The Best Greeting Card Alternatives

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With the festive season around the corner and with the number of events and occasions seemingly growing, it becomes difficult to keep up with the old tradition of buying and sending greeting cards. Although greeting cards are a very thoughtful and personal gesture, finding the right one is often cumbersome. The problem is that they are so commonly available that it is hard to find any unique card. And, this makes the entire purpose look so impersonal, making it look like just another casual wish. That is why we are here to help you find greeting card alternatives that are sure to make your loved ones feel special. 

A common idea is to personalize your printed cards with cute personal messages, drawing funny little pictures, doodles, or adding some photos from your memorabilia. These are fun but here are some alternative greeting cards ideas.

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Best 2023 greeting card alternatives

Everybody loves receiving greetings cards on their big days. And, it is our standard way of telling them that we still remember their big day and how special they are. We are thinking about them, and we are sending them our best wishes. And we add sweet and humorous messages to make them more appealing. But physical card exchanges are greatly impacting the environment. The paper used in making the cards is getting wasted, and so are the energy and the chemicals. The prints, dyes, and the glue on the envelope are also contributing to the environmental impact. Instead, switch to online video greeting cards and video e-card to make the occasion more heartfelt, impactful and thoughtful.

Make them feel special with customized ecards.

It is one of the best greeting card alternatives that are here to stay. Let your loved ones know how awesome they are with a specially curated, customized ecard. Ecards are great to receive, and — bonus — they can also be funny! But sending standard ecards without customization can lack that personal touch. You need to be sure to include a personal touch to it so it can feel extra special.

Making customize e-cards for christmas

Make personalized video greetings.

To add a personal feel to your e-cards, ensure the video comes from the heart. These video message cards make memorable keepsakes. You can either record your own personal message or you can also invite family members and friends to join you in a video greeting. You will be directly “talking” to the recipient. Making video greeting cards is as easy as typing text!

With Celebrate, you can spice up any video greeting (and, in fact, any festive occasion)i. Join it (for free) and immediately start creating  HD quality videos. With five easy steps and everything easily organized, you can surprise your dear ones with the best video gift ever. 

Make Personalized video greeting

Receiving a video card instead of a paper card is much more personal! Iit evokes a deeper sense of joy, creating a long-lasting impact.

How about vegetable letters?

It is always exciting (and delicious 😋) to encase your birthday message in food. Who can say no to food? No one! You can always use icing on cookies or cakes or scribble your message directly on an empty plate. There are also healthy alternatives for health-conscious people. Simply cut up fresh vegetables in the form of words; creatively arrange them on a plate, wishing them “Happy Birthday.” This idea will help you reduce the waste and give the recipient a sneaky snack break. This is an amazing greeting card alternative!

vegetable letters

Send an electronic newsletter.

It is so very captivating to receive electronic newsletters! It gets even more engaging when you use this to send birthday messages/season’s greetings. An additional type of personal touch,  emphasizing how special the recipient is.

Make a voice message with a poem dedicated to them.

Efforts are always appreciated, and it is the best time to make your special ones feel loved and cared for. With this greeting card alternative, you can try yet another creative alternative. You can also use a voice message to beautifully deliver (Morgan Freeman?) a poem dedicated to them!. This will work wonders! They will feel more connected than ever. Such unique greetings make cherished memories for both the receiver and the sender. 

Go digital with Postagram

Postagram has been an innovative platform that is preferred by the young. You can create and send custom photo postcards using photos from absolutely anywhere. You can import the images from Facebook, Instagram, or your phone’s gallery to create new card designs. These designs change every season, hence you will not find yourself making monotonous cards. You can also change the colors of the cards to match your style.

When you want to make the person feel special, you can go to any extent, creating wholesome memories for them on their best days. Above, we have curated the best greeting card alternatives. You can pick the ideal one and implement it immediately. It becomes a memorable keepsake for the recipients and they can view it for years to come. These are not the traditional paper cards that land in the recycling bins after a couple of weeks. 

So whenever you have any celebration of a special event coming up or are looking to surprise someone, you can use any of these ideas. You can easily make personalized video greetings, ecards, and photo collages, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy. These ideas will help you create an unexpected gesture that will surprise and delight them!

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