How To Compile Graduation Wishes Into One Surprise Video Gift

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Do you want to make a Graduation video for your friend as a Graduation gift?

We've got the perfect solution!

If you want to give a meaningful video gift to someone, but don't have the time or resources to make one yourself, then this article is for you! In it, we will show you how easy it is to compile heartwarming happy Graduation messages into one surprise video gift. Let's get started.

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How To Make Graduation Video Messages?

In the past, Graduations were reserved for teachers and students, but now with social media, everyone can be a part of it! But what about those people who live far away or are unable to attend your Graduation? This is where video messages come in handy.

Video messages allow you to communicate Graduation wishes to anyone in any location even if they're not physically there with you on that special day. Creating Graduation videos has never been easier. A group video of friends and family together is an amazing way to surprise anyone on their Graduation. If you want to know what to say In a graduation video message have a look...


Here are Tips on How to Create a Graduation Video Compilation


Step 1: Create a Celebration

First, you need to set up your account and create an event page for that special Graduation person. You need to create an invitation link that will be sent out to anyone you want to include in the video.

You need to enter the name of the recipient and select " Graduation" for the occasion. Enter a due date for when they would like to have the Graduation video message submitted to the gift link. Once you're done, it's time to invite friends and family to record Graduation videos!

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Step 2: Send Invite

Invite a group of friends and family to record, send their video clips for the Graduation celebrant.

You can invite as many people as possible to participate in the video, the more, the merrier! There are two ways to invite people such as sending a link via email or you can copy the invitation link and send it via text message, Messenger, WhatsApp, or whichever way works best for you.

When your friends tap your Graduation gift link on any device, they’ll be able to create a video and send pictures without having to create an account. Once they receive the invite, they can record happy Graduation wish videos and send it back to you.

You will be notified via email whenever anyone responds.


Do contributors need an account to record a Graduation video message?

No, only the person who's initiating the surprise Graduation video needs an account.

Step 3: Collect videos and organize

All the submitted video wishes and photos will be collected in your clipboard page, where you can preview them. You can arrange the Graduation videos in any order and you can drag and drop them to your timeline to add to your video. The final video will only include clips in your timeline.

Step 4: Add your touch

Now it's time for your creative input!

To compile Graduation messages into one surprise Graduation gift, start by organizing the video clips in chronological order and then drag-and-drop them into your clipboard. The app will automatically create creative videos for you that combine everyone’s Graduation wish messages!

You can include some personal touches to your Graduation video gifts like adding beautiful photos, background music, and text cards. It would give the Graduation video montage more meaning for the recipient.

This Graduation video maker makes it easy, no video editing skills are required, and you can edit as much or as little as you want.

You can choose from pre-made templates that will help guide you through how best to edit your Graduation message into a beautiful Graduation video!


Can you add customized text and music to the video?

Yes, you can add customized text on top of pictures and videos. Along with text, you have the option to add background music from any of the selections or upload a favorite tune.

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If you want to add your own text, just tap the photo and select the "T" button. You can then customize your text by tapping on "Add Text Clip".

You can also be creative in the editing process, adding stickers or GIFs to add a special touch.‍

Step 5: Process and Share with Family and Friends

Video processing is where you will add video titles, background music, and other design elements to the video.

Once you’ve finished editing your video, tap on "Process" at the bottom of the screen. This will create a video slideshow that is playable across all devices. You can also post it directly to the Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube.

When video processing is complete, you can save your video to a device or share it with family and friends.‍

Step 6: Celebrate the Moment Together

Don't forget to watch the Graduation video gift together with your Graduation recipient and all of your friends. Your friends and family can celebrate the Graduation video together with joy even if they are not physically present.

This is a meaningful way to celebrate the big day because you've made it extra special for that person - one they'll remember forever!


Share with contributors

Contributors who have specifically requested to see the final video must provide their email addresses. You can add or subtract people by checking or unchecking each box.

Once your Graduation group party videos have been compiled together, the Graduation celebrant will receive a Graduation video montage with an invitation to watch.

The video can be shared with people by copying the link and sending it via any messaging app, email or through social media like Facebook page or you may also download it as a keepsake.

 What Makes Celebrate the Best option for Graduation Video Compilation?

Celebrate is not just a Graduation video maker. It can be used for any special occasion such as birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and weddings. With Celebrate you don't have to be tech-savvy because the platform guides you through every step of the process, from beginning to end, with no video editing skills required.

If you want to make a Graduation video, Celebrate has a library of existing Graduation messages to choose from. You can also add in your own personal message that will be compiled into the video montage before it is sent as a surprise gift.

Why Choose Celebrate for Your Special Occasion?

With extensive experience in video editing and recipient feedback, there are countless reasons to choose Celebrate for video montages. Using the platform, you can customize your video with text and graphics to make it more personal.

You'll get a video that's tailored to your needs. Another huge perk is the price point. The video maker offers a variety of packages that will automatically compile all the videos and photos into one montage together so you can customize your video to fit the occasion.

That's not all! Celebrate offers other features such as customizable text overlays with different fonts, colors, sizes, shapes, and animations; background music; and more.

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I encourage you to create a fun Graduation video message link with Celebrate for your loved ones! It's the perfect way to make memories that will last forever!

The ability to create a personalized video slideshow in celebration of any occasion has never been easier. Celebrate is the perfect platform for making your own, customized Graduation messages into one surprise gift that will be cherished by all who receive it.

Choose from our assortment of templates or design your very own before adding personal pictures and videos to make each slide truly memorable.

Celebrate has made the process as easy as possible! It is an all-inclusive video-making website. It has everything you could need to give and share a high-quality, amazing video montage for any special occasion with a loved one!

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