Top 10 Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2023

As a bridesmaid, your role is to ensure the bride feels at ease and loved. The key is to make things lighthearted during a stressful yet blissful time — keep things fun with whimsical yet personal gifts. This includes presents that both the bride as well as your fellow bridesmaids will treasure for years to come.

Bachelorette party bride lingerie
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1. Silk Robe

Does the bride have a favourite lingerie brand? No? Introduce her to one with’s personalized silk robe set. She can wear this for her big night out,  … or even while prepping hair and makeup before walking down the aisle.

TheKnotShop ALSO provides personalized touches such as embroidered engraving. How cute!

Bachelorette party mini champagne

2. Mini Champagne Bottles

Alcohol and celebrations often go hand-in-hand, — especially for nights like these!

Save the bride from feeling awful on one of the most important days of her life — don’t skip out on the shots (she’ll thank you later 🥳)! Sip slow with these mini champagne bottles to keep the volume down and toast the night away!

Bachelorette Party flutes

3. Personalized Champagne Flutes

Really want to go all out ?! Complement the bubbly with personalized flutes for all of the girls!

Bonus — Kate won’t accidentally drink out of Rachel’s glass…

Bachelorette party game

4. Bachelorette Dare Card

This can get a little crazy … and that’s what we love about it!

An easy-to-use and super fun card game could be just what your group of girls needs to get the bachelorette party really going! Get creative and — make up dares to embarrass the bride-to-be or choose from the hilarious pre-existing list. Bring this game to wherever the night ends.

Want to spice it up? Involve strangers for some extra fun!

Bachelorette party Snapchat pics
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5. Personalized Snapchat Filter

Want to add a little more glamour to a wedding? More fun to a party?

Surprise your friends and bride with a Snapchat Geofilter to match the occasion. Everyone will be snapping pics with their own personalized filters — creative, easy, AND fun!

6. Bride Goblet

The bride needs to stand out in one way or another at the party.

This super pink sparkly goblet will make sure of that!
She will keep this cup for years to come and will always be reminded of the fun she had at her bachelorette.

Bachelorette party skicare
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7. MIZON Skincare Set

This facial skincare set will help the bride-to-be look and feel her best for her big day!

Formulated with snail mucin, MIZON products have magic that provides elasticity and vitality.  It will seal and heal skin for the perfect makeup-ready canvas.

Bachelorette party Astrology compatibility
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8. Astrology Compatibility Reading

The bride may be intrigued to “know” her compatibility with her husband-to-be. At the very least, it could lead to some very interesting conversations … 😃

With the Astrotwins, you can send the newlyweds a detailed description of what the stars have in store for them. Be sure to check first to ensure it’s only good news!

Wedding gust book

9. Advice Journal

Optimize the sentiment before the ceremony with this classy wood journal.

Bridesmaids and friends will contribute personal messages or advice for the bride as she starts this next chapter in her life.

Bachelorette group party video
Photo by kevin turcios on Unsplash

10. Group Video

A virtual Congratulations! 

Invite the bridesmaids to send a surprise group video to the bride! provides easy and fun tools to create personal movies with clips from multiple sources … including her favourite people!

The inevitably awesome bridesmaids video can be played at any time — ESPECIALLY DURING THE WEDDING! 🎉

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