A Unique Gift Idea For The 7 Days Of Valentines

The Celebrate Team

Have you heard of the 7 Days of Valentines? Yes, it's a little known secret but now you're in on it. Valentine's Day has been extended to Valentine's week! You can Google it 😄

And here's a unique idea for a Valentine's Day gift — an incredibly thoughtful and heartfelt surprise from you to your valentine. Using Celebrate Buzz, create an account, then select our Valentine's Day cards for each day and record a video message for each of the seven days. Optionally add some pictures, some fun GIFs, some music and other creative touches — it's all easy to do in our app. Once ready, merge them into one amazing surprise video to share on Valentine's Day! Your partner will absolutely LOVE your thoughtfulness 🎁 ❤️ Blissful excitement!

Here are the days of the love week:

  1. Rose Day
  2. Propose Day
  3. Chocolate Day
  4. Teddy Day
  5. Promise Day
  6. Hug Day
  7. Kiss Day

Fun Facts About Valentine's Day:

We'll give you some ideas below but first, we thought you might be interested in some fun facts about Valentine's Day. If not, skip down to Rose Day 🌹

Fun Fact 1

A Roman fertility festival was the holiday's precursor.

It may be difficult to believe given how innocuous the holiday is nowadays, but the roots of Valentine's Day stem from a bloody pagan fertility festival dating back to 6th century B.C. Every year, between February 13 and 15, Romans celebrated Lupercalia by sacrificing animals and slapping women with their hides, which was believed to make them more fertile. Later, notes Britannica.com, the women would be paired off with men "by lottery." Definitely not the most romantic way to find an S.O.

Fun Fact 2

There was more than one St. Valentine.

History tells us that Pope Gelasius I outlawed Lupercalia at the end of the 5th century and instituted St. Valentine's Day on February 14. But who was the holiday's patron saint?

Most sources point to one of two men of the same name: a third-century Roman priest who defied (and was martyred by) Claudius II Gothicus, or another priest of the same time period but who hailed from a town about 60 miles away in what is modern-day Terni, Italy (he was also martyred by Claudius II). To further muddy the waters, some contend these two Valentines were the same person, while the Catholic Education Resource Center points to early martyrologies for three St. Valentines, all sharing a feast day on February 14.

One legend about St. Valentine says that, although the emperor had banned his soldiers from marriage, believing it a distraction, the priest secretly wed young couples. Another holds that while Valentine was jailed for helping Christians escape brutal Roman prisons, he wrote to a woman (depending on the version of the story, either to his love or to the jailor's daughter whose blindness he had healed) and that he signed a letter to her, "From Your Valentine," a sweet endearment we still use today.

Fun Fact 3

It wasn't until the Middle Ages that Valentine's Day became a romantic holiday—thanks to birds and Chaucer.

It was a popular belief in medieval times that birds mated in mid-February, specifically on the 14th, aka Valentine's Day. According to The Folklore Society, people in those days often referred to dates by the saint designated on that day by the Church's calendar, and through this happenstance, Valentine's Day became associated with making like a bird and pairing off.

This notion is the theme of one of the earliest Valentine's Day poems associating the holiday with romantic love and marriage, “Parliament of Fowls,” penned by Chaucer in 1381: "For this was on Saint Valentine’s day, / When every fowl comes there his mate to take," goes one of the verses. In the 1980s, one scholar, the late Jack B. Oruch, a University of Kansas English professor, theorized that by popularizing the idea through poetry, Chaucer was the originator of Valentine's Day as the romantic holiday we celebrate today.

Fun Fact 4

The earliest known valentine has a sad love story behind it.

The very first valentine is said to have been a poem sent in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife. Imprisoned in the Tower of London after his capture at Battle of Agincourt, he wrote, "I am already sick of love, My very gentle Valentine." Unfortunately, it would be 20 more long years until the 21-year-old would be released from his cell.

Fun Fact 5

Wearing your heart on your sleeve was a real thing.

But not in a grisly sort of way. Back in the Middle Ages, during a festival honoring the goddess Juno, Roman men would draw the names of women they would be partnered with for the following year. (Remember, Emperor Claudius II didn't condone marriage, only temporary couplings.) According to Smithsonian.com, they would then show off the name of their intended by wearing it on their sleeves for the rest of the celebration.

Here are seven ideas to help you make the most of Valentine's Week and show your loved one how much you love them.

Day 1: Rose Day

Rose Day

You can start your recording with: "Once upon time, I met you. I can remember the moment as if it were yesterday".

We're sure you can elaborate on your own!

Upload photos that make you both recall your first encounter or your first date.

Day 2: Propose Day

Propose Day

Propose Day is one of the best days of the whole Valentine week! This second day brings a great opportunity to express your love most romantically!

Start with: "I’ve spent every day since we met confirming something I already knew — our connection is unbreakable and undeniable."

Upload some photos from an extremely memorable day that sparked a big step in your relationship.

Day 3: Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day

Be sure to buy some chocolates so you can share them when this segment starts to play on Valentine's Day.

Start with: "You still drive me crazy — sometimes in more ways than one" …

Upload a funny, perhaps unflattering but certainly endearing photo of your loved one.

Day 4: Teddy Day

Teddy Day

You can almost do anything on this day. Perhaps hold your dog, or cat, or teddy bear while recording your video. Or buy a cute (or chocolate) Teddy bear to share once Valentine's Day is here.

"You’ve been my best friend and my biggest fan" …

Upload a photo of a present or gesture you received from your loved one.

Day 5: Promise Day

Promise Day

This fifth day is important because you make a promise to your loved one for a long-lasting relationship. A promise to stay by their side through thick and thin.

Here's an idea if you like to sing. Give the gift of song for Valentine's Day. Record a video of your singing a love song to your loved one. It's a creative and personal way to express your feelings and show them how much they mean to you. And no one else ever needs to see it!

Not much of a singer? Any heartfelt promise will do! One easy example: "Together we’ve seen some amazing places and done some crazy things. I promise, there will be more adventures to come."

Day 6: Hug Day

Hug Day

While kisses are amazing, we think hugs are dramatically underrated. In our view, there is no better feeling than having your loved one melt into your arms!

Start with: "Despite life’s most alluring of charms, there’s no place I’d rather be than wrapped in your arms"

Day 7: Kiss Day

Kiss Day

Day 7: End the whole week with a heartfelt message to your loved one, expressing your love and appreciation. A great way to end the week on a high note and leave them with a lasting reminder of your love! 💝

Start with: "I love you". You can take it from there!

And be sure to end with a kiss in real life! Then you can eat the chocolate 😄

Best Valentine's Day gift ever!

Joanna Kosinska

This Valentine's Day video gift may be your best gift ever. Remember, the best gifts are not about grand gestures and expensive gadgets, but about showing your love and appreciation through creative and thoughtful actions. By creating a video gift, you can make this Valentine's Day a truly unforgettable and romantic experience for you and your loved one.

Valentine’s Day is truly the best time of the year to demonstrate that you are a romantic maestro.

So if you want to knock your lover’s socks off, let us help you crush that video gift! We kid you not, this will definitely make your day together with a heap of romance!💝🤗 ❤️

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