25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The Celebrate Team

Congratulations! Your marriage has attained the Silver Anniversary … an incredible milestone! Celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary is an occasion to take pride in, and the perfect time to reflect on the truly special memories and moments shared over the years. 

How do you choose the wedding gift worthy of such a momentous occasion? While each relationship is unique and each love is celebrated differently, here are a few fool-proof wedding anniversary gift ideas to commemorate this awesome  quarter-century! 

Have a look at some 25th wedding anniversary ideas — from traditional silver wedding anniversary gifts to unique experiences and an unforgettable anniversary video!

25 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Looking for ideas for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration? You came to the right place! We put together 25 wedding anniversary gift ideas to celebrate 25 years of “for better or worse.”

1. Silver Jewelry Anniversary Gifts

The silver jubilee commemorates a 25th wedding anniversary (as well as any other major event that reaches the 25-year mark).

Silver is the 25th wedding anniversary symbol, representing radiance and brilliance. If you or your loved one honors traditions, you may want to look for classic silver jewelry. When your partner wears their glittering accessory, they are reminded of your everlasting love. 

It’s the perfect occasion to splurge on anything silver … here are some of the more iconic silver anniversary gifts.

  • Silver infinity bracelet to rest delicately on the wrist
  • Personalized silver cufflinks to wear to formal events
  • Classic silver watch, representing a love for all time
  • Silver stacking ring to add to other significant rings
  • Timeless silver pendant on a chain to wear every day

2. Silver Anniversary Gifts for the Kitchen

Silver anniversary gifts don’t have to be a piece of jewelry. After spending so many years together, you should be familiar with your partner’s interests. If your loved one enjoys tasty treats and fancy drinks, why not give them a silver gift for the kitchen?

kitchen anniversary gifts

Here are some silver gifts to add both lustre to both the kitchen and the cuisine 🍽! If you’re lucky, you may be able to taste the end result!

  • Personalized silver serving tray (breakfast in bed, anyone?)
  • Silver barista espresso maker to get you going in the morning
  • Kitchen-aid mixer for preparing delicious goods
  • Silver wine cooler for long nights of mixing Merlot with intimate conversations
  • Set of silver kitchen knives for eating elegant meals

3. Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts

25 years of marriage  you and your are pretty much best friends, Together, you’ve gone through different seasons in life, overcame difficult challenges, and created joyful memories. 

Commemorate the favorite moments … get your partner a personalized gift that sparks the romance and shows how your love ❤️. Consider  a classy touch! 

  • Turn your first dance song into silver sheet music art
  • Silver-plated photo frame with a wedding photograph inside
  • Commemorative silver coin embossed with your anniversary and a meaningful poem
  • Silver-dipped preserved rose 
  • Coffee table book full of your favorite photographs

4. Unique Non-Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

While a silver gift most certainly adds class … non-silver gifts will not rate second class Plenty of unique, non-silver anniversary gift options are guaranteed will most certainly warm the cockles of your loved one’s heart! 

A few tips to consider to make the anniversary gift extra special. Base the gift on a theme, celebrate the wedding date, or focus on highly personalized present. A few examples;

  • Whiskey decanter set with personalized whiskey glasses
  • Wedding anniversary sundial to place in the garden
  • Personalized couples bucket list journal
  • Wooden game set for endless hours of entertainment 
  • Memorable anniversary video (more on that below…😉)

5. The Gift of Experience

After spending 25 years with your favorite person, you’ve most likely accumulated a whole bunch of things … perhaps much too many things😜?! How about instead of more “things”, how about letting your experience  create memories?

Whether you want to create new memories while enjoying a favorite pastime, or you’re itching to try something completely new and grow as a couple, there are plenty of experiences that are wonderful 25th-anniversary ideas. Here are just a few:

  • A photoshoot capturing the love you share after 25 years
  • Cooking class to discover new flavours (and skills)
  • Wine-tasting for the mature (or perhaps a bit immature …😉)palette
  • A weekend away to a sunny location
  • Hot air balloon ride followed by a scrumptious breakfast

Create a Memorable Anniversary Group Video Message Gift for Your Loved Ones

Of all of these wonderful 25th wedding anniversary celebration ideas, a memorable group video may just be the most awesome!. Want to truly amaze your loved one?! How about creating a unique group video commemorating your special milestone😃?!

At Celebrate, we help make your anniversary dreams come true with our incredibly cool and easy and fun-to-use video tool. Prepare your words from the heart,, set up your camera phone, and hit record. Once you have all your media files, Celebrate helps organize, collate, and share your group video message.

Choose to share your love alone or get the family involved to show your spouse the universal love!

Keep the following tips in mind when creating an impactful and magical group video:

  • Refer back to some of your most memorable moments over the years
  • Include older videos and images from the archives
  • Choose a memorable location for filming the video
  • Be yourself (quirks and all😜)
  • Involve family and friends i… show the love ❤️

Lastly, just sit back, relax, and watch your loved one’s face glow … and perhaps a tear or two A group video message doesn’t expire … and it can be watched over and over again, keeping the love and magic alive.

Celebrate 25 Years of Marriage With Celebrate

Celebrate is an all-in-one video editing app that helps you create a personalized group video message with very little technical skills required (pros will be green with envy!). Record a meaningful message in no time, add a personal touch, and share the message with your loved one taking just a few simple steps.

Are you ready to prepare a magical and unforgettable gift to celebrate a milestone almost as awesome as your love!?🎉 Get started with Celebrate today!

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