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It’s almost Christmas time, a time of year that’s notoriously expensive and busy. It’s also the time of year where you have to buy presents for all your friends, family, and close acquaintances. Sadly, forgetting to send a present to someone you know is easy.

It happens more often than not, and it’s always an awkward situation, especially once the shops have sold all the best gifts. Is there anything worse than rushing to find last minute Christmas gifts? But there’s a simple solution—make your own Christmas video gifts.

DIY Christmas gifts are cost-effective, creative, and will always be a fantastic surprise to your loved ones. Christmas gift ideas can be tricky. But don’t worry, here are 9 last minute Christmas gifts DIY Ideas for you.

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Bake something good to show your real love and efforts

The holidays are the time of the year when it’s acceptable to eat our favorite treats. Our healthy diets always go out of the window. That’s why baking something good is a superb Christmas gift. What do your friends and family love to eat?

Some of the best-baked treats include crumbly mince pies, homemade peppermint bark, salted caramel Christmas cake, cranberry cake, chocolate chip cookies, and Cinnamon roasted almonds. These are all superb ideas. The more creative you can get, the more you’ll surprise your friends with these last minute Christmas gifts.

Cookie Cutter Candles show your feelings with loving shapes

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year? There’s nothing better than being inside a warm house with some Cookie-Cutter Candles lighting up your living room. They’re super cute, effortless to make, and last minute Christmas gifts.

What’s more, you can create almost any shape with these candles. Some of the best shapes include Christmas tree shapes, flower shapes, heart shapes, and snowflake shapes. Ensure you use different wax colors to make them colorful and unique.

A special Christmas video greeting

Thankfully, sending Christmas video greetings has never been more straightforward. You only need to invite your friends and family to contribute a brief video message. After that, professional tools will help you with gathering, storing, and organizing your video message.

Better still, you can add a personalized touch to the video. Use your favorite music, pictures, and video to create the best video greeting possible. It’s an effortless way to surprise your friends and family without having to worry about buying a present.

Delicious Mason Jar Christmas Gift

Homemade gifts inside a jar are outstanding DIY Christmas gifts to show your appreciation to family and friends. They’re also incredibly easy to make from the comfort of your kitchen. If you’re feeling creative, you can create unique food recipes in the jar. Some of the best food ideas include peanut butter brownie mix, spicy oatmeal cookie mix, and a cup of coffee cake.

Christmas сookies in a jar on brown table.  Christmas holly.

However, your mason jar Christmas gifts don’t have to be food-related. Why not create mason jar beauty dispensers, a mason jar lantern, or mason jar candleholders? They’re all cute last minute Christmas gifts and ideal for the winter.

Bath salt is a unique Idea

When it’s cold, snowing, and gloomy outside, what’s better than a lovely hot bath? An excellent idea for any friends and family is bath salt. Using bath salt can help increase brain and central nervous system activity. Also, bath salt is excellent for relaxation, cleaning, and it serves as a vehicle for cosmetic agents.

Did you know bath salts can increase your heart rate and give you a sense of euphoria? It’s a unique idea that’s excellent for health and vitality at Christmas. After all, once the stress of Christmas is over, your friends and family will thank you for the added relaxation.

Photos in a Magnetic frame with your Best Moments

Did you have an excellent year? A wonderful gift for your family and friends is a magnetic frame with your best moments of the year as the year ends. Of course, you could add the best moments from the last ten years, but it depends on your preference.

However, creating a magnetic frame with your best moments is effortless. You can create one with your children using basic DIY materials in a matter of minutes.

Gifting homemade Chocolates everyone loves them

Christmas is the time of year where we all love to cook. When you combine that with the fact everyone loves to eat on the holidays, homemade chocolates become the perfect homemade Christmas gift idea.


Some of the best ideas include mince pie truffles, orange liqueur truffles, baileys truffles, fondant-filled chocolates, caramel-filled chocolates, white chocolate, and chocolate fudge. Why not create a mixture of all of them inside a Christmas gift box?

Unique stone Candle holders

Christmas time is the perfect time to have your house lit with gorgeous candles. But first, you need candle holders to hold the candles. Stone candle holders are the ideal easy homemade gifts at Christmas.

They’re relatively easy diy Christmas gifts. You can go into your back garden, find some aesthetic rock, and build a stone candle holder. Alternatively, you can order specific stones over the internet. Either way, if you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts, these are excellent.

DIY Beard Oil for your male friends and family

If you have any bearded male friends, you can create DIY beard oil from the comfort of your home. Beard oil, depending on the brand, can be super expensive. Therefore, why not make it yourself? You only need some carrier oil, some small bottles, and a small measuring glass.

DIY beard oil

Beard oil is superb for styling beards and maintaining healthy skin, healthy hair, and a pleasant smell. You’ll also save your friends and family a fortune from regularly buying beard oil with these homemade Christmas gifts.

This time Enjoy Christmas Together with Celebrate in a Special Way

All the DIY gifts in this blog are creative, homemade, and simple to create. However, there’s something special about making a video message for your loved ones. It’s personal, surprising, and connects you to your loved ones.

Celebrate will help you create the ultimate video message for your family. The tool is simple to use, cost-effective, and you won’t have to leave your front door. Do you lack technical skills? No problem, the tool will help you with everything.

Find out more about the Christmas video maker and how it can save you from having to rush around the shops to find last minute Christmas gifts.

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