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There are several online apps designed to make it easy for users to collect video messages from friends and family, and then create a merged video. They’re all far less complex and a lot easier than using a full-featured video editor — like iMovie or some of the online, specialty video-editing apps.

When selecting a group video maker, there are many things to consider — including price, features and ease of use — some of which may not be obvious at first glance.

Here, we summarize a few of the key differences for each one vs Celebrate and provide links to our detail pages if you wish to learn more.  

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Celebrate is the newest entrant in this category. Our mission is to make it incredibly easy for anyone with any level of technical skill to easily create a fantastic group video gift.

We provide all the tools most people need 95% of the time, and we make those tools incredibly easy to use. A professional result without all the complex bells and whistles of a full featured, Pro video editor!

We also created more than just a drag and drop tool — you can easily add extra pizzazz, like GIFs, pictures, and your choice of music from our library or upload your own favorite tunes.

Overall, we believe we’ve found the perfect spot between pro tools and very basic drag and drop editors to help anyone create a gift that will make you look like a pro.

And all at the best price!

Check out our features, and especially how we make your life easy compared to doing it yourself using a typical  full featured video editor.


Tribute is the oldest of this group, founded in 2013. It provides a good combination of ease of use and editing features which enable you to fine-tune your video before processing.

Some of the key items missing vs Celebrate include fun features like adding GIFs and stickers from Giphy, or adding your own music.

You also can’t include a video request as part of your invitation to friends — a feature we find dramatically increases response rates. Only Celebrate offers this.

On the pricing front, a single video costs $29.00 vs $19.95 for Celebrate. And once you’ve pressed the Process button, you’re committed. If you want to correct errors or add a late clip (that’s quite common), you need to pay again.

For more detail, view Compare Tribute vs Celebrate


Memento (formerly Vidhug) is a more limited app than the rest, with relatively few features beyond the very basics: Collect videos, drag and drop to your preferred order, trim and rotate clips if needed.

While this can be good in terms of extreme simplicity, we find most people like at least a few other simple tools, like adding text, uploading pictures, using GIFs and stickers, to name just a few.

In terms of pricing, Memento offers only subscriptions. If you wish to create just one group video, monthly prices are very high compared to paying for a year in advance so you might be inclined to purchase one of their annual plans. If you instead choose a monthly plan, you could try to get it all done in just one month, if your friends cooperate — then cancel.

An important thing to note: you can only download your final video if you purchase the highest price plan, either for $83.88/yr or $29.99/month.

By contrast, a single group video using Celebrate is just $19.95. That includes all our features including the ability to download.

Also of note if you dislike ads: only Memento’s highest price plan removes advertising. None of the other three competitors discussed here currently allow ads.

For more detail, view Compare Memento vs Celebrate


Vidday is a good app, with many of the features you’d like to use when creating a group video — a good combination of features and ease of use.

Like the others, Vidday lacks Celebrate’s ability to include a video request as part of your invitation, a feature our users find highly effective. You’re also unable to add text and stickers on video clips. Many of our users find these features useful and fun.

In terms of price, judging by the average group video length created by Celebrate users, a Vidday video would cost anywhere from $24.00 - $60.00. That compares to $19.95 fixed price for Celebrate — and even less per video if you buy our 3-pack or annual plan.

For more detail, view Compare Vidday vs Celebrate

Full Featured Video Editors

There are a great many video editors out there, including free apps like iMovie on a Mac. They can be a great option if you already have all your content handy and you’re already proficient at video-editing or want to invest the time to learn. They usually have a huge number of options, enabling you to fine-tune your videos to your heart’s content.

However, if you need to collect video messages from others, you can expect to invest a lot of time requesting and organizing your content — and still not have some of the built in features offered by an app like Celebrate. Things like automatic audio-balancing, adding blurred backgrounds for vertical video submissions for a nicer look, easy access to GIFs, adding end credits to give it more of a movie feel.

For more detail, view Compare Celebrate vs Typical Video Editors

Click here to learn more about Celebrate

This comparison was done in February, 2022. Individual features for each service may change over time.

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