Step by Step guide to Creating a 7 Days of Valentines video

Congratulations. You’re about to create the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!

If you got to this page by accident, first check out A Unique Gift Idea For The 7 Days Of Valentines

Here’s what you need to know about how to make it happen.

You’ll be using our Classic Celebration style. This style was designed to help you get many video messages from friends and family. But for Valentine’s Day, you won't need anyone else to participate. So you can skip all the steps that help you create and send an invitation.

After you create or log in to your account:

Create Your Celebration

Step 1: Create your Celebration

Who is it for: Add your partner’s name

Occasion: select “Custom” from the dropdown and type in Valentine’s Day

Date: choose Feb 14 (you probably already knew that 😄)

Contributions Due: Select "I don't want to pick a deadline"

Step 2: Skip

Skip all the steps for creating and sending an invitation. No need to invite anyone else to do a video for your loved one. This is all about the two of you!

Step 3: Tap “Start Editing” on desktop or "Edit Video” on mobile)

Then, for each day

1. Add a card. Select Rose Day to get started for Day 1

2: Record a video for the theme of the day

3. Rinse and repeat for each of the days

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can also add pictures, GIFs, stickers, text, music. We've made that all easy to do, even for the less tech-savvy.

Step 4: Process your video

Turn your video clips, pictures, GIFs and everything else into a single merged HD video.

Simply tap the Process button and wait for the email that tells you it's ready. In the meanwhile, go buy the chocolates!

Have fun with it. Your partner is sure to love it!

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