Use our Q&A video style for fun and extra creativity!

Our Q&A type is a unique style with many creative uses, ranging from birthdays, to games to collecting testimonials, to graduations and any other occasion.

How it works

Creating a Q&A Video is quick, fun, and easy!


Send Invites

Invite friends & family to answer a series of questions on any device. No need for anyone to log in or download an app.

Friends are prompted and then record answers to each question, one at a time.


Polish and Save

We do all the grunt work of creating Question slides and grouping Answers  behind each slide. You simply press a button to merge into a single movie or first add your own creative touches in our editing suite.


Share and celebrate!

On the big day, share your creation with your special someone or show the video at your event, live!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a limit to the number of contributors?
Can I download the final video?
Who can see the video?
How long can Contributors’ video clips be?