What is a Wedding Guest Book? A Complete Guide

The Celebrate Team

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Amid all the excitement and preparations, you might be thinking about al the ways you want to commemorate your special day. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of wedding guest books, discussing their purpose, the different types you can choose from, how to choose the perfect one for your event, and creative ways to display them. 

What is a Wedding Guest Book?

A guest book is a classic wedding keepsake and wedding tradition that captures the essence of your wedding by collecting well-wishes, personal messages, and signatures from your guests. This cherished memento serves as a testament to the love and support of your friends and family who share in your joyous celebration.

The Purpose of Having a Guest Book

The purpose of having one extends beyond being a mere decoration:

  1. Memories and Moments: At its best, your guest book becomes a time capsule filled with heartfelt messages and warm wishes, allowing you to revisit the joy of your wedding for years to come.
  2. Personal Touch: Your guests can leave their personalized messages by expressing their love, offer advice, or share stories or a favorite memory, ideally creating a beautiful and personalized record of your special day.

Different Types of Wedding Guest Books

Most of the time, people opt for traditional guest books, which are physical, blank books designed for handwritten notes and signatures — or sometimes they can even be books with photos of the happy couple in them.

However, there are several unique and creative alternatives that can add a distinctive touch to your wedding and make the guest book experience even more memorable. If you're looking for wedding guest book ideas, why not try one of the following: 

  1. Photo Guest Book: A photo guest book combines the beauty of images with heartfelt messages to create a unique and sentimental keepsake. Guests attach instant photos of themselves, whether it's with a Polaroid camera or a photo booth that prints pictures. They can then place them in a photo album or scrapbook that you've provided. Then beside each photo they can also add their messages, giving a personal touch to each page. 
  2. Canvas Guest Book: This option offers a creative way for your guests to leave their mark. Instead of traditional signatures, guests sign directly on a canvas using paint or markers. The finished product can be displayed in your home as a piece of artwork, reminding you of your special day — plus it can also serve as an added decor piece for the wedding day. 
  3. Online Wedding Guest Book: Embracing the digital age, an online wedding guest book takes the concept of guest books into the virtual realm. With an online guest book, guests can leave messages and upload photos via a dedicated website or app. This modern approach offers convenience for both you and your guests, as it eliminates the need for physical books and allows you to easily share and access the messages and photos in the digital realm. 
  4. Puzzle Guest Book: This option is a fun and interactive way to engage your guests. Instead of traditional pages, you provide individual puzzle pieces for your guests to sign. Each piece is like a blank canvas where they can leave a message, drawing, or signature. After the wedding, you can assemble the puzzle, creating a unique piece of art that symbolizes the collective well-wishes of your guests. 
  5. Destination Map Guest Book: If you're having a destination wedding or if you and your partner share a special connection to a particular location, consider using a map as your guest book. Have guests sign and leave messages on the map, marking places they recommend or places with sentimental value. This can serve as a wonderful reminder of your shared adventures and future travel plans.
  6. Fingerprint Tree Guest Book: This is a fun option and unique way to involve your guests in creating a piece of art. The guest book features a tree or tree branch illustration, and guests use their fingerprints to create the leaves. They can then sign next to their fingerprint "leaf." This interactive guest book not only captures the essence of your wedding day but also becomes a beautiful artwork to display in your home.
  7. Quilt Guest Book: If you're a crafty couple, this is a wonderful choice. Provide squares of fabric for your guests to sign with permanent marker. After your wedding, have these squares stitched together to create a custom quilt that serves as a cozy reminder of your special day.

A Unique Video Guestbook Suggestion from Celebrate.buzz

Now, if you're looking to add a unique touch for your wedding guest book, nothing can beat video! Consider the video guestbook option offered by Celebrate.buzz. Instead of traditional signatures and messages, this innovative idea allows your guests to leave video messages. Simply scan a QR code and start to record — nothing to download and no account needed. With this option, you can capture their well-wishes, stories, and sentiments in a more dynamic and personal way. And you can also use it to let guests capture and share other special moments such as first dances, speeches, and the general atmosphere of the evening. Even if you have a videographer, it's great to have immediate footage available the very next day! 

All you need to do is place the QR code around heavy traffic areas. Even better, place a designed QR postcard on every seat — we have some great designs for you so it's easy (and also inexpensive!). Enlist your emcee or DJ to announce reminders during the wedding reception, and your guests can do the rest. 

And when it comes to putting it together into one final video montage, that's easy too! You just need to drag and drop, rearrange the clips, and optionally add music, text, or even GIFs — and voila! It's a video you can cherish for years (and anniversaries) to come. 

The best part? Thanks to being a digital product, you can even share it with those nearest and dearest to you by sending them the finished URL or the downloaded file. 

Check out Celebrate.buzz's video guestbook option here to learn more and see how it can enhance your wedding experience.

If You Prefer Written Books, How to Choose the Right One for You

When choosing, consider your wedding theme, style, and personal preferences. Look for one that complements your overall décor and will hold sentimental value for you. Make sure there's ample space for your guests to contribute, whether through traditional written messages or through the unique medium of video.

Some Common Etiquette

To ensure your guest book is a success, follow these etiquette tips:

  1. Positioning: Place your guest book near the entrance or reception area — like on an entryway table — where it's easily accessible to all guests (and one of the first things they'll see). If you opt for a Video Guestbook from Celebrate.buzz, you can — as mentioned — place the QR code on postcard-sized cards at each guests' seat as well as a on a giant poster in an area like by the bar or entryway. 
  2. Provide Pens: If you're choosing a physical guest book, ensure there are enough pens (with backup pens) for guests to use.
  3. Designate an Attendant: Appoint someone to encourage guests to sign (or leave a video message) and provide any necessary guidance.
  4. Encourage Creativity: If you're using an alternative guest book, offer a brief explanation or suggestion to guests on how to contribute.


A wedding guest book is more than just a book filled with signatures: it's a collection of love, warmth, and cherished memories. Whether you opt for the traditional route or a creative alternative, it's a wonderful way to remember the well-wishes and love shared on your special day. Make it a reflection of your love story, and it will become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

So, if you've been wondering, "What is a wedding guest book?" you now have all the answers you need. Enjoy every moment of your wedding, and may your guest book be filled with heartfelt messages and love!

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