Celebrate.buzz — The Memento Alternative(formerly VidHug) for Creating a Surprise Group Video Gift

When selecting a group video maker, there are a lot of things to consider that may not be obvious at first glance. This table will help you compare Celebrate.buzz to Memento (formerly VidHug), one of the online alternatives (this table is current as of Dec 29, 2021).

Our Mission

At Celebrate.buzz, our mission is to make it incredibly easy for anyone with any level of technical skill to easily create a fantastic group video gift.

  • We provide just the tools most people need 95% of the time, and we make those tools incredibly easy to use. A professional result without all the complex bells and whistles of a full stack video editor!
  • We also created more than just a drag and drop tool — you can easily add extra pizzazz, like GIFs, pictures, and your choice of music from our library or upload your own favourite tunes.
  • We guide you, step by step, through the process from A to Z. From creating an invitation through to sharing the amazing gift with your loved one, we’ve made the whole process easy and intuitive for all!

See how Celebrate.buzz compares with Memento (formerly VidHug)

View video preview
Full preview
Only each clip
Download merged video
All plans
Only with the top prices plan
Drag and drop to reorder
green checkmark
green checkmark
green checkmark
green checkmark
green checkmark
Card library
green checkmark
Stock music
green checkmark
Yes, only at end, with 3 choices for volume (off, quiet, normal)
Your own music
green checkmark
Create invitation
Include video as part of your invitation
green checkmark
Q&A style videos
Great for games (like the Newlywed game at a Bridal Shower)
green checkmark
Mobile web
green checkmark
green checkmark
Mac Safari
green checkmark
Yes, except Record function
green checkmark
green checkmark
Add text to video clips
green checkmark
Only with the top-priced plan
Change duration (for pictures)
green checkmark
Balance all video clip volumes automatically (friends often record at different levels)
green checkmark
Option to adjust Video Clip volume manually
Only on/ff
Adjust music volume
0-100 by clip
Limited choices at end
Automatic cross fade
Automatic cross fade
Trim video clips
green checkmark
green checkmark
Your choice of
• 1 for $29.99
• 3 for $19.99 each
All features available under all plans.
No single purchases available
Annual Subscription $35.88, 59.40  or $83.88
Features vary by plan
Free trial
No credit card needed for trial
No time limit
Don't pay a cent until you're thrilled and ready to share your merged video.
Credit card needed at start
3 day free trial
30 day moneyback guarantee

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