Cute Birthday Greeting Card Ideas That Are Fun and Easy to Make

The Celebrate Team

When your dear ones birthday is approaching, finding the right gift can be time-consuming. Innovative ecards or handmade birthday cards make for beautiful keepsakes. Make it a fun and creative project involving all around you. All you need is some creativity, and you are all set to make your very own birthday greeting card. 

Let’s get started! We have listed some amazing yet simple ideas for handmade birthday cards that will cost you very little. They can be made with easily available items and will showcase your creativity. Worried about any difficulty? Fear not!. We have your back! We are here to help, especially with the creative side!

Here are some cute birthday greeting card ideas that you can make yourself:

Birthday video greeting card

Does anyone consider making a video greeting card for the birthday person? This happy birthday card idea will be everybody’s favorite, simply because it’s so simple. And Celebrate makes it fun!. Start making HD quality video greetings to surprise your loved ones. Easy Peasy! Gather your gang and/or family and shoot a video singing the birthday song,  any other memorable song or poetry, or simply send auto-created invites and ask for their video clips. Collate these with memorable photos and favorite music in the background, and boom! The surprise is ready! Video greetings like these make an everlasting memory for everyone involved!

Washi tape unique birthday card

When you want to make DIY cards for birthday, cheap and colorful Washi tapes can be a quick go-to solution for all things creative. You can apply the tape as you desire, letting loose all your creativity. We bet this birthday card will stick around for ages. Washi tape cards are cute, simple, yet strikingly beautiful.

Printable birthday card ideas for kids

Kids enjoy colorful prints, and they make for beautifully simple birthday card idea that you can execute with ease. You can create digital imagery or simply download some awesome templates available online to help make handmade birthday cards. An enticing last moment birthday card idea – a super hit among kids! You can also get in touch with print companies that print and deliver the cards, even at the last moment. 

Kissing button romantic handmade birthday card

There’s nothing better than adding some 3D effects! Kissing buttons is one such concept. They can be easily made with objects easily available. They are super fun to make and are visually appealing. You can draw lines below the buttons to give them a human-like shape. To top it up, how about adding a lovely kissing love note with it?❤️ 

kissing button handmade birthday card

What about a pop-up funny birthday card?

You will be surprised at how simple it is to make this fun card. This is one of the most innovative birthday card ideas and is equally exciting for the person receiving it. You can make it all glittery and shiny for that unique appeal. If you find it difficult, you can refer to easy online tutorials.

Pop-up funny birthday card

A unique idea for a string balloon birthday card

We always sought out ways to make our cards appealing on the outside. But have you ever wondered about the inside of the card?  Here are some freshly brewed suggestions that will help you execute this cute homemade birthday card idea just perfectly. Cut out some paper balloons and banner flags. Use pieces of colorful strings to make a little pop-up party scene happening within the card.

string balloon birthday card

Cute colorful sticker birthday card

Adding interactive stickers to cards (or to gifts) grab kids’ attention!. Kids love keeping such creative little things. You will see unmatched happiness on their faces!

Ice cream pom-pom birthday card

You simply need some colorful strings for making this card, and this cute pom-pom adorned card will be ready in no time. Just cut some colored paper in the shape of ice cream cones and paste the balls you made out of the strings. Make as many scoops as you want and write a birthday note inside.

Ice cream pom-pom birthday card

Paper doily birthday card

We really love the idea of creating easy DIY birthday cards that use upcycled and recycled materials! One such fun idea can use conventional materials; cut cute cupcakes, and make a simple paper doily. You can also use a kitchen table stamper to stamp the impressions, making card-making even more fun.

Cute puppy birthday card

Making an impressive heart-grabbing homemade birthday card? This idea is the perfect hit! The puppy dog design on it is going to steal every kid’s heart!🐶 You can make a tongue-pull tab and add floppy ears along with it for more fun. Dog-lovers of all kinds will be very appreciative of this approach. You can also add some personalized texts on the doggy’s ears to make it more impactful.🥺

On your loved ones’ birthday, gift them something that you made yourself; a handmade birthday card or a happy birthday video greeting that’s here to stay! You didn’t rely on Facebook notifications to wish them a birthday. Your birthday card will show your heart-felt effort to wish them and make them feel special. Let them know how much you love and care for them with this thoughtful present!

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