The 40 Best Bridal Party Gift Ideas to Delight Your Bridesmaids

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Your wedding day isn’t just about celebrating your love: it's also a time to express gratitude to those who stand by your side through it all. That's why we've curated a list of 40 bridal party gift ideas to help you find the perfect way to go the extra mile and say "thank you" to your maid of honor and bridal party. 

Ranging from practical to unique, these gift ideas for bridesmaids will ensure that each member of your wedding party feels cherished, loved, and remembered on your special day.

When To Give Your Bridesmaids Their Gifts

Think of these as gifts that you can gather for a bridesmaid proposal box or for a bridal party gift box or bag on the day of the wedding — or even after the fact.

You may even want to consider gifting them at the bachelorette party, so there's even more for everyone to celebrate and enjoy. 

Speaking of bachelorettes, if your planning committee (aka your maid of honor and co.) needs some ideas, they can always think of incorporating these bachelorette games and activities, like's twist on the Newlywed game for a bachelorette! It's a great game and way to have some fun, some laughs, and to make even more memories with your bride tribe! Plus, wouldn't you want to see how well your fiancé knows you? 

Practical Bridesmaid Gift Ideas:

Looking for ideal bridal party gifts? Consider these practical gift ideas! Not only are they stylish, but they also serve as useful everyday items that they'll reach for regularly.

1. Personalized Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Consider gifting your bridesmaids beautifully crafted tote bags personalized with their names or initials. These versatile bags not only serve as a stylish accessory for your wedding day but also become a practical and chic memento they can use long after the celebration, whether for grocery shopping or as an everyday carry-all.

2. Jewelry

A classic choice, a beautiful necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet can be a timeless accessory for your bridesmaids for the wedding day and beyond. If you want to make it an even more thought gift, you can also offer jewelry with their initials to give it a personalized and nice touch.

3. Monogrammed Robes

Robes are perfect for pre-wedding prep and a wonderful keepsake for your bridesmaids, providing comfort and creating picture-perfect moments. Whether you choose something silky or comfy, these robes add a touch of sophistication to the pre-ceremony festivities and serve as a delightful reminder of your special day every time they're worn after. If you want to go a bit of the extra distance, why not hang them on personalized hangers as well for that extra oomph? 

4. Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Think of it as their sidekick for your big day. With this "survival kit" you'll have your bridal party prepared for any hitches that may come along your way. Fill it with essentials like stain remover pens, oil blotters, hair ties, bobby pins, mini sewing kits, and pain relievers for unexpected hiccups, plus luxe lip balms, refreshing facial mists, and personalized notes to make your squad feel extra special. 

5. Customized Water Bottles

Stylish and eco-friendly, these water bottles keep your bridal party hydrated while on-the-go and can be personalized with names or meaningful quotes.

6. Monogrammed Makeup Bags

Keep makeup organized on the wedding day and during travels afterward with these chic and personalized bags.

7. Stylish Jewelry Boxes or Organizers

Keep the bling in check! Gift your bridesmaids jewelry boxes or travel organizers to keep their jewelry tangle-free and oh-so-accessible.

8. Satin Sleep Masks

Ah, bedtime luxury! Give them the gift of sweet dreams with silky sleep masks for those well-deserved snoozes.

9. Spa Kit

Treat your bridesmaids to a pampering session with a spa kit filled with luxurious lotions, bath bombs, bath salts, and face masks.

10. Customized Planner

Help your bridal party stay organized post-wedding with a personalized planner, a thoughtful and perfect gift for their daily lives.

11. Cozy Blankets

Ideal for movie nights or a comfy addition to their home decor, these blankets provide warmth and comfort — especially for the moments once the wedding is all done and your bridal party is relaxing. 

12. Personalized Stationery Set

Elevate their correspondence with custom stationery, perfect for handwritten notes and letters. Or even add in a wellness journal to keep track of their goals and stay mindful. 

13. Embroidered Slippers

Luxurious and personalized for cozy nights at home, these personalized slippers are a thoughtful touch and would be great to pair with a robe of your choice. 

14. Customized Mugs

A warm and personalized gift for morning beverages, this gift can add a personalized touch to their daily routine.

15. Travel-sized Skincare Set

Ideal for skincare on the go, this kit will ensure your party feels pampered wherever they are.

16. Customized Keychains

Personalized and practical accessories, perfect for daily use while holding sentimental value.

17. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For music on the go or at home, a portable bluetooth speaker is a practical and fun gift they can use in their day to day and on the go.  

18. Aromatherapy Diffusers

Create a soothing environment at home with calming scents, offering relaxation after the wedding hustle. You can grab your party their very own diffuser with mini bottles of essential oils they can use to help unwind. 

Fun Bridesmaid Gift Ideas:

If you're hoping to bring joy to your bridal party, try gifting these personalized, playful, and unforgettable surprises.

19. Personalized Champagne Glasses

Engraved with names or dates, these glasses are perfect for toasting to the memories created during your wedding festivities.

20. Customized Phone Cases

Stylish and protective, these cases keep their phones safe while showcasing a personalized touch. Make them as creative, sophisticated, or out there as you want. Think personalized with names, cute illustrations, or even a bit of sparkle to reflect their individual personalities. 

21. Subscription Boxes

Treat your bridal party to subscription boxes tailored to their interests, whether it's filled with beauty gifts, books, gourmet snacks, or wellness ideas. These curated surprises keep the celebration going beyond the wedding day.

22. DIY Terrarium Kits

Engage in hands-on gardening! Nurture mini-gardens and invite your crew to explore their green thumbs.

23. Engraved Jewelry Dish

A lovely addition to their dresser for keeping jewelry organized, complete with a personalized touch.

24. Gourmet Chocolates

Indulge their sweet tooth with luxurious chocolates, offering a delightful treat.

25. Customized Puzzle Set

Create memorable moments with custom jigsaw puzzles featuring photos of your shared experiences.

26. Customized Wine Glasses

Ideal for a post-wedding toast or cozy nights in, these glasses add a special touch to their evenings anytime they need to unwind. They can even be used for a future girls' night in! 

27. Friendship Photo Album

Capture the special moments and create lasting memories with a personalized photo album, perfect for storing cherished memories. You can make it even more like a scrapbook by adding personal touches to each bridesmaid's photo album relating to your individual relationships. 

28. Movie Night Gift Box

Create cozy movie night experiences by gifting your bridesmaids with themed gift boxes containing comfy blankets, gourmet popcorn, and their favorite movies. It's a thoughtful way to encourage relaxation after the wedding hustle.

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas:

Add as much flair as you want! Craft memories with thoughtful and distinctive bridesmaid gifts that celebrate their individuality and favorite experiences. 

29. Experience Vouchers

Treat them to activities like a cooking class, wine tasting, or spa day, with experience vouchers they can cash in. 

30. Custom Illustration

Commission a custom portrait or illustration for each bridesmaid, a unique and cherished keepsake.

31. Personalized Star Map

Capture the night sky of a special date, like the day you met your bridesmaid, their birthday, or something else on a beautifully customized star map print that they can also hang in their home. It's a different but thoughtful gift. 

32. Mini Succulent Plants

Decorative and low-maintenance, these plants add a touch of greenery to any space, serving as a reminder of your gratitude — that keeps on growing, pun intended. 

33. Handwritten Personalized Letters

Get ready for some heartfelt moments! Pen down individual letters expressing your gratitude, reliving unforgettable memories, and cheering for the incredible times yet to come. It's a very sweet (and maybe tear-jerking) way to really show your thanks for those who are going to stand by your side. 

34. Customized Silk Scarves

Who doesn't love a good scarf? Your bridal party can use these to wear around their neck or add a touch of elegance to their purses and bags. 

35. Customized Bobbleheads

Create bobblehead figures resembling each member of your bridal party for a quirky and personalized gift.

36. Customized Illustrations

Capture shared moments with custom illustrations or portraits, preserving your friendship artistically. It's a creative and special gift. 

37. Customized Cookies

Commission delicious treats shaped and decorated to match your wedding theme or bridal party colors. Think of fun sayings, add your wedding hashtag, or even get a cookie with their faces on it. Whatever you choose, it's sure to be a sweet surprise. 

38. Customized Scented Soaps

Luxury soaps with personalized scents, offering a touch of indulgence in their daily routine.

39. Customized Socks

Fun and personalized socks for a cozy touch, adding a playful element to their wardrobe and can also show of their individual tastes. Get fuzzy socks, cozy socks, or even those with prints like sushi, flowers, or their favorite animal! These days, the world is your oyster when it comes to finding funky pairs. 

40. Customized Photo Frames

Capture a special moment in a personalized frame, creating a cherished display piece. You can even frame adorable photos of your friendship and memories of the past to put a smile on their face. 

Happy Gifting! 

Expressing gratitude through meaningful gifts makes your wedding day even more special for your cherished crew.

These 40 bridal party gift ideas aim to honor their support and love, ensuring they feel appreciated for their invaluable role in making your wedding day (and journey to the day) magical.

Choose tokens that resonate with their personalities, reflecting the gratitude and joy you feel having them by your side during this significant moment in your life.

P.S. If you're also in the midst of deciding what you want your bridesmaids to do for your bridal shower or bachelorette, why not hint at wanting to play's twist on the Newlywed game

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