to your video reel. The images are a great way to show how their relationship changed and grew, and it gives everyone a chance to remember some old, happy memories.

Choose Meaningful Music

Music can evoke some powerful emotions and memories, so choose songs for your video montage that are meaningful to the couple. Think of songs that mark special moments in their past, or some of their classic favourites. You can insert them right into your video and have it play while the videos are rolling.

Credit: Porapak Apichodilok via pexels.com

Make It a Post-Wedding Gift

Maybe you don’t have quite enough content to make the perfect video montage as a wedding gift; that’s totally fine! Instead, spend a part of the wedding recording memorable moments and asking guests to speak about the happy couple. After you’ve collected your videos, you can add them directly into your montage using Celebrate, along with messages from any friends or family that couldn’t make it to the wedding. Now, you’ll be able to create a video montage that includes clips from the wedding itself, making it the perfect post-wedding gift.

Give them a "forever" memory

Video montages are a unique, personalized wedding gift that’s easy to put together. If you’re planning on showing the montage during the wedding, be sure to create a rough plan beforehand. Choose photos of the couple that tells a story, and pick music that’s meaningful to them. If all else fails, you can still create an awesome post-wedding gift. All this is easy with the Celebrate. Create an account to get started!

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