21 Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas for Your Team in 2023

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Employees are the backbone of every organization. Companies that provide a healthy work environment and appreciate their employees often do better and give outstanding results. When employees are recognized for their work and not considered mere working machines, the outcome is exceptional.

Appreciation goes a long way- be it a personal relationship, friendship, or employment. As per a report, 63% of recognized employees do not look for another job. It is a huge feat for organizations because hiring new employees takes time, money, and effort. A simple gesture of admiration through employee appreciation gifts can make a huge difference in the long run.

If the employee churn rate is a little higher in your organization, maybe it's high time to start recognizing and appreciating them. But, how will you do that?

Well, in some cases, word of mouth suffice, but for most employees, appreciation gifts will do all the needful. Let's find out how you can show recognition to your employees for their contribution and retain them in your organization.

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Why Does Employee Recognition matter?

With the covid19 crisis, work from home culture has become prevalent. Most of the employees are working remotely. Jobs that were once considered office-based are done sitting from any corner of the world. It has made the employees open to worldwide job roles. It has led many employees to switch jobs and join organizations where they are appreciated.

At the same time, due to remote working, employers are not able to maintain personal connections with the employees. Lack of one-on-one connection with fellow workers and employers reduces the interest in the organization. It again favors job switching.

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With a highly competitive job market, getting the best employees is challenging. You cannot lose your employees just like that. It is when employee recognition and appreciation come to the rescue.

Whether the employees are working remotely or not, the key to a happy and productive employee is not only a good paycheck but appreciation. It is important that the employees feel seen, heard, valued, and empowered. When the workers are happy and satisfied, they work smarter and harder, which is the key to a successful organization.

A little step towards employee recognition can make a huge difference. You don't want your employees to remain unsatisfied and secretly spend the time of their workday hunting job, right?

Employee Appreciation's Business Benefits

Employee appreciation is all about optimizing the well-being of the employee. It is important to create an ideal work culture in the workplace. Organizations that value their employees and applaud their productivity, innovation, and loyalty give extraordinary results.

Three major employees appreciation's business benefits include-

1. Less employee churn rate

As per a report, in 2020, 1 out of 3 employees left the job because they didn't feel their employer cared about them as a person. Every employee wants to feel valued on a personal level, the lack of which compels them to look elsewhere for the job. It holds true not only for the old employees but new ones too. Lack of employee recognition depicts the work culture that has a negative impact on the new joiner.

2. Highly productive and creative employees

Every organization wants a hardworking workforce. Workers strive for excellence; however, they also strive for recognition. Therefore, appreciating employees and making their praise visible to the co-workers is equally important. It boosts confidence and sets an example before the other employees. Attention to productive and positive behavior is more likely to be replicated.


3. Strengthen loyalty and business reputation

When it comes to employees, those who feel valued are less likely to leave. However, there will be some employees who still leave for different reasons. It could be a better paycheck or personal issues. But, those who had felt valued will never talk ill about the previous organization. In fact, people who have a sense of bonding with their last company, boss, or co-workers likely speak fondly about the organization.

It accelerates the business reputation in many ways. Job seekers often look at social media to hear employees' voices about their current or previous company. Reviews from employees can affect your reputation in the market greatly. Whether it is about talent acquisition or partnership, a positive review, good rating, and word of mouth from the employees can greatly impact and skyrocket employer reputation.

What Can I Do to Make My Employees Feel Appreciated?

There are plenty of ways to make the employees feel appreciated. An employee who gets a good paycheck and additional perks still yearns for recognition. A few praising words before co-workers can make them feel valued. It just takes a little time and effort to make your employee feel good, and it can be done through the following ways-

  • Maintaining personal connection with the employees
  • Having more human to human interaction rather than only professional
  • Taking time to check out their life outside work
  • Feeling concerned about the issues they face in work and life
  • Asking feedback regularly to show that you really care
  • Conversing regularly about the work and their contributions
  • Creating programs related to employee recognition
  • Hosting an employee appreciation day
  • Awarding appreciation gifts for employees

The motto behind these should solely be giving time and attention to your employees. It should not be superficial or look like you are participating only for the sake of doing it. Employee appreciation is equally important whether your staff is working from the office or remotely.

Best Employee Recognition gifts for your team

Here we list some of the best employee appreciation gift ideas that can help you make your employees super happy.

1. Relaxing Spa gifts that will help them get refreshed after every hectic day at work.

2. Healthy Herbal beauty products to keep them look glowing and fresh throughout the day.

3. Cute Potted succulents for all those who love plants and want to display some pretty little greens in their display.

4. Designer Culinary Box for the employees who are good at work and in the kitchen.

5. Wine Crate to celebrate success in a more grand and leisure way.

6. Artistic DIY Kits for all the creative buds in the company to take their creativity to the next level.

7. Beautifully crafted Snack Box for the foodies who love to munch on delicious snacks between work.

8. Delightful Assorted Cookies to indulge in the sweetness of appreciation and success.

9. Activity Tracker to keep track of steps taken, distance moved, calories burned, and a lot more features to stay fit and healthy.  

10. Bouquet of fresh flowers with a vase to express gratitude and show how much they mean to you.


11. Attractive wind chimes for those who love exterior decorations and peaceful sounds wind chimes make.

12. Wine Tasting Kits that comprise small bottles giving unique blends of different varietals hard to find anywhere else.

13. Tech Kit that comes with power bank, charging cable, Bluetooth tracker- everything useful for all.

14. Sturdy Backpack for all the seasons that can carry a laptop and other essential tech gears to commute everywhere with their little office.

15. Custom Blue Light Glasses that are designed to reduce the eye strain from all the devices.

16. Home Office Essentials Kits for every productive day that can be used at the office or home.

17. Self Care Pamper Gift Sets that come with products to reduce stress and help people be their best selves.

18. Old Fashioned Glass Set that is so much in trend and gives a vintage feel.

19. e-gifts that can help them explore the different online options and enjoy what they like the most.

20. A lucrative Amazon gift card so that they can have whatever they want.

21. A beautiful Hand-Written Card because what's written with hands matters the most.

How to use Celebrate for your employee recognition?

Celebrate helps companies show appreciation to their employees through personalized group videos. It’s no wonder group videos of friends, family, and colleagues make a greater impact than materialistic gifts. Celebrate has made creating such video simple through its services.

All you need is to invite people you want to be in the group video and ask them to contribute a brief video message. The rest of the work, like gathering, organizing, and storing, is done by Celebrate to make the video impactful. With the help of user-friendly tools, you can create a heartwarming and memorable group video.

Make appreciation videos from Celebrate and let the celebration begins!

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