4 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

The Celebrate Team

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood go all the way back to the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans — there’s a long history of reverence for mothers, step-mothers and all mother figures!

Moms are wonderful — they’ll probably love anything you get them! But that’s not a reason to do the minimum necessary. The gifts they always love the most are the thoughtful ones … gifts that show you really care … gifts that show you appreciate all they’ve done for you and what they mean in your life.

And they don’t have to be expensive.

The perfect gift: thoughtful, unique and affordable

Here are some excellent Mother’s Day gift ideas that your mom will treasure.

1. Create a group video gift for Mom

This gift works especially well if your family is spread out geographically. But it’s also a great surprise even if you all live together!

Each person creates a brief video message. You can have different themes, like sharing a story about your favorite moment with Mom this year, or maybe a time Mom made you laugh.

Mum and Daughter
Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

You then merge them all together into a single video and share it, either in person if you live together, or via Zoom, or even just send a link by email.

This may sound hard to do but with Celebrate, it’s a breeze — easy enough for anyone to do! No technical skills needed.

What better way to say “We love you, Mom!”.  The beauty of Celebrate’s group video gift is that it is a Mother’s Day gift that lasts a lifetime. Your mom will be able to watch the video wherever and whenever she wants. She‘ll probably want share it with her friends too 😄

2. Go on a fantasy shopping spree

Shopping Mall
Photo by AR on Unsplash

Does your Mom love to browse when shopping? Does she have a list of things she would love to buy but thinks they are way too extravagant or frivolous? Does she have a favourite room that she would love to redecorate but just doesn’t have the time or money to do?

This Mother’s Day take your Mom on a fantasy shopping spree. Give Mom a “budget” (you decide the limit), make a list, and the two of you go shopping! Surf the internet to “buy” anything and everything! It could be furniture, jewelry, clothing, dishes, artwork – whatever your budget! A winderful way to spend some fun time together in the comfort of your own home!

3. Digitize your Mom’s favourite recipes

Recipe Book
Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Does your Mom still have a lot of recipes on paper, or favourite recipes in different cookbooks? Use Celebrate’s sister app — LifeTales — to organize them into a digital cookbook so that they are all in one place. Or have members of your family share their favourite recipe! You could even organize a virtual dinner party where you try out the recipes!

4. Take a virtual vacation

Hammock in Caribbean
Photo by Mohamed Ajufaan on Unsplash

Is there a spot where your Mom has always said she would like to go, or where you and your Mom have talked of vacationing together? Part of the fun of deciding where to go is planning the vacation – making a list of countries to visit, places to see, and things to do.

This Mother’s Day, why not help your Mom plan a trip that she can add to her bucket list. It could be trekking through South America, an African safari, sitting on the beach in the Caribbean, visiting the museums in Europe, taking a cruise around Australia and New Zealand, or a cross-country road trip to see Canada’s and the United States’ national parks.

Help your Mom plan the vacation of her dreams. Many travel companies are offering virtual vacations – pick an adventure and pack your bags!

There is no better gift than a thoughtful one. Make this Mother’s Day the best your Mom has ever had!

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