How to Make a Surprise Valentine’s Day Video Gift for Your Loved One

The Celebrate Team

Did you know that according to, the oldest record of valentine being sent was a poem written by a French medieval duke named

Charles to his wife in 1415? Yes, you read that right, the first valentine was sent in the 15th century. Charles penned that sweet note to his lover while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London at just 21 years old. 

Valentine’s Day truly is the predestined time of the year to prove that you are a romantic maestro who knows your lover even better than you know yourself. Giving a romantic present that blows your partner’s mind must stem from knowing your lover, after all. If you are married for 30 years, you might find it impossible to impress your lover as they might know your pattern pretty damn well by now. At the same time, if you know your love for merely four months, you might find it equally tough because you have a lot to learn about them and that includes learning what kind of gift will sweep them off their feet and at the same time isn’t too corny. 

It can be a situation of mental gymnastics happening in your head to find the right present. But don’t you think that Charles got the right idea? A love poem in a note would mark one of the best presents even today when there are thousands and millions of creative takes on classic options and thoughtful keepsakes. To notch it up a bit, a Valentine’s Day video gift is the perfect combination of thoughtful and meaningful. 

So should you want to knock your lover’s socks off during the sappiness-fest that is Valentine’s Day, let us help you crush that video gift with the following steps on how to make a surprise Valentine’s Day video gift for your loved one? And we kid you not, this will definitely grant your day together with a heap of romance.

[A simple guide] How to Make a Surprise Valentine’s Day Video Gift for Your Loved One from Scratch

Celebrate is a really easy-to-use tool. You can follow the simple steps mentioned below and you’ll be fine with a final video that will help you knock this occasion’s custom out of the park. 

make a surprise valentine's ay video

1. Get started with a Celebrate account. Log in or Sign up

2. First of all, fill in the name of your lover. 

3. Type out the name of the occasion.

4. Select the date you want your lover to receive the gift, which in this case would be the 14th of February. 

5. If you want the near and dear ones of your lover to contribute to the video choose a deadline for them to submit their video clips. 

6 Choose the style of the video you want to create between a Single video clip per person and Q&A. 

7. Create an e-card invitation for the contributors but first name the card.

8. Add a picture of your lover or you can use the sample picture. 

9. Now select one or more than one ideas that your contributors can talk about in their videos. 

Here are some examples that the tool will help you with:

Fun ideas

How did you meet Jane?

What's your favorite inside joke with Jane?

Meaningful ideas

What accomplishment of Jane inspires you?

What do you appreciate most about Jane?

What is Jane's most inspiring trait?

What makes Jane wonderful?

How has Jane impacted your life?

Holiday-related ideas

Share an all-time favorite family memory

Share an all-time favorite memory with Jane

Share a holiday story with Jane

Share a seasonal recipe with Jane

10. Fine-tune the written part of the e-card invitation or just keep it as is. You can use the example given by the tool to help you: 

“We're creating an extra-special surprise gift for Jane — a group video from all the people who matter to Jane.

As you’re one of those people, would you please do a short video clip 😄 

It's really easy! Just tap the link below to send your video message. You can use this link to record now or to upload a pre-recorded video from your phone or computer.

Please do your video today so you don’t forget 🙏

And thanks!!”

11. Add a video of you explaining to your lover’s friends what to do. It’s optional but recommended because you lead by example. You can see a video as an example in the tool itself. Take as many takes as you want. The tool also helps you with a message that you can consider adding to your video.  

“Please don't say anything … it's a secret

What accomplishment of Jane inspires you?

Please do it today. It's so easy to forget!”

A guide to Valentine's video gift

12. Preview your e-card invitation and if you are not satisfied, you can go and edit it any time. 

13. Choose a way to send the e-card invitation. Either Tap to send an email or just Tap to copy the link and share it via social media or messaging apps. 

14. Sit back while your friends will be able to add their videos without having to create an account and you receive all the responses just sitting back and relaxing. 

15. Once you receive the videos, go to the editing suite. Use the Preview Pane to preview all the videos, the Timeline to add videos and pictures from to the timeline. Don’t forget the final video will include only videos that you have selected from the Clipboard. You get the following options in the Editing Suite: 

  • Record Video
  • Add Videos
  • Add Photos
  • Add Card
  • Add GIF
  • Browse Song Library
  • Upload Song
  • Add Credits

16. Now compile and process the edited video. It will take about 4-5 minutes for every minute of the video to process. Buy the credits and start the processing. If you want to edit it after buying credits once, however, you can do it free of cost. After you’ve paid, your processed video will differ in three ways: 1. It will be in HD, 2. The “draft” watermark will be gone, 3. Any black bars on the screen will be replaced with a blurred background if you use the Blurred background feature. 

17. You can normalize the clip volume if you want the video to have a balanced volume for all the video clips for times when people have recorded their videos on different volumes by setting the Normalize Clip Volume to ON. This way any music that you add will be muted during the video clips by the contributors but still be played at the volume you select for the pictures, cards, and GIFs. 

18. If you want to fine-tune each video clip contributed by the family and friends, you can also set the Normalize Clip Volume to OFF. This way the music on the videos, as well as all other video clips by the contributors, will be at the volume levels you choose.

19. Choose the credits feature if you want your video to display the names of all the people who took part in the video just like the credits of a movie look like.  

20. Now use the pre-filled emails and check the email addresses you want to share this video with. The friends and family who have specifically requested to see that final video must have provided their email addresses. But it still is entirely your choice to share it with the people you want to share it with, if not everyone. So you can keep the list as is or even edit the email IDs before sending it. 

21. You can share the video either by email or you can also share by copying the link and sending it via messaging apps like email or social media. 

So share the video with your lover and be ready for happy tears and sweeping them off their feet!

Unique surprise video gift that says "I love you... a lot!"

With Valentine's Day around the corner, you might be going into a frenzy over what to give to your lover. But even if you haven't thought of a cool gift yet, you can surprise them with a video. Paired with another gift or not, it is special and it will be a gift they will cherish forever and go back to just to live a moment twice or even multiple times. We hope the steps we gave have helped you and have made your job easier here. 

unique surprise video gift

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