Top 10 Best Birthday Video Maker Tools Of 2023

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We tend to store a lot of video clips of our little things on our phones. Birthdays, weddings, New Year celebrations are some of those events that get captured in our smartphones. So instead of just stocking them up and occupying the memory space, we can use them and turn them into exciting videos using the birthday video maker. A colorful video is the best way to wish your friend or family member a very happy birthday. You can also use the in-built video makers of your phone to create engaging videos. However, creating videos with a video maker tool can transform your average footage into a fantastic clip. So here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 video-making tools that are compatible with both Windows and Mac, and you can use them for making stunning birthday videos.

Here are the top 10 birthday video maker tools to try:


It is the best online birthday video maker that you can use to make effortless group videos. With no technical skills required, it is a go-to solution for all your special occasions. Starting on it is free. Simply create an account. Ask your near and dear ones to contribute some brief video messages about the person you want to surprise. Video gathering, organizing, and storing will be done by the tool itself.


You can customize your videos with favorite music and happy notes to give them a unique touch. Once ready, you can easily share it within your group, surprising the person you love and have all the appreciation that is due. Celebrate offers three different packages that are affordable and come packed with amazing features like web invitations, adding titles, and music, rearranging clips, adding personalized media, and many more. With user safety as their main priority, the tool gives you all the control of your videos.


This is another best birthday video maker with over 50 video styles. The tool’s drag-and-drop feature lets you create video magic in minutes. You can create a dynamic slideshow of photos or videos or add text to tell interactive stories. Compatible with iOS and Android, it makes creating Happy Birthday videos from your phones a lot easier. You can quickly import photos and videos, pick your style, and arrange them the way you want in just a few taps. Besides its free song collection, you also get a voiceover option to record your message in your video. Add text to create perfect opening sequences for your birthday videos. Play your final video on television or use a projector to view it on the birthday night. You can directly share the videos on your social feed and help it garner likes and shares.


Wondershare Filmora

This is an excellent birthday video maker for pc that features robust editing tools. Bring out your creative side with this tool and use its features of free transitions, effects, and other elements to make your video worth remembering. The tool also allows you to combine the photos and the videos in various formats and change the resolution likewise.


Not just this, you can also add background music of your choice or your voiceover to your video to make it more interesting. Besides these, there are options of color tuning, video stabilization, scene detection, and video cut and trim, along with specially designed free birthday packs for birthday videos to make things more fun.


By using this online birthday video maker, you get access to some amazing already made birthday video templates that you can use to create a birthday slideshow. The tool lets you add music of your choice and provides you access to royalty-free stock footage. All you need to do is sign up and start creating videos with the available video templates. To remove the watermark, either subscribe to their plans or pay per export.



This is yet another amazing happy birthday video maker online that lets you create and share videos within a short time. The tool comes with a wide range of slideshow designs to choose from. You can personalize the videos with your video clips, photos, and music and upload them to Facebook to create that special moment.



If you don’t know how to edit birthday videos, Vidday is the right platform for you. Use their best features for free, like adding video clips, photos, and others. Collect the same from others and preview the submissions. Adjust the clips with the editing tools; add transitions, effects, music, or voiceover to create the best videos in no time. Easily download it and share it on other social media platforms. Create a unique gift with this collaborative video web app that lets you compile beautiful videos.



Momento is a birthday video maker app to create group videos for the birthdays of your loved ones has become easy. The tool lets you create personalized, heartwarming experiences your loved ones can cherish for years. You can also request others for their video clips. Combine them all and create one of your own.


Personalize it in the best way with its feature-rich editing tools. Either create a cool collage or add personalized texts in your videos to show off your creativity. You can also incorporate seamless background music of your choice into your videos and can redo them anytime.


Tribute is one of the easiest platforms to create a birthday video online. This is a fun and quirky interface where you can ask your near ones to dump their best videos. You can then collect and compile them in any order you like. It creates video in less than 60 seconds-the fastest way to surprise your loved ones. You can add advanced touches to your videos using its paid plans that start from $29.



This is another video maker tool that allows you to create a birthday video online at a go. You can upload your pictures, videos, music, or even a voiceover. With a wide range of templates available, you can choose just the best for your videos. You can edit the titles and add effects to make your videos more striking.


You can also download the video or export it directly to YouTube. It is the best video-making tool, offering high-quality, professional-looking videos with a wide selection of royalty-free images, video clips, and songs. It offers both free and paid plans with subscriptions starting from $12 a month.


This cloud-based video making platform lets you create engaging online birthday video that looks like a movie. You can surf between its basic and advanced features that are readily available. All you need to do is upload the audio and the images and wait for the website to animate the texts and objects. Also, you do not need to download the videos separately; you can directly access the instant cloud upload. The tool also offers features like fast motion, a green screen, and transition to create interesting videos.



Wouldn’t you and your loved ones absolutely be delighted to hear from friends far and near on special occasions like birthdays? With Montage, you can do just that. You can invite relevant people to make videos about a special person, collect all of these videos to make a video collage or montage of sorts, and then present the same to the special person you are celebrating.


Their reaction at the end can also be captured and used in this. Amazing, isn’t it?

How to make an online birthday video with Celebrate?

Making a birthday video on Celebrate is fun and easy. It is counted among the best birthday video makers. The platform lets you create magical moments and unforgettable memories with your friends and family. All you need to do is register and create an account and follow the below steps for making spectacular videos:

create birthday video with celebrate

Step1: Edit Celebration- Add the details of the person you want to wish (Like his name, DOB, his picture, if any).

Step 2: Edit Invitation: Give a title to your e-card invitation, add the person’s picture, and pick ideas for your contributors. 

Step 3: Send Invitations: Either send an email or copy the invitation link to your contributors, asking them to upload their photos and videos without having to make an account. 

Step 4: Create Video: Once you get all the clips from your collaborators, start making a final birthday video by selecting the best clips and pictures from your clipboard.

Step 5: Process and Share: Your HD-quality video is now ready to process and share.


Now making videos online is a piece of cake! It’s time to show your friends and family how much you love and care for them with a special video on their birthday. In today’s time, videos make the best gifts as they ensure your sweet memories are preserved forever. So let’s make one more memory and cherish it forever. Let’s make a birthday video and wish your loved ones in a way that’s worth remembering!

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