Send Virtual Hugs to a Loved One Through Video

Feeling like you’re all alone can be absolutely crippling. It’s not just about feeling a bit sad; prolonged feelings of loneliness can actually lead to depression and other health problems, like troubles with sleeping. To combat feelings of loneliness, one of the best solutions comes in the form of a collaborative video message. Think of it like sending a group virtual hug to a loved one so they know that they’re not alone.

Can a group video gift really help, though? Here’s what you need to know.

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It’s a Fun Activity for All Ages

While loneliness can strike people of all ages, seniors are especially vulnerable. Older people who report feeling lonely may develop diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. While there are many activities that can be done together with seniors, some may suffer from physical limitations as they age. This prevents seniors from enjoying many types of activities with friends and family.

A video gift message is an easy, fun way for seniors to collaborate with friends and family, even for seniors who rarely use technology. It’s just one small way to let grandparents and senior friends know that they’re loved.

You Can Create a Group Video at Any Time

It’s always fun to celebrate special events, but you don’t need an excuse to give someone a virtual hug. Group videos can be created and sent at any time — not just during birthdays and holidays. For many, holidays and birthdays are the only time when someone will remember to check in on them, but loneliness doesn’t just occur during special occasions. If you know someone who’s been in a funk for a long time and needs a pick-me-up, get a couple of friends together and create a quick group video! It’s a fast and easy way to remind someone you care about them.

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You Can Remind Someone That They’re Awesome

If you’re not sure what to talk about in your video, you can just talk about how great the person receiving the video is. Talk about what you admire the most about them, share some happy memories, or just remind them to keep their chin up. A virtual hug can be about anything, but the point is to help uplift whoever receives the video. Drag and drop videos into your video editor to create a dynamic message of love.

Let a Loved One Know That You’re There for Them

Everyone leads hectic lives, and it’s easy to overlook the people that are being left behind. Sometimes, making them feel less lonely is as easy as sending them a virtual hug. Putting together a group video is one way to do this. It’s an activity that people of all ages can participate in, and videos can be made even if there isn’t a special occasion to celebrate. Talk about what you admire the most about the person who’s receiving the video, and make sure that they know that they’re important to the people around them.

Sending a video through the Celebrate app can make someone’s entire day. There’s no technical skill required, and it makes a huge impact. Try it out today!

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