How to Onboard Remote Employees in 5 Easy Steps

The Celebrate Team

Onboarding helps new employees learn more about the company they have just joined and what is expected of them in their first few months. With everyone in the office it was much easier to make face-to-face introductions and develop working relationships. Celebrate’s group video app ( helps managers welcome remote employees to the team quickly and affordably.

Why is onboarding so important?

The first 90 days for a new hire are a series of first impressions: of a new boss, new colleagues, new responsibilities, new work environment, and a new company. In fact, the first three days can be critical in reinforcing to the new hire that they made the right decision to join your company.

When done well, onboarding helps your new hire learn your company’s culture and get up to speed on what is expected of them, as well as the company’s policies, processes and organizational dynamics as they become familiar with their new day-to-day responsibilities. A poor onboarding program can result in higher turnover rates, lower engagement scores, and increased recruiting costs.

Step-by-step guide to onboard your new employees

Once the pandemic is over some companies will continue to allow employees to work remotely, some companies will allow employees to continue working from home 2 or 3 days a week, and others will want their employees to return to the office full-time. Even if employees return to the office full-time, team members may be located in offices across the country or around the world.

Using Celebrate’s group video app lets you welcome your new employee to your team easily and affordably, no matter where they live. Here’s how.

  1. Two weeks before the new hire’s start date send a Celebrate group video invite to your team members asking them to contribute.

    You may need to give some instructions in your invite as to what you would like team members to say, such as:

      a. Their name

      b. Their job title with a summary of their key responsibilities

      c. How long they have been with the company and on the team

      d. What they enjoy the most about their work/working on the team

      e. How they would describe the company’s culture and what they like about it

      d. Welcome to the new employee and how they can best help them succeed

    Remember to include a deadline for submitting their video!
  2. Schedule a team meeting on the new hire’s first day of work.
    It might be best to schedule the meeting in the afternoon so the new hire has time to learn their systems, log-in, and fill in any new hire paperwork that may be required.
  3. Use Celebrate’s editing suite to organize your video submissions.
    Merge your video submissions all together into a single video to share during your team meeting. This may sound hard to do but with Celebrate, it’s a breeze!
  4. Share your group video during the team meeting.
    This will be a great way for your new hire to learn more about their fellow teammates and to ask any questions they may have.
  5. Send a link to the group video after the meeting.

This will help the new hire remember their teammates’ names and what they do. Best of all, they can share the video with their family so that they too can share in the excitement of the first day on the new job!

Celebrate’s group video app is an affordable and effective way of onboarding new employees, welcoming them to the team, and letting them know their success is important to you.

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