7 Winter Birthday Gift Ideas to Cozy Up With

Some prefer to celebrate their birthday sipping coconuts on the beach prefer what may be a “cooler” environment, snuggling (and cuddling  😉) staying  warm in winter weather!

Thinking of treating a loved one to a celebration of a winter birthday? Read on!

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Seven Winter Birthday Gift Ideas

Here are some pretty hot ideas that will certainly warm up your special one ♨️!. Heatable Plush

A snugly heatable plush is a perfect companion when taking in a good movie indoors with snow blanketing the outdoors. Soft, warm plushies are available in various designs, from adorable sloths and comfy cats to a gentle hedgehog or even an avocado! Needless to say, these super soft toys will have one bask in pleasure.

Plush dolls with a heating pad besides being cuddly also provide warmth and comfort. Simply remove the flax seed pouch and pop it in the microwave! Some plushies have scented pouches that offer a relaxing, aromatic touch. A warming plush is not only a great gift option for kids who love soft toys but also for adults who love a warm embrace!🤗

Small Space Personal Heater

Cold hands, warm hearts!? Shall we test that? Give your kind and caring friend a birthday gift that warms the cold hands (and feet😀) … Aaand saves energy! A ceramic small space personal heater is just the ticket …  a mini device that works magic, adding much-desired warmth to a very small space.

As far as winter gift ideas go, a mini heater is a guaranteed winner! Friends and family celebrating their cold weather birthdays will be extremely gratified with their warm toes!

Lounge Around Pillow

Winter weather very much lends itself to a lazy morning in bed …  binging on Netflix, drinking copious amounts of warm beverages, and turning the pages of a good read. For a truly pleasant experience, how about lots of  pillows and warm blankets … or how about a body pillow!😀

Body pillows offer that extra luxurious comfort, giving that truly personal experience of being hugged … whether you’re taking a nap or getting comfy on a cold night. It also adds to the sensation of a Christmas bed in front of the telly! 🎄

Tip: Make sure you choose a pillow with a washable cover!

Coffee Gift Crate

Do you ever have  a delicious, warm mug of coffee on your mind … especially  in the morning as the snow falls and the chilly wind blows?A perfect addition to a winter day is a coffee crate … one of the best birthday gift ideas for winter birthdays!

Buy a pre-packed coffee gift crate … or assemble one yourself, filling a bag with various coffee flavors, caffeine accessories, and merchandise. Consider an espresso gift crate with house-crafted coffee capsules and a dainty cup or a bag of beans with a handheld grinder. The options are endless! 

Tip: If your loved one enjoys drinking a hot cup of coffee multiple times a day, you may want to add a mug warmer to the set!  

Wood Fire-Scented Candle

An indulgent wood-fire-scented candle is a soothing reminder of the great outdoors, offering a relaxing ambiance promoting wellness in the comfort of your home. A scented candle is a must have for the chilly season and is an excellent birthday idea for winter gifts!

What better way to spend cold nights than with a cup of sweet, warm tea with a fragrant candle setting the mood? Choosing wood fire-scented candles adds to the romantic mood, making it a gift that your winter bestie will love.🕯😀!

Winter-Themed Puzzle

It’s tempting to stay indoors on wintery days, one can easily  run out of things to do — especially if you have an active mind. A winter-themed puzzle promises hours of entertainment while sticking to the seasonal theme. 

Depending on the difficulty level, you can choose a puzzle with multiple pieces or easier puzzles with fewer pieces. Choose a puzzle featuring winter wonderland settings or perhaps  cute and cozy log cabins …  and encourage your loved one to snuggle and put the pieces together. 

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets feel like being wrapped in a warm hug.🤗 The chunky blanket is perfect for cuddling or tucking in for the night, knowing that you have a wonderful night's sleep ahead of you!

But beware … these blankets should come with a warning that you may want to stay in your flannel PJs all day and may cut into  your morning routine. 😃

Bonus: Create a Memorable Group Winter Birthday Video Gift for Your Loved Ones

Winter birthdays offer the perfect opportunity to snuggle up close to the fireplace with a warm cup of cocoa and watch birthday group video messages from your friends and family. 

A customized group birthday gift is an awesome winter gift option! Gather a collection of heartfelt birthday messages from your friends and family, wishing your loved one a happy birthday. 

There are various fun and exciting birthday video messages …  perhaps a story of your first get together, memorable experiences you’ve had together … and how about expressing gratitude for your friendship. 

Start Your Meaningful Group Birthday Video With Celebrate.buzz

Creating a video may sound intimidating, especially when many people are involved. Luckily, Celebrate.buzz exists for you to make an impactful video with minimal effort. Pros will envy the awesome quality!😲

Celebrate.buzz provides a simple and effective way to compile a meaningful birthday message. Here are a few easy steps to effectively compile birthday messages into a surprise group video gift. 

  • Create a celebration
  • Send an invite to collaborators
  • Collect and organize videos
  • Add special effects (e.g. GIFs, music, stickers, cards)
  • Add a personal touch
  • Process the video and share it with family and friends
  • Celebrate the moment together

Are you ready to get started with Celebrate.buzz? Create an account today and start creating a fantastic group video gift with ease.

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