Top 10 Free Greeting Card Websites

The Celebrate Team

Do you ever forget to buy greeting cards for important occasions or wait until the last moment? This is where e-cards can come in as a great greeting card solution. It’s not only a fantastic way to make someone feel special — it’s also a terrific way to promote sustainability. The less you buy paper cards, the fewer trees will be destroyed. You can choose from a wide range of custom-designed gift cards or the best free e-cards online that can make any occasion memorable. Long ago, online sites had only low-quality cards for free. But today you will find many good sites providing some amazing online card collections for different occasions. This article contains a list of the best greeting cards sites that will provide options for sending stylish greetings.

Top 10 best free ecards sites to make your every occasion memorable


Celebrate is actually a hybrid card/video, and in our humble opinion, is one of the best e-card sites on the internet. You can incorporate cards, pictures, videos, GIFs, stickers and music, customized for any occasion. And it even enables you to have friends and family add their own video messages to the e-card so you can do it as a group!

Creating your personalized e-card is easy — no technical skill needed! And it’s completely free to try out. Once you’re thrilled with your online greeting card/video and you’re ready to share it, simply press a button, pay a small amount (less than most physical cards) and send a link to your loved ones. This e-card will absolutely thrill them and will also be an amazing keepsake!



You might have come across many exciting e-card options online. Punchbowl is on another level. It is one of the best free e-cards sites. You can even download your creations! Its easy and customizable options let you create any card and send it to your friends and family. You can choose from a variety of styles and formats to give your card a unique look. The site also reserves a card repository for any occasion, making your creation more fun, interesting, and easy.


123 greetings

It has been regarded as one of the best e-card sites that can be used for any purpose. Now you don’t need to waste time searching for the perfect template — this site offers the best of everything within a click. Simply download the one that suits your purpose and you are good to go. You will find cards for all occasions; from birthdays, holidays, weddings, to baby showers. With no login requirement, you just need to enter the email address of the person to whom you intend to send wishes, and they will directly receive it.


Blue mountain

 If you have a celebration coming ahead and want to do something unique, this site can help you the best.  It is the best site for celebrating any special or calendar moment and has many stylish ecards that will help you stay connected. You can also personalize your message on the card and get it delivered instantly. Besides this, it also lets you pick the best gift cards from their favorite retailers or restaurants and get them sent.



You are at the right place if you’re looking for the best e-card to help you create stories for your loved ones. With a colorful collection of e-cards available on the platform, you can customize them in any way you want and send them quickly to your dear ones. It just takes seconds to send the card you just personalized. This is a free site with e-card collections with real value. Create unique and pretty cards with just a click!



This site offers not just an amazing e-card collection but also lets you make exciting video greeting cards. There’s a free version of the platform that allows you to display some creativity. You’ll find colorful card templates for occasions like Hanukkah, weddings, New Years, or birthdays. You also get access to multiple stock videos that you can share.


Now you can send special messages and greetings to your loved ones that are uniquely created just for them. There are card options for every occasion with endless designs. Create your cards with personalized messages and send your wishes to your loved ones in the best way. And you don’t need to spend any money to get the best ones!

Wrong cards

It is one of the the best e-card websites for anyone who loves twisted and cheeky humour. Their collection of funny e-cards will surely make you laugh. It is a great option to cheer anybody who had a bad day. Wrong cards are known to make the right cards for different occasions, and customization is really simple. You can easily download the cards or send them directly from their website.

wrong cards

Open me

If you can’t be present on any occasion, these e-cards can certainly be. You can send these e-cards with a click and make someone’s day. You will find multiple funny and animated card choices to choose from that can make anybody feel special. There is a unique card idea for every occasion, and you can personalize it with a message or a photo. This makes the greeting even more special.


Hallmark e-cards

This website is known for being highly interactive and playful. It is one of the best greeting cards sites that features catchy designs for different occasions. You will find a good range of e-cards for friends and family, holidays, festivals, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day. You can also send different messages in different tones!


Important tips to consider while choosing e-cards

When choosing cards, you might get confused about which one to pick. And it gets even harder if you can’t think of what you should write inside them. Here are some tips to help you understand what could be considered while picking the e-cards for every occasion.

  • When picking wedding cards, ensure that the graphics and messages indicate a wedding and not an anniversary.
  • If you are congratulating someone with greeting cards, write personalized messages based on the occasion and do not just rely upon already pre written text.

Give a special gift with free e-cards.

A gift with a well-thought-out card will bring even more gratification! It is a great way to show that you care and remember their special days. You can also include free subscription boxes, free fashion or beauty magazine subscriptions. To top it off, you can include chocolates and/or flavored coffee with your greetings 🍫 ☕️ !

special gift with e-card

How do ecards work, and what way to send them?

E-cards are digitally rendered greeting cards that can be customized for the occasion and the need. The shape, size, color, and style can be changed as per the preferences, and they can be downloaded once they are made. This mode of digital greeting can be sent to any email address, or you can even share it directly via social media. They are easily accessible and way cheaper than traditional paper cards.

send e-cards

So what are you waiting for? Make your loved ones feel special with thoughtful digital cards on special occasions. Explore the above-listed websites to bring out your best creativity and display your love and thoughtfulness. Send an e-card they will remember for years!

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