The 5 Best Virtual Gift Ideas for 2023

The Celebrate Team

Whether your friends or family are in need of a little loving these days, these virtual presents are sure to spike some happiness in their lives. Send the best virtual birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift for 2023.

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The Gift of Coffee
Photo by Sorin Sîrbu on Unsplash

1. One Word: Coffee!

Who doesn’t love coffee … especially these days? Working from home, we rely more and more on some java to keep us awake. Send a caffeine buzz to your friends on their birthday through your phone or computer via email on the Starbucks app.

Bonus: your friends can earn points towards even more caffeine buzz if you obtain a Starbuck  card for them. This can then be used through the Starbucks app; this ain’t no regular gift card.

Price options typically range from $10-$50 per gift card.

The Gift of Zen

2. Give the Gift of Zen!

You may be wondering what to get a teacher, police officer, nurse or anyone else with a “stressful” job. Help them de-stress by sending them a Headspace subscription. This virtual gift engages them in meditation experiences through their mobile device, whenever they please.

Monthly subscriptions are $12.99 USD/month, or $5.83/month, if paid in full for a year at $69.99.

Elephant in the Room
Photo by Paul Hart on Unsplash

3. The Elephant in the Room!

Have you ever known anyone who wanted to adopt an exotic animal but, for humane reasons, couldn’t? Give this person the closest thing to owning that cheetah, polar bear, monkey or elephant — send them a World Wildlife virtual adoption gift. Choose from a huge list of endangered species and save them from extinction.

To help maintain this very special connection, you will receive a plush version of their long-distance fur baby! 😀

Virtual adoptions range from $25-$100$, depending on the animal of choice.

Apple Gifts
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4. You Choose!

Perhaps the Apple user you’re buying for is a bit on the picky side — that’s perfectly fine. Give them the gift of choice by sending them an Apple gift card. This virtual card lets them choose music, movies, apps … and is even good towards Apple devices. One of the most universal and cool gift options … you can’t go wrong!

Price is up to you — the most common prices are: $25, $50 and $100.

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

5. Touch A Heart!

Give the feeling of togetherness to your loved one.

Create a group video gift involving their favourite people. Definitely the most heart-warming gift,  it incorporates love and memories through pictures and video messages from all the people that are important to them. is the easy way for anyone to do it — you don't need to "know a kid" somewhere who can do it for you. Create something awesome — they'll never know how easy it was to do!

Bonus — your gift receiver can enjoy the video forever.

Check it out!

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