How to Plan a Divorce Party for Your Friend

The Celebrate Team

Divorce isn't the end: it's a new chapter filled with empowerment and self-discovery! When a friend takes this brave step, it's time to celebrate their courage and resilience in style. So, why not plan a divorce party?

While some may see divorce as a somber situation (and of course the circumstances surrounding it might very well be), getting a divorce is also an opportunity for your friend to rediscover herself and find a new happily ever after. And it is A-OK to celebrate that!

Planning a divorce party is all about honoring the past, living it up in the present, and setting the stage for an empowered future. So if you're ready to celebrate your friend saying goodbye to her old ball and chain, get ready for some fabulously empowering and perfect divorce party ideas!

Whether you opt for funny divorce party ideas, classy divorce party ideas, or therapeutic ideas to help her release all her feelings, we're sure that the celebration will be a blast and a remarkable toast to independence and new beginnings!

Why Throw Your Friend a Divorce Party?

Divorce parties celebrate more than the end of a marriage: they also celebrate resilience, empowerment, and the courage to embrace change. It's a chance to support your friend on their journey to a new chapter in life and show them that they're not alone in this transition. Plus, who doesn't love having a party? It's a great opportunity to gather loved ones and create a positive and uplifting atmosphere, focusing on the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Divorce Party Etiquette

Marriages end for various reasons, and while it's easy to focus on bashing the ex, let's also celebrate this next chapter and all the opportunities it brings. Keep the atmosphere positive and supportive, focusing on empowering your friend for the future.

Also, given the situation, usually it's best to keep these parties small and intimate, only inviting your friend's closest circle to help her through this time in her life. 

You can even give her a keepsake to help her through all this, by creating a group video gift and encourage guests to share heartfelt messages of support and encouragement during this stressful time and avoiding negative or judgmental remarks. The goal is to uplift and celebrate the divorcée as she's now opened up to her newfound freedom. 

Pick a Divorce Party Theme 

When you plan a divorce party, choosing the right theme can set the tone for a memorable and empowering celebration. While divorces aren't always easy, having a fun theme can make all the difference in turning this event into a celebration! But, if you need divorce party ideas for a theme, look no further! 

When Life Gives You Lemons (Lemon-Themed Party)

When considering themes for the party, think about what resonates most with your friend's personality and journey. A lemon-themed party can symbolize turning sour experiences into something sweet and refreshing. Opt for a cheerful yellow color scheme and serve refreshing lemonade. Decorate with lemon decorations and uplifting quotes to create a bright and positive atmosphere that reflects the theme of resilience and optimism even while dealing with divorce.

Happy Trails (Western Style Celebration)

For a friend who loves adventure and embraces new horizons, a western-style celebration can be perfect. Decorate with cowboy hats, bandanas, and hay bales to symbolize the path forward. Set up a DIY trail mix bar with a variety of ingredients to represent different paths in life. Play country music and encourage guests to dress in western attire for a festive atmosphere that celebrates moving on with joy and excitement.

Freedom Fiesta (Cinco de Mayo Style)

Step into a world of vibrant colors, lively music, and delicious Mexican flavors with a Freedom Fiesta-themed divorce party! Transform the space with papel picado banners, streamers, and cactus centerpieces, serving up a mouthwatering spread of tacos, nachos, and margaritas in assorted flavors. Incorporate the playful tradition of breaking a pinata filled with treats and mini bottles of tequila for a fun activity. Encourage festive attire and set up a themed photo booth with props. Raise a toast to freedom with a signature cocktail, and send guests home with memorable party favors like mini hot sauce bottles or Fiesta-themed cookies.

All the Single Ladies (Cheers to Freedom)

Celebrate the power of female friendship and independence with an empowering "All the Single Ladies" theme. Include empowering women icons in the theme, such as Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, or RBG. Play breakup anthems and songs that inspire independence and strength. Decorate with empowering quotes and symbols of freedom to create a night of solidarity and empowerment.

Survivor (Emerging Strong)

Cue Destiny's Child lyrics! For a friend who has overcome challenges and emerged stronger, a "Survivor" themed party can be both fun and meaningful. Create challenges and games inspired by the hit TV show to celebrate resilience and strength. Award "Survivor" themed prizes to winners and inspire your friend to embrace their inner survivor and emerge stronger than ever.

Death To Your Marriage (Funeral Theme)

For a tongue-in-cheek approach, consider a "Death To Your Marriage" theme. Use black and white decor to set the tone. Share humorous eulogies for the marriage and encourage guests to dress in funeral attire for a light-hearted farewell to the past and a celebration of new beginnings.

Activities to Consider Doing for the Party

While you plan a divorce party, remember it's not just about having fun: it's about creating meaningful experiences that empower your friend, help her release her emotions, and still have a great time celebrating new beginnings.

While you'll probably be saying a cheers with some glasses of champagne or wine, why not also incorporate some activity ideas into the mix?

These activities are designed to uplift spirits, strengthen bonds, and provide moments of joy and laughter amidst the transition.

Let It All Out With a Rage Room Experience

Provide a safe outlet for releasing pent-up emotions with a visit to a rage room. Guests can smash and break items in a controlled environment, releasing stress and tension playfully.

Of course, if there's not a rage room in your area, you can DIY a small version of it yourself. Instead, buy cheap plates and have everyone — especially your divorced friend — and then drop them on the floor (we recommend wearing goggles still and smashing it in an area that's easy to clean up).

While it is mostly for the divorcée, it's also a great opportunity for everyone to let go and release.

Perform a Balloon Release Ceremony

Organize a touching balloon release ceremony where guests write messages of support and encouragement on balloons. It symbolizes letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings. As the balloons float away, it signifies the release of old burdens and the start of a fresh chapter.

Have a Paint and Sip Night

Host a paint and sip night where guests unleash their creativity while enjoying wine or cocktails. Provide canvases, paints, and brushes, and encourage everyone to create empowering artwork that symbolizes resilience and strength — or to just have fun and see what they come up with . It's a relaxing and uplifting activity that allows guests to express themselves artistically and also allows your friend to channel her feelings into something artistic and beautiful. 

Host a Comfort Food Charcuterie Night

What do you call a party after a divorce? A perfect excuse to indulge! Hosting a comfort food potluck is a fun and low-key divorce party idea. Each guest brings their own guilty pleasures via a board to be shared with the group.

Picture spreads of mac and cheese bites, sliders, chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms, cheese, crackers, sour candies, popcorn, chocolate-covered strawberries, and more, creating a mouthwatering mix of familiar flavors. This laid-back dining experience brings everyone together over tasty bites, adding a fun twist to your party. It's a great way to celebrate new beginnings with a feast of comforting flavors and great company.

Bring Divorce Survival Kits

Have everyone bring a personalized divorce survival kit filled with items that have helped them through tough times. Include self-care products — like bath salts or bath bombs — empowering books, CDs or playlists of uplifting songs, favorite movies for a movie night, comfort foods or treats, and anything else that brings comfort and joy. This activity allows each guest to share a piece of their own healing journey with the divorcée, showing love and support in a meaningful and practical way.

Make Vision Boards

Come together as a collective to create one massive vision board for your divorced friend! Set up a creative station with magazines, glitter, pens, markers, and more materials where guests collaborate on a board filled with dreams, aspirations, and goals.

Encourage everyone to envision new beginnings, personal growth, and self-discovery, igniting inspiration and motivation. It's a fun and collaborative way to create a gift the divorcée can proudly display in her new space, reminding her of the bright possibilities ahead.

Have a Movie Night

Sometimes a girl just needs her best friends and a slumber party, like the good old days!

For a cozy and relatable evening, host a chick flick or sad rom-com movie night. Choose films that celebrate friendship, resilience, and new beginnings. Provide popcorn, snacks, and tissues for a movie marathon that allows everyone to laugh, cry, and connect over shared experiences.

Alternatively, opt for a funny movie night featuring comedies that uplift spirits and bring laughter. Choose light-hearted films that celebrate humor and joy, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere for the party.

Belt It Out at Karaoke Night

Turn up the volume and emotions with a Karaoke Night dedicated to your divorced friend! Go to a karaoke bar, bring in a karaoke machine, or use karaoke apps to stream a range of songs, including empowering breakup anthems like:

  • Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone"
  • Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable"
  • Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive"
  • Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"
  • Destiny's Child's "Survivor"
  • Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next"
  • Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry"
  • Katy Perry's "Roar"

This is a chance for everyone to let loose and belt out their feelings with empowering songs that celebrate resilience and moving forward. Encourage guests to choose songs that resonate with them and the divorcée, creating a musical journey of healing and celebration. Sing along to heartwarming ballads, empowering tracks, the top freedom anthems or divorce anthems, or just your friend's favorite tunes to uplift her spirits and make her feel supported. And hey, with all that music happening who says it can't also turn into the silliest and most fun dance party?

Wedding Dress Burning Ceremony

For those seeking closure and symbolism, consider a wedding dress burning ceremony. This option is for those who want to let go of past memories and embrace new beginnings in a powerful and symbolic way.

Ensure safety precautions and proper disposal methods while respecting individual preferences and emotions.

Unwind with a Spa Day

Include a rejuvenating spa day as part of your divorce party festivities, offering a chance for relaxation and self-care amidst the celebration. You can go to the fanciest one in town or you can set up pampering stations with facials, massages, and nail treatments, providing guests with a soothing escape to unwind and rejuvenate.

Incorporate calming scents, soft music, and plush robes to create a tranquil spa atmosphere. This addition not only promotes self-care and wellness but also offers a meaningful way to support your friend during this transition, allowing everyone to leave the party feeling refreshed and renewed.

Empower Her with a Q&A Group Video

Sometimes, your best friend just needs a reminder of the love and support around her. As part of this celebration, consider creating a group video gift. This unique addition adds a touch of uniqueness to the party, but more importantly, it serves as a lasting reminder of the encouragement from friends and family.

And it's easy to do thanks to's Q&A video style.

This unique group video maker allows you, the Producer, to send out a URL to participants. This URL will then bring them to a page where they can start to upload or record their video messages. 

And like its name suggests the Q&A video style allows you to ask everyone the questions or prompts. It's an interactive and engaging way to collect fuller and more heartfelt messages, funny anecdotes, and words of wisdom from friends and family.

Then once everyone uploads their answers, you can create a merged video montage, with each friend's video clips magically interwoven behind each question. Export and share it with your friend at the party!

Because, sometimes, amidst the challenges, your divorced friend just needs extra reminders of the support and joy around her. Your friend can revisit this group video gift anytime she needs a pick-me-up, finding solace and strength in the heartfelt words shared during this special celebration.

Questions and Prompts You Can Ask:

  1. What advice would you give [Friend's Name] when it comes to dating moving forward?
  2. What are you looking forward to doing with [Friend's Name] now that they’re single again?
  3. Share a funny prediction or wish you have for your friend's love life now that they’re single again.
  4. What tip do you have for them to move on from this divorce?
  5. If your friend were a meme about divorce, which one would they be and why?
  6. What hobby should they pick up now that they have all this free time again?
  7. If your friend's divorce were a flavor of ice cream, what would it be and why?
  8. What pick-up line should your friend try now that they’re back in the dating scene?
  9. If your friend's ex were a fictional character, who would they be, and why?
  10. If you were making a mixtape of post-divorce songs for [Friend's Name], what are you including?
  11. If your friend were a famous celebrity going through a public breakup, what scandalous headline would you create for the tabloid cover?
  12. Share a funny or quirky rule your friend has set for herself now that they’re embracing the single life again.

By asking these fun and meaningful questions, you'll gather a treasure trove of heartfelt messages, laughter-inducing moments, and supportive advice from loved ones. It's a touching way to show your friend how much they're loved and supported during this new chapter of their life. Capture these moments with and create a video montage that will be cherished forever.

And Of Course, Don't Forget the Cake!

No celebration is complete without a delicious divorce cake to mark the moment and sweeten the occasion, literally! Whether it's a traditional tiered cake or a whimsical creation, the cake can tie into the theme of the party or feature a funny and witty saying to add a touch of humor. So grab your friend's favorite cake flavor and give it some flair! Need some ideas of what to put on the cake? Here are some ideas that are the icing on the cake.

  1. And SHE lived happily ever after!
  2. Breaking Up Never Tasted So Sweet!
  3. Rings Off, Champagne On!
  4. Freedom is Frosting on the Cake!
  5. Life's Too Short for Bad Relationships... and Bad Cake!
  6. Divorce: A Piece of Cake!
  7. I Do, I Did, I'm Done
  8. Cheers to a New Chapter
  9. Happily Even After
  10. End of Error

These witty sayings not only add a playful element to the celebration but also serve as a reminder to embrace the joy and humor in life's transitions. The cake becomes a centerpiece of laughter and celebration, symbolizing the sweet moments ahead for the divorcée.

Have Fun Celebrating Her Next Chapter

Remember, the goal of a divorce party is to celebrate resilience, empower your friend, and embrace new beginnings with love and support.

Customize the theme and activities to suit your friend's personality and preferences, ensuring a memorable and uplifting celebration. And don't forget to put together a group video gift that will make her laugh, cry, and have her rewatching over and over as she navigates her new life!

Cheers to new beginnings and empowered friendships!

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