The Top 5 Virtual Mother’s Day Gift Ideas of 2023

The Celebrate Team

This year, it may be hard to show Mom your love through a hug or kiss. But don't dismay! Even though you may not get to see her face-to-face, there are still a number of virtual gifts that are amazing. Here are our some of our choices for the best digital gifts of the year — gifts that will surprise and delight her.

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1. Virtual cards… AND wine!

Wine Delivered
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This year, cut the usual sappy clutter and give her the gift of choice and experience. Sent via email, the EmpathyWines gift card adds spice and opportunity to your mother’s virtual gift. You also have the option to decorate the card online and write a personal message (in case she didn’t already know how much you appreciate her). This virtual gift card lets Mom choose the finest wines from all over the United States, as well as Canada, and delivered right to her doorstep, hassle free!

The gift card options range from $2$-$200, specifically priced at: $25, $50, $100 and $200.

2. Gift mental and physical health - Virtually.

Wellness for Your Day
Photo by Ginny Rose Stewart on Unsplash

What says “I love you” better than the gift of wellness?

This more holistic virtual gift focuses on mindfulness and stretching — taught on the Alomoves app and virtually led by world-class instructors.

Whether mom is an Olympic champion or, perhaps not so much, Alomoves allows her to choose from beginner to expert level yoga classes.

“Too busy”? No problem. Alomoves puts her in control. She can choose from 30-minute to 60-minute classes, scheduling these classes at whatever time she pleases.

Always on the go? Also not a problem. The app can be downloaded on mobile devices and used whenever, wherever.

If Mom loves it — and why wouldn’t she — her membership is easily redeemable on the app. This digital card can be sent exactly when you want her to receive it.

Alomoves can be gifted as a 6-month or yearly membership option. For 6 months: $120 and for
12 months: $199

3. The gift of togetherness.

Family & Friends Together
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

If you’re experiencing something quite common this year — you feel isolated and are low in funds — this may be the perfect gift to give to your mother.

While saving money but showing mom love, you can arrange a group meeting on Zoom with all her favourite people. This may include friends and family that cannot be by her side on her day … because moms love family … and family loves moms. The sense of belongingness is sometimes all you need to make your Mom’s day.

Don’t you just love hearing her say “I’m just happy we’re all here!”?

4. Feed her … and her heart!

Mother's Day meal delivered
Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Show Mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day by ordering her favourite meal delivered right to her door.

This miiiiight be the closest thing to taking her out for Mother’s Day brunch when restaurants are closed. Ubereats provides an outstanding list of restaurants in your mother’s city that she is bound to adore. Along with free delivery options and Ubereats specials, you can personalize this gift, allowing it to arrive exactly when she wants.

Want it to be a surprise? Send a message to her saying “check your porch”!

Amazing food, no cooking, no clean up … what else could she ask for? Hey, you would even be supporting local businesses. Win-win!

Prices for Ubereats products depend on the food item(s) as well as the restaurant you order from. Additional deals and weekly promotions are often available to users who download the app.

5. Moms love memories.

Nothing would make mom feel more special than a group video gift from those she loves, telling her they love her.

A  virtual gift with surprise wishes from everyone she loves! Mom is gonna feel amazing!!

Save yourself the time and hassle assembling videos, especially from a whole lot of people.

Celebrate makes it easy … and fun!

Invite friends and family to record a video message on any device. Celebrate allows for easy video compiling, resulting in professional-like results!

Think personalized movie — soundtrack, subtitles and split clips. Celebrate is the easiest way to create an accumulation of praise, love and admiration that Mom will cherish. The best part? It’s the gift that keeps on giving, with memories that will last forever — Mom will watch the video over and over again — reminded of how loved she is.

Prices for this celebratory movie making gift are incredibly affordable. Check it out!

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