Top 5 Ideas for Making an Anniversary Video Gift

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Are you planning to have a surprise wedding anniversary gift for your loved ones? What is the best way to celebrate this milestone and how can you make it extra special for them? 

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate two people who have been through many life changes and experiences together. It is the most special time of their life. 

Anniversaries come around only once every year. Take this opportunity and help celebrate your family or friend's anniversary this year and show them just how much they mean to everyone who knows them best.

These days people make videos for all occasions, from birthdays to graduations, but it's hard to beat the feeling of watching a personalized anniversary video made with love just for you. 

Making an anniversary video message for your partner, or family and friends is a thoughtful, creative way to show them how much you love them. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive - all you need is the right idea, tips and some time!

Whether it's for your anniversary, or for your family and friends, videos are a meaningful way to commemorate the occasion.

Here are the five simple anniversary video ideas that will help make a wedding anniversary video gift truly memorable and extra special.

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5 Wedding Anniversary Video Ideas


Highlight remarkable moments

The event really is what makes the video, so be selective about which events to highlight in the clip. What are some of the most cherished memories of the couple from this point in time? That’s a great place to start!

Don't just throw every single photo of the couple into a wedding anniversary slideshow. Keep it short, but sweet by showing some of the most candid moments of their life together.

Choose one or two photos per year to show off in the video.  Include their first date photos, engagement photos, and wedding day photos, the couples favorite memories together like first kisses, traveling to new places, or the birth of a child.

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Come Up With a Story

Mix up photos with video clips like a montage of them on vacation. Let people know what type of video they're getting.

Try to come up with some sort of story for the video. For example, you could do a time-lapse from when they first met and then take it through all the steps of their relationship.

It can be a video montage, an animated movie, or anything creative that you want to do but make sure it's personal and tells the story about how amazing the couple is.

Add some milestones as a caption to let people know what they are looking at.  For example: “In our second year of marriage we got pregnant with our daughter” or "The moment I knew that this was the man for me".

Yes, ​the best part of it is that you can make an anniversary video gift for anyone, whether it’s for your own anniversary or to celebrate someone else’s.



Let Kids and Pets Participate in the Anniversary Video

Let kids participate in the wedding anniversary video. Having kids in the video is a great way to create a priceless first-hand memory and a great way to have some humor in the video and make it light.

It doesn't have to be just you and your spouse, make it a family affair for everyone to enjoy! Besides, having kids participate can be a great way to get them involved and give you the opportunity to capture some of their cutest moments on video.

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Regardless of whether you are making the video for your partner or another couple, include photographs of their children to give it a more personal touch and make it even more special.

Involving pets is another good idea! You don't have to include just people- try to include the pets in the video as well, to create some heartwarming and cute moments with animals especially if the pet is a part of a couple's life.


Make it Sentimental

The best way to commemorate an anniversary is to make a sentimental video montage.

For a more personalized touch, take a video of you thanking your friends for three things they've done that you're grateful for. This video can be short or long - but it will let them know just how much they mean to you.

It might also be fun to include small moments that will make the couple smile—holidays, vacations, or even just photos of them spending time together.

You may write a song, poem, or say something nice to the anniversary couple.

Don't forget to include their favorite music! Choose a piece of music that will remind the couple of the day they first met or danced together to that song.

Use your creativity- think about what is important to them as a couple when coming up with ideas for the content of this gift. This could be everything from the wedding video, to the event that they first met or other special memories.


Make it Genuine

Making an anniversary video is a thoughtful gift to your spouse or your friend's anniversary. Whether it be something silly, sentimental, or even surprising, there's no wrong way to celebrate this milestone!

Keep it short and simple but heartfelt and emotional!

It's a really special gift to be able to watch videos over and over again, so make sure every memory you choose to share is a genuinely happy moment.

No matter what idea comes into mind - as long as it is thoughtful and done with all of your heart - it is sure to be a happy wedding anniversary gift that will bring tears of joy and memories for years to come!

Making a video for your own anniversary or someone’s anniversary is a beautiful surprise they are guaranteed to love.

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The Perfect Anniversary Gift Made Easy With Celebrate

Celebrate is a wedding anniversary maker that helps you create your own wedding anniversary video gifts! With just a few simple steps, anyone can make their wedding anniversary special.

Celebrate has made it easy to make your wedding anniversary special by giving loved ones an opportunity to say 'happy anniversary".

Celebrate will help you to set up the perfect wedding anniversary surprise by creating a compilation of short video clips from family and friends to let the happy couple know how much they are loved and appreciated!

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