Everything You'll Need for Fabulous December Birthday Party Ideas

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Birthdays are great, and it is that one day, in a whole one year, to celebrate the anniversary of your birth.

A birthday should be all about you! But that's if your big day falls on any day other than around the December holiday season. Birthday parties in December may seem magical to have. But, the truth is, the holidays may tend to overshadow your birthday.

A Christmas birthday party should be fun. The festive holidays should not overshadow your big day.

December can be cold with freezing temperatures. So, to have the best Sagittarius and Capricorn birthdays, make early preparation. It would help if you had great December birthday party ideas to have a memorable day.

However, December birthday party ideas can be challenging to put up with during the holidays. For instance, selecting the most appropriate environment and party theme can be tricky. During this season, almost all the go-to venues get early bookings.

To help your birthday be a success, continue reading this article.

How to Make a Fabulous December Birthday Party

Plan Christmas Birthday Party in Advance

It is your birthday! You deserve the best treatment, and this includes a fantastic party. A Christmas birthday party may collide with your family's holiday celebrations. It would be best to plan so that family and friends can mark their calendars for such reasons.

If their birthday falls in that same week, you can plan a dinner date or fun activities. It’s all about making their birthday memorable rather than Christmas day.

Christmas birthday cake

Make the Special Christmas Birthday cake

Christmas comes with a variety of delicious treats. If it is your birthday, staying away from Christmas desserts can be hard to resist. But, having your birthday cake is a must! Birthday cake is a typical tradition. The Christmas birthday person should have their birthday cake.

If their birthday is on Christmas Day, it becomes more critical. Ensure that they get to enjoy their birthday cake. Having their cake makes them feel loved and special.

birthday special night with bonfire

Birthday Special Night with Bonfire

One of the things to do in December for your birthday is lighting up an outdoor bonfire. December holidays are, in most cases, cold. An outdoor bonfire may make your bones shiver even more. So you need to keep your body warm.

Ask your friends and family to brace up for the cold nights. Have enough chairs, blankets, and beanies to keep everyone cozy and warm. You can also put up a hot chocolate stall.

Since it is the festive season, why not have December party themes to go hand in hand with the season? You may decorate the garden with neon lights and put up Christmas trees. Also, keep in mind that people eat more in chilly weather. So, bring enough food for the night.

With plenty of food and blankets, you are ready to blaze up an outdoor bonfire for your big day!

frozen theme birthday party

Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Have you ever watched frozen? If not, please do because you will get inspiration from it. You don’t have to be a fan of animated movies.

You can decorate your birthday venue with lots of ice and white silk. To brighten up the occasion, you bring along dry ice to make the decoration more attractive as well as foggy.

You can have December birthday party themes for adults. But, being the festive holidays, you find it hard to put children away. So, when the party ends, adults can remain dancing on the misty floor. You can lure the kids out to watch the Frozen movie.

Zombie party theme

Zombie Costume Birthday Party Idea Will Give a Memorable Adventure in a Birthday

Do you remember celebrating Halloween in October in enchanting Halloween costumes? If your birthday is in December, the zombie costumes can come in handy. Tell your friends to keep their Halloween costumes ready for your big day.

On the stage of your birthday venue, you can apply the scenes of famous zombie shows like The Walking Dead.

Red drinks such as red wine can add efficacy to your zombie costume birthday party. Ask your guests to apply extra makeup and white powder for a more legit vampire look.

Gift them Separate Christmas and Birthday Special Gift

Some people think that a Christmas birthday baby prefers one gift for both birthday and Christmas. But to be fair, you deserve two separate gifts!

You can be on a tight budget during the holidays; therefore, getting two gifts may strain your pockets. Since two gifts are a must, gift them with a personalized item that they’ll cherish forever. Gifting a birthday baby with a unique handmade scrapbook is an excellent way of showing your love. They'll surely keep that in their hearts for life.

A Special Birthday Video Gift

Do you want the birthday of your loved ones to be engraved in their hearts for life? Make them a birthday video gift.  

A birthday video gift brings together the people loved by the birthday baby. The birthday baby will keep in their hearts this video gift and want to watch it every time. They’ll surely remember this all their lives.

Christmas video gift

What Do I Say in a Christmas Birthday Video Gift?

Are you wondering how to make and say in a Christmas Birthday gift? Stress no more. Celebrate  got your back! Celebrate is an app that enables creating a sweet surprise birthday video gift.

Bring friends and family together to make a fantastic video for the birthday baby. You can say heartwarming messages, sing or even dance.

Here are some of the things to say in the video;

1. When it comes to gifts, you’re one of the most precious Christmas gifts I know! Happy Christmas Birthday!

2. Thanks for being born during the festive seasons. You give us another reason to be cheerful. Happy Holiday Birthday!

3. We are wishing you a Merry Birthday and a Happy Christmas!


Whether your birthday happens in December or not, it is a day you cannot miss to celebrate!

Bring your family and friends and have some good food and, of course, a group birthday video. Bring some infectious smiles and tears of joy to the video.

Merry Birthday and a Happy Christmas!

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