23 Unique and Unforgettable Bridal Shower Game Ideas for 2023

The Celebrate Team

Are you planning the ultimate bridal shower for the bride-to-be in your life? Get ready to dial up the fun and excitement at your bridal bash with these 23 sensational games. While you're probably familiar with traditional bridal shower games, we've curated a list of other unique options to keep the party going. 

Whether you're aiming for a classic touch or a modern twist, these fun bridal shower games are sure to turn this event into an unforgettable one.


1. A Twist on The Newlywed Game

Get ready to kick the fun up a notch with our fresh spin on the timeless "Newlywed Game," exclusively at Celebrate.buzz!

We've modernized this classic game to bring an extra fun using video to your upcoming bridal shower.

Here's the buzz: one of the bridal party members steps into the role of the quizmaster. Before the bridal shower, the groom receives a special Q&A-style video link, where he's asked a bunch of creative, silly, or serious questions designed to test his knowledge about his soon-to-be spouse. From light-hearted queries like "What celebrity couple are you most like?" to more personal ones such as "What's the movie that always makes them cry?", the questions are crafted to spark candid and delightful responses.

Fast forward to the bridal shower day, where the bride and her guests take center stage. They're presented with the exact same set of questions that the groom answered. Their goal? To guess his responses to each question (and see if he got them right!).

As the video clips play, guided by the quizmaster, the spotlight shifts between the bride's predictions and the groom's actual responses, creating moments of hilarity that will be enjoyed by all.

2. Love Story Mad Libs

Prepare for a barrel of laughs with this playful twist on a timeless game. Guests fill in the blank spaces on a piece of paper of a whimsical love story using funny, romantic, or even silly words. Reading the final masterpiece aloud is guaranteed to spark bouts of uproarious laughter and creative storytelling.

3. Wedding Movie Charades

Lights, camera, action! Divide your guests into teams and have them act out scenes from beloved wedding movies. From "Bride Wars" to "The Princess Diaries," watch as creativity blooms and laughter echoes throughout the room.

4. Couples Crossword Connection

Challenge your guests with a crossword puzzle that highlights details about the couple's relationship. Craft clues related to their first travel destination, the city they met in, favorite activities, and more. Guests then fill in the puzzle based on their knowledge of the couple's journey. And if you've never made a crossword puzzle before, that's okay! Use a free crossword puzzle generator to help plot out the best puzzle for your questions and answers.

5. DIY Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

Unleash your inner fashionista with this quirky and creative challenge. Divide guests into teams and arm them with rolls of toilet paper, ribbons, and craft supplies. in this crafty and fun game, guests have to design a wedding dress for one of their teammates using only these materials. The entire group then votes on their favorite creation! 

6. A Wedding Trivia Tournament

Who's ready to get their Bridal Jeopardy on? Challenge your guests' knowledge of weddings with a trivia tournament. Create a series of rounds featuring questions about wedding traditions, famous couples, and wedding-related facts. The guest with the most correct answers at the end wins the title of "Wedding Trivia Champion."

7. Love Song Showdown

Ready for one musical, competitive game? Play very short snippets of love songs with the word "Love" in the title, and guests have to guess the song and artist. You can also award bonus points to guests who also correctly identify the artist. From classic ballads to modern hits, this game will have everyone singing along and reminiscing about love's sweet melodies.

8. Wedding Advice Cards

This bridal shower classic is a favorite for guests and brides alike. In this heartwarming activity, provide blank advice cards for guests to pen their best tips and well wishes for the bride. From marriage advice to wedding tips, these cards will serve as cherished keepsakes, offering a touch of love and guidance as the couple embarks on their marital journey.

9. Couples Trivia Quiz

Want to see a little competition between the bride and groom? Celebrate.buzz has a modern way to play the Newlywed Game.

As a host, create a list of questions about the happy couple's relationship and experiences. Ask them to guess/debate who did what first, such as "Who said 'I love you' first?", "Who is more adventurous?", or "Where was your first date?" 

Using the game, the host sets up questions for the bride and groom to answer independently, via video clips, ahead of the bridal shower. 

Then, at the shower, the host first poses those same questions to the guests, to see what they think the answers will be. Then the host plays the pre-recorded clips for both the bride and groom's answers. 

If you want to add some competition, tally up points per question to see which guests got it right (and to see if the bride and groom were too!). 

10. Pass the Bouquet

Move over, musical chairs – it's time for a floral twist! Just like the classic game, set up a circle of chairs for guests to sit on but instead of getting up and moving around, play some lively tunes and have guests pass around a bouquet. When the music stops, whoever holds the bouquet is out. Keep the dance and passing going until only one guest remains. 

11. "Who Has the Groom?" Scratch Card Game

Add a touch of suspense with this thrilling game! Distribute scratch-off cards among the guests, each featuring a hidden groom figure. The lucky person who reveals the groom wins a fantastic prize. Get ready for some nail-biting anticipation!

12. Emoji Pictionary  

Put a modern twist on the classic Pictionary game by using emojis as clues. Create a list of wedding-related phrases or scenarios using emojis, and guests take turns guessing what they represent. It's a hilarious and interactive game that will have everyone laughing.

13. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Turn your bridal shower into an adventure with a photo scavenger hunt. Create a list of 8-10 photos or scenarios that guests need to capture with their phones' cameras. It could include things like "something blue" or "a heart-shaped object." The first guest or team to complete the list wins a prize.

14. Bridal Shower Bingo

Let's kick off the festivities with a classic favorite! Create bingo cards featuring potential bridal shower moments that could happen, such as "the couple's pet is mentioned," "the bride receives a kitchen-related gift," or "the groom's name is mentioned." As the event goes on and these bingo moments happen, guests mark off their corresponding squares. The first to shout "Bingo!" wins a fabulous prize. 

15. Love Letters Time Capsule

Invite guests to write heartfelt letters to the bride and groom that offer advice, well wishes, and words of encouragement. These letters will serve as a time capsule of love and wisdom for the happy couple to open and read on their anniversary. Seal the letters in an envelope and place them in a decorative box. It's a beautiful way to create a lasting memory and share in the couple's journey.

Another way to do this activity is to use Celebrate.buzz's Classic Video, where guests can film and upload their love letters and messages to the happy couple. All you need to do is set up the event and send the link to the upload landing page to all who want to participate (no need to download an app!). With the Classic Video, guests can still say what they want to say, upload their clips, and as the host you can edit all the clips into a seamless and touching video montage. 

It's a gift, and messages, the bride can cherish for years to come and rewatch over and over. 

16. Wedding Karaoke

Bring out the divas and crooners in your group with a wedding-themed karaoke session. Compile a playlist of romantic and love-themed songs for guests to sing.

17. Name That Love Song

Test your guests' music knowledge with a generallove song guessing game. Play short clips of popular love songs, and guests have to guess the song title and artist. The person or team with the most correct answers wins a prize.

18. Couple's Art Challenge

Unleash creativity by having guests participate in a couple's art challenge. Provide each guest with a canvas, paints, and brushes. Ask them to paint a unique piece of art that represents the couple's love story. The results will be a wonderful collection of personalized artwork.

19. Advice and Wishes Jenga

Turn a classic game into a meaningful activity. Have guests write down marital advice, well wishes, or funny anecdotes on Jenga blocks. As the game progresses, the tower will be filled with heartfelt messages from loved ones.

20. Recipe Exchange

Embrace the spirit of culinary delight with a recipe exchange game. Ask guests to bring their favorite recipes for meals or treats that they believe represent the couple's future together. The recipes can symbolize qualities such as love, patience, or adventure. As they share the recipes, guests can explain why they chose each dish. This game combines the joy of cooking with heartfelt sentiments.

21. Ring Hunt Extravaganza

Hide plastic rings throughout the venue and watch as guests hunt high and low to find them. The guest who unearths the most rings wins a fantastic prize. Get ready for suspense and friendly competition in this exhilarating treasure hunt!

22. Don't Say "Bride"

Introducing the interactive and light-hearted game, "Don't Say Bride," a guaranteed hit at any bridal shower. Upon arrival, each guest is presented with a stylish ring that serves as both an accessory and a challenge. The objective? Engage in conversations, share stories, and savor the celebration without falling into the trap of uttering the off-limits word, "bride."

Slip up, and your ring goes to the quick-witted person who caught you. "Don't Say Bride" transforms the bridal shower into an engaging and good-natured competition, where every shared laugh and slip of the tongue adds to the amusement. The participant with the most rings by the end emerges as the playful victor, making for an entertaining and spirited event that adds a refreshing twist to the festivities. Prepare for an evening of laughter, camaraderie, and wordplay mastery!

23. What's in Your Purse? 

This simple bridal shower game is like a mini scavenger hunt for your guests. Hand out playing cards to each guest, that list out different items - but conventional and unconventional - one could find in their purse (like lipgloss, credit cards, something blue, tissues, phone chargers, etc.). Give each item a score ranking and have guests rack up their points based on what's in their purse. After tallying up the points, the winner can then do a show-and-tell of all the items in their purse that bagged (pun intended) them the prize. 

Get the Party Started!

With these 23 amazing games and bridal shower activities, your bridal shower is guaranteed to be a sensational and unforgettable event. From laughter-inducing activities like Celebrate.buzz's twist on the Newlywed game to belting out ballads with karaoke to giving heartwarming advice for the bride to cherish, there is no shortage of fun to be had.

So, go ahead and pick your favorites to make the bride's special day even more memorable!

And if you'd like to play the Bachelorette game and capture memories of this fun event, try Celebrate.buzz's Honeymooners Bundle to save on the Newlywed game and the Video Guestbook (buy the bundle and transfer the latter to the bride at a later date, so her and the groom can edit it to their liking)! 

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