How to Create Wedding Videos For Your Friends and Family?

The Celebrate Team

Childhood Memories

Start it on the best note by bringing in their childhood memories. It is undoubtedly the best thing that you can do for them. Include parallel images of both of them while they were growing up. It is sure to rekindle nostalgia in them and will take them down memory lane. This will fill them with laughter and tears while reliving those happy moments and remembering that time together. Later you can collate all those photos and videos where they have been spending time with each other. They won't be expecting this transition, and you can observe their reaction all this while.

Hometown Love Story

The couple can be childhood sweethearts, and you can use this to depict their love story through a memorable video. Set a theme that perfectly portrays their love story. Add their best clips and pictures together of that time. You can make it more interesting with pictures from their most cherished first date. Top it all with their favorite restaurant or ice cream with their favorite music in the background. Showcase the best moments from their life in a video that will be remembered for years. Show how their love evolved through these years. There are endless possibilities to make them smile with this video on their wedding day.

hometown love story

The Current Family

It is another great theme to base your video on. You can bring all their family members together in one frame and curate an everlasting video of their togetherness. Don't forget to include the pets in your video. Make an affectionate video showing their love and support for each other. You can also ask the families to make small clips about the couple separately. They can share their fondest memories with them and why they are excited about this wedding. Collate the best clips together to make a heartfelt wedding video that will be treasured for years.

Milestone Anniversary

If the couple has been dating for a long, you can pick their transition over the years and compile it into an interesting video. This will make them realize how far they have come together and how long a journey is still left ahead of them. It will only double their love and support for each other and fill them with joy and happiness. It will make them enjoy their happy wedding even more. Also, you can add their favorite song in the background, which will be the perfect icing on the cake.

The love of his life A young man kissing the hand of his wife while having dinner on the beach milestone anniversary stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Mix The Memories

Another great thing to do is include the couple's best photos in the video and take them down memory lane. Instead of arranging them in order, mix them all randomly. Make a slideshow and play it in slow motion at the venue. The couple will get to see their different photos, capturing different moments, and reminisce the story behind them. It will make them emotional and happy at the same time for the love bond they share with each other.

Execute these ideas to surprise the couple on their big day. Use the Celebrate video-making tool to make the best wedding video that will be cherished for years.

How to Compile Wedding Wishes Into One Surprise Video Gift

Create amazing group video with Celebrate in just 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Create a celebration

Starting on Celebrate is quick, easy, and FREE. Simply create an account and make an event page for the couple getting married. You can then send invites to anybody you want to include in the video. Select the occasion, enter the date it is due, and ask others to submit their video clips accordingly.

Step 2: Send the invites

You can send the invites to the friends and family you want to make part of this wedding video. You can send as many invites as you want because the more, the merrier. You can choose any social media channel for sending it out. The best part, your contributors don't need to create an account; they can share their message or video clip directly with you.

Send invites

Step 3: Collect the videos and organize

The clipboard page will have all the collected videos, and you can preview them before adding them to the final video. Arrange them in your preferred order. Simply drag and drop and see the magic.

Step 4: Add your touch

This is where things get interesting because you get to be creative. Collate the best clips and messages into one video; add music, GIFs, stickers, and texts of your choice, and let the magic begin. Best part! You do not need any added skills for this. You are free to share it with the couple and their near and dear ones when done.

Step 5: Share it

Your high-quality HD video is now ready, and it is time to share it with the couple. Tap on "Process," and it will show you the final video. You can either directly post it to your social media platform or save it on your device to share it live at the wedding venue.

Share video

Creating wedding videos has become the latest trend, and watching the couple's expressions while they watch the video is another memorable moment. There is nothing joyous than making the couple happier on the best day of their life. Nostalgia, joy, and happiness will strike them altogether. The couple and the entire venue will enjoy the thoughtful present you are gifting to them. So make the most of it.

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A wedding video gift is a great way to show that you genuinely love and care for the couple. The video will make them overwhelmed and will stay with them for long. The best part about these videos is you can either make it from scratch or have a quirky compilation of the images or the video clips that they have captured as a couple over these years. You can execute the entire thing pretty easily with these tips that will help you create an amazing wedding gift for the couple.

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