Marisa and Jake's Fairtytale Evening, with a Guestbook to Match!

The Celebrate Team

Wedding season can get overwhelming! Every wedding you go to they’ve done something different, and you’re looking for a little way to make yours a little unique, a little different, a little modern. Trust me - in 2022 I have been to four weddings already (including being in two bridal parties) plus planned my own! Talk about a ton of variety, when you add up three years of COVID postponements. How the heck does a person decide what type of guest book to use? 

That’s why this week, I interviewed a couple that got married back in May and used Wedding Video Guestbook by to capture their perfect evening.

Jake and Marisa Brown got hitched this past summer, and I decided to ask them a few questions about what their experience was like. The first thing that was the most important to find out - 

What made them choose a Video Guestbook instead of a regular one? 

“With a physical guestbook, only one guest can access it at a time,” Jake told me. 

“We wanted it to be more of an open thing where anybody could access it at their convenience and all of them could access it at the same time if they wanted to. So we decided to do the video guestbook for the convenience of our guests!”

why choose video guestbook

Marisa then added “we also had some guests who weren’t able to attend due to COVID or having a baby, and so we were able to send the link to them and they could submit an entry that night and we could see that entry the next day which was really fun.”

I personally am obsessed with photobooths (check out my childhood bedroom to prove it) so of course my next question was did they have a photobooth! I immediately think photobooths make everything a little bit more exciting. 

“We had what our venue called The Vault, which was an old bank vault” Marisa said. “We set up a backdrop in there with our last name, and we also had a QR code in the vault. So our guests could scan it and submit a video entry using the backdrop that we had — which a lot of people took advantage of!”

Perhaps the most important question I asked them though, was were they happy with their videos? There’s obviously no point in having a Video Guestbook if you wouldn’t be happy with your videos! 

Jake was super enthusiastic when he told me “we were really happy with the submissions that we got! People were able to get very creative with their videos, especially the deeper into the night we got as the level of alcohol increased at the wedding we had some more and more creative videos.”

This was hands down my favourite part of the interview, by the way. “It was really funny to look back at them the next day and it’s something that we’ll always treasure” Marisa added afterwards.

One final note from our newlyweds Jake and Marisa?

Jake wants you all to know — “We highly recommend that you use the Video Guestbook! It was much better than having just a physical one that gets tossed into a closet somewhere. We were able to have all of our guests leave us some really creative submissions and put it all together into a video that we can keep handy for us to watch any time we want and send to anybody that either couldn’t make it to the wedding, or wants to remember the wedding with us”

Marisa added “It was also a really easy process from beginning to end, the website made a lot of sense and none of our guests had any questions what to do or about how to upload! We had lots of people saying that they really enjoyed that portion of our wedding”

Happy wedding planning all! Hopefully we can make your day a little bit more exciting to celebrate, and give you lasting memories for a lifetime :)

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