An Unforgettable Thankyou Gift: Administrative Professionals' Day

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Thinking about how to say thank you on administrative professional's day? Here are a few things you should know.

How Valuable Are Administrative Professionals?

An administrative professional or administrative assistant is an individual who is of considerable assistance to their co-workers.

Their own skills and work ethic complement the hard work of the team in any office organization and together, they get the job done.

Though not at the forefront of any business, the assistant and other similar support staff are individuals who are there to make the job easier for other executives.

Their contribution to the company is like fresh air – though relatively obscure, it is full of oxygen and is a catalyst in the success of other people in the organization.

Gifts for Appreciation for Administrative Professionals:

If you are working for a company or an organization that has administrative professionals working in it too, you would love to use the occasion of this day to express your gratitude for the work they do.

You could send your colleague an administrative professionals day message or an administrative professionals day card.

These convey a professional thank you and make the administrative assistants feel valued by the others.

However, there are more elaborate ways in which to express your feelings of gratitude towards these people for all their contributions and make them feel appreciated for their tireless work.

Your administrative assistant, secretaries, and any other type of assistant support the management throughout the day, making life easier for them.

Hence, gestures like offering them a gift basket or taking them out for lunch or dinner are more reflective of your gratitude for their hard work and great attitude.

An administrative professional's day is meant for you to formally express a professional thank you, and when it is accompanied by thoughtful gifts, it truly makes the day.

How to Create a Thank You Video Message for Admin Day:

Sending gifts and lunch invitations along with cards are some popular ways to celebrate an administrative professional's day in your office.

Sometimes, one of the above gestures accompanied by an appreciative note that you write is also apt and conveys your gratitude beautifully.

But most offices want to do something different than the usual options above.

thankyou messages for admin professional day

A unique way of saying thank you and making the administrative assistant feel appreciated is by recording a 'thank you' video with friends and colleagues in it and sending it to them.

You could tell the person how helpful they have been over the past year and that you appreciate their contribution.

The administrative professionals will be absolutely delighted to hear numerous others in the office formally expressing their respect. This is bound to make their day.

You can send video messages by inviting other senders like you and letting them record all their messages which you can then compile into one.

Following are the basic steps to undertake:

  1. You first create an account that enables you to have an Event Page for this day's appreciation video.
  2. Secondly, you send invites through this page in the form of text, emails, or other social media. A link is provided for individuals to send in their good wishes and messages.
  3. Once you receive the messages, you can add your own thoughts to the final video in the form of various themes, music, and even text cards.
  4. Lastly, you can drag and drop the messages to create a specific order (you would want the message from the CEO at the very beginning of the video). You can also edit some messages if you want.
  5. Finally, your video message for the administrative professional is complete.

Administrative Professionals Day Messages:

General Administrative Professionals Day Messages:

  • These are simple messages expressing your admiration, thanks, and supportive appreciation of all the work that an administrative professional undertakes in order to make yours easier.
  • While drafting such messages, it is important that your words sound sincere and your message is concise and brief.
  • Just conveying what you truly feel for your administrative assistant or the various secretaries is the simplest way to go about it.
  • The easiest to understand such messages are often the ones that are more profound. Wordy messages with a lot of waffles don't hit the bull's eye, usually.

Thank You Administrative Professional Day Messages:

  • Nothing like a 'thank you' note that you write to convey feeling grateful, if not in person, towards the admin staff.
  • These messages are usually in the form of cards or other gestures, but they basically convey your thanks. As 'thank you' messages go, a colorful bouquet along with a card is the best way to say it.
  • Add to the above a gesture like a discount coupon for a popular mall, and you have made your point grandly and benevolently.
  • Here, more than your words, your actions spell out the thanks, so choose a thoughtful 'thank you' gift.

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Little Humorous Administrative Professional Thank You Messages:

  • Humor and fun add the right spice to any message, and messages conveying thanks and appreciation/admiration are no different.
  • A little self-deprecating message like "Thanks for putting up with me with that smile of yours" goes a long way in making your admin staff feel cherished and valued.


Celebrating this day is an important event in the business calendar of all major concerns today.

Hope these messages are helpful and bring you several options for being creative, sincere, and funny too while conveying your feelings.

Hoping our tips will say thank you to your admin and bring you and your team in admin closer!

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