Why a Video Guestbook is Better Than an Audio Guest Book

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TL:DR — Because it's video! And bonus — it even costs less 😄

When it comes to cherishing your wedding memories forever, while you're probably familiar with a traditional guest book, it's time to scrap that and forget the pen and paper. There are so many creative avenues to go down when it comes to your guest book choice. However, there are two stand out guest book alternatives that are leading the charge and providing a much more interactive experience: a Video Guestbook or an audio guestbook.

Think about it: while the traditional guest book holds handwritten notes, the Video Guestbook or audio guest book captures the raw emotions, animated tales, and sincere wishes of your loved ones. But which one is better for your wedding day? 

Ultimately, it's a showdown between sights and sounds, and in this blog post we'll unpack what they are and how they work — and why, above all, a Video Guestbook is your best bet! 

What is an Audio Guest Book?

An audio guestbook is a twist on the traditional guest book, emerging in the past 5 to 10 years as a modern alternative for your wedding guests to leave their well wishes for the newlyweds. Unlike the written scribbles in a physical guestbook, an audio guestbook captures the voices and emotions of your loved ones — a big improvement versus the traditional paper guestbook.

How Does an Audio Guest Book Work?

Audio guestbooks can be done in a number of ways, depending on your preferences and technological resources.

One popular method is to have a dedicated app or platform where guests can record their messages (almost like leaving a voice mail) using their smartphones or provided recording devices.

Another popular option is to have a designated audio guest book station at the wedding venue — usually a vintage phone that acts as a recorder — and instructions for guests to leave their audio messages.

Why Choose an Audio Guest Book?

With an audio guest book, when your friends and family share stories or give advice, it’s not just words on paper. It’s  their voices, their laughs, their emotions—stuff you’d miss out on with a plain, physical guestbook. This can be way better than scribbles, especially if you can recognize the voice! 

What is a Video Guest Book?

A video guest book is an even more modern approach! Why not take advantage of the fact that everybody brings their cell phones everywhere? Now you can have video and audio! A Video Guestbook, like Celebrate.buzz's, invites your cherished wedding guests to step into the limelight and share their love and advice on camera while they're looking their best. And because they're already uploading their heartfelt messages, they can also choose to upload clips that capture the spirit of the evening (and all with just their smartphones!).

And it's not just a guest book, it's a gift that will keep growing in value over the years. People move, grow, and sadly, sometimes they’re not around anymore. Having those video messages is like holding onto a piece of time when everyone was together, celebrating your love.

How Does a Video Guest Book Work?

It's simple as saying "I do"! Celebrate.buzz's Video Guestbook is easy to set-up and even easier for your guests to navigate! 

  1. Set Up Your Event: It's easy peasy—just create your account, add your names and the date, then bam! Your personalized QR code and Guestbook page are good to go.
  2. Print Your QR Codes: The QR code is key to making your Video Guestbook work. You can add it to other items you're printing, or you can use one of our professionally designed QR poster templates. Or both!

    Place individual QR postcards on each guest's seat or place setting and optionally print larger QR posters for high traffic areas. Then, watch and wait as your video messages pour in! You can also ensure guests continue to leave their messages by having a designated person like your DJ or emcee reminding them to scan the code
  3. Guests Can Start Sharing Their Well-Wishes: Once your guests scan the QR code, they can record their video messages on the spot, or upload a pre-recorded view or photo from their smartphone. No signing up or downloading of apps needed! 
  4. Enjoy Forever: Then, post-event, you can just drag and drop the video messages, press a button and voila! — create a merged video montage. You can easily download your wedding video montage or share the URL, and enjoy these heartfelt videos instantly and for eternity. 

Why Choose a Video Guestbook?

Let's face it—audio can be charming, but video? That's a whole new ballgame! A Video Guestbook goes beyond capturing voices: it immortalizes expressions, hugs, and the twinkle in your Aunt Sue's eye as she shares her funny marriage advice.

Plus, it's fun! Guests don't just have to only leave messages: they can also upload the heartwarming, silly, or even candid moments. That way you can catch all the glimpses of your wedding day. It's truly a living, breathing tribute — and you can even enjoy it within 24 hours!

If you've hired a videographer, you'll probably wait several months for your polished version of a wedding video. Our inexpensive Video Guestbook gives you the option to relive your special day ASAP.

Why is a Video Guestbook a Better Choice than an Audio Guest Book?

Now, here's where the popcorn-worthy drama unfolds! Celebrate.buzz's Video Guestbook isn't just a "cut above" the audio version—it's a whole blockbuster production. Imagine reliving your special day through candid smiles, animated stories, and the joyous tears that sparkle in high definition.

Firstly, a video guestbook goes above and beyond the boundaries of audio by adding an extra dimension — the visual appeal. From goofy faces to tearful moments, every emotion is captured in a way that takes you back to the day itself.

Secondly, a video captures the essence of your guests — their laughter, their expressions, and those unexpected, cherished moments that would be lost in an audio recording. Your first dance as a married couple? Relive it all over again. Your cousin Jane's hilarious message as she recounts that one embarrassing memory? Captured. Uncle Bob's impromptu dance moves? Preserved forever.

And let's not forget the sheer entertainment value! A video guest book becomes a cherished keepsake that doubles as a heartwarming documentary of your love story. It's the ultimate reel of love, laughter, and well-wishes, ready to steal the show on any movie night — or even milestone wedding anniversaries — in the years to come.

Get Started on Your Video Guestbook Today

When it comes to keeping the magic alive from your big day, why settle for just voices when you can have the whole show? While you may be waiting for a feature film-esque version of your wedding from your videographer, why not bask in the beautiful memories of an unforgettable event immediately? With a Video Guestbook, you can!

So, dear brides-to-be, get ready to uncover why you should say "I do" to a phenomenon that fuses classic sentiment with digital allure and get started on setting up your Video Guestbook today. 

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