Unique and Sentimental Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

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Nothing like leaving to the last minute a gift for two of the most important people in your life on the most important day of their lives! 🥴 The big day is coming ... the gifts are not! ... That money box looks mighty tempting ... 🤔 The last minute wedding gift ideas are pouring out but the special date line is staring right at you! Stop worrying and start reading ...

Last-minute wedding gift ideas

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Believe it or not, some of the better wedding gifts come from last minute wedding gift ideas ... yes, stress and sweat do have some redeeming features! The pressure does force the brain (and the heart) to focus. And wherever the creative juices reside, the special occasions do definitely induce them to come out in waves. As personalized gifts ideas will be more likely to flourish under these conditions, the unique gift ideas will also be more likely to emerge.

If you're looking for something that requires uniqueness, creativity, has the versatility to put all of these into action (in a crazy short time frame) and results in something absolutely breathtaking, take a look below ... ⬇️😃

Last-Minute Wedding Gift

Last Minute Wedding Gift - Celebrate

How many of us have bought gifts at the last minute - 🖐 ... ummm, how many of us bought last minute wedding gifts - 🖐 ... how often did that last minute wedding gift fit the bride more than the groom or the groom more than the bride - 🙄

That last minute wedding gift must please both parts of the newly married couple, must be heartfelt and a meaningful wedding gift, a "perfect gift" if you will ... and, oh yeah, did I mention it's a last minute wedding gift ... 😜 Do keep their favorite styles in mind!

How about an easy-to-create wedding video? All you should need is a tool and some imagination. How about the incredibly versatile and awesome Celebrate 😃 ... with just a few easy steps, you can create a video that would be the envy of any pro! Go ahead ... take a look!


Best Last Minute Wedding Gifts

Are those last minute wedding gifts haunting you? 👻 If your gift giving has some slight tendencies toward procrastination (not unlike many of us ...🙄) you'll sometimes find yourself in a pickle when you realize you haven't yet bought even a last minute wedding gift ... fortunately last minute wedding gift ideas quite often turn out to be the best wedding gifts ... and these become the best last minute wedding gifts ... and, strangely, the late wedding gift turns out to be a thoughtful gift! The wedding present does not have to be something that takes a long time or a high expense. The best gift ideas could be a quick wedding gift and even a practical gift. The great gift should be a thoughtful gift (BTW, it would be really cool if that great gift also turns out to be a birthday present — one special occasion deserves another 😃)

A couple of things to keep in mind — big ticket items should probably not be on your list and overnight shipping should be!

Looking for something to click all the checkboxes and keep your eyes on the happy couple with the widest of grins 😃? Look no further than the paragraph just up above ⬆️

Virtual Wedding Gift Ideas

Virtual Wedding Gifts - Celebrate

When you can’t physically be with your loved ones on their special day, then a wedding video is the next best thing. There are several unique ways to show your love from a distance. For example, you can treat them to dinner, or deliver an after-wedding cake to their home! The cherry on top is creating an unforgettable group video gift. Send out an invite link, collect all recorded video clips (time permitting, be sure to add wedding photos where feasible), and put them together in a simple and effective wedding present. 

Top tip: a little bit of humor can go a long way, so we recommend making your wedding gift video funny with a few chuckle-worthy moments!

Best Wedding Gift Ideas

Best Wedding Ideas

The best wedding ideas should always start with meaningful thoughtfulness and should, without doubt, always include personalized gifts. Keep in mind it's a new life. The mr and mrs would undoubtedly appreciate home decor, that, in many cases, springs up from the hottest new styles. And how about personalized throw blankets emerging from the love (and knitting needles) of a favourite grandmother?

Welcome To the Family Gift for Bride

Bride and bridemates

There are usually some very interesting categories for wedding gift ideas. And depending on the imaginations and creativity of some of the family members and those of the soon to be newlyweds, the wedding day could turn into an especially fun one. One of these might be a meaningful wedding gift welcoming the bride to the family! The wedding date could thus turn out into very much of a family affair. And amongst the wedding gift ideas what could possibly be better than the family presenting a family wedding video.

How to do this?

Create amazing group (the family, in perfect accompaniment with friends) video with Celebrate in just 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Create a celebration

Starting on Celebrate is quick, easy, and FREE. Simply create an account and make an event page for the couple getting married. You can then send invites to anybody you want to include in the video. Select the occasion, enter the date it is due, and ask others to submit their video clips accordingly.

Step 2: Send the invites

You can send the invites to the friends and family you want to make part of this wedding video. You can send as many invites as you want because the more, the merrier. You can choose any social media channel for sending it out. The best part, your contributors don't need to create an account; they can share their message or video clip directly with you.

Send invites

Step 3: Collect the videos and organize

The clipboard page will have all the collected videos, and you can preview them before adding them to the final video. Arrange them in your preferred order. Simply drag and drop and see the magic.

Step 4: Add your touch

This is where things get interesting because you get to be creative. Collate the best clips and messages into one video; add music, GIFs, stickers, and texts of your choice, and let the magic begin. Best part! You do not need any added skills for this. You are free to share it with the couple and their near and dear ones when done.

Step 5: Share it

Your high-quality HD video is now ready, and it is time to share it with the couple. Tap on "Process," and it will show you the final video. You can either directly post it to your social media platform or save it on your device to share it live at the wedding venue.

Memorable Wedding Gifts

Eat Drink and Get Married

Many a happy couple have loving and lingering memories about wedding gifts that may have been a simple gift at the time, but, due to some related personalized occurrence, remain totally everlasting. Perhaps a last minute gift of gift baskets having just the right contents and being devoured in just the right setting? How about a hotel gift card that led to the most satisfying hotel stay ever, along with that unique high quality bath towel? And that date night arranged by your friends — perhaps the best date ever for the happy couple (leading to even more date nights ... 🥰!?) How about that wine club subscription along with the wine glasses with every sip a bit of memory of that wonderful wedding? The custom pillow lovingly knitted by a favourite relative and placed in a prominent place in the family room by the newlywed couple? How about that first toast using those personalized elegant champagne flutes.

And, of course, what about the fabulous wedding video, cobbled together by everyone of your loved ones under the night sky (or perhaps when the sun shines?) , Celebrating the big day!🥳 A forever keepsake!❤️

Wedding Video Maker

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Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas? - Best Wedding Gifts!?

The last minute wedding gifts could be a wholly misunderstood misnomer. In actuality it could be the result of a painstakingly loving search for that incredible gift that the married couple surely deserve!

The love and the heart put into those last minute wedding gifts transform them into the most cherished of wedding gifts. There is no better way to accomplish this than through a meaningful and heartfelt wedding video gift! 💒

A wedding video can be EASY and FUN to create (and, BONUS — you can save money!🤑) ... if you have the right tools ... and we do 😃 ... have a look. It's magic! Your editing skills will rival those of any pro!

Create a video guest book for wedding of your loved ones. The best part is they can keep with them forever as memory and your love.

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