How to Create Wedding Anniversary Video for Your Parents

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A wedding anniversary video gift is a great way to show your parents how much you care. You can make a video from scratch, or compile the video from images and video clips that have been taken over the years. Here are some tips for creating an anniversary video gift for your parents!

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5 Themes for Parents Wedding Anniversary Slideshow

It's your parents' anniversary, and you want to do something special for them. You've heard that some people put together a video slideshow of special moments from their parents' lives on the big screen as a gift at their family party. That sounds like such a fun idea!

There are so many creative themes you can use for this type of event and plenty of templates available for slideshows and the like. Here are 5 themes you might want to consider using in your anniversary video:

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Childhood Memories

Get started by showing memories from when they were growing up. This gift will bring nostalgia, laughter, or tears. Maybe, a picture of their favorite toys would be great, especially if your kids have inherited these toys.

Describe their favorite movies. Or, if you could search for video clips of their favorite cartoon series online, you can add it too and swap their faces into the characters.

You can also Google photos from a location where your parents were able to connect and download those. This style will allow for great content that is both visually appealing and sentimental.

Childhood memories aren’t limited to the time when your parents are still kids. You can include a video of the time they graduated in kindergarten, primary or high school. If they had received awards during these years, mention it too.

The message should include how proud you are of their milestone as a couple. Without them and their guidance, you won’t be what you are now.

Hometown Love Story

Are your parents childhood sweethearts? Then, this theme is the perfect depiction of their love story. Share a video, a photo, or a story about where they met.

Perhaps, you can tell through the slideshow their most cherished first date. What's their favorite restaurant? Favorite ice cream flavor? What music were they listening to?

Describe how the two of them grew up in your or their hometown and what school they went to. Talk about where they first met at work, church, or after a football game.

Maybe, they attended the same school from kindergarten up to their university days. Did they break up during the span of their relationship? If they did, how did they reconcile?

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The Current Family

Whether you have a small or big family, take photos with all the grandchildren now, maybe even including pets too! You can show photos and videos of grandchildren in the hospital, or with their favorite toys.

Talk about what makes your parents excited when it comes to being grandparents now. Speak about how they've grown as people since having you and your siblings if you have any.

Imagine that this is a slideshow or video for them. What would be something fun to share from each decade? A new family member, a new pet that they adopted, or a ranch house where they could retire are examples of pictures you can download and then upload to the anniversary video.

Show some of their favorite beautiful moments from the past, like when they first bought a house or had another child. Include happy pictures or a video of where you live now and talk about what's changed in your lives since then - maybe how many grandchildren there are! The greatest gift is the presentation of the happy couple's love, shared together.

Happy Retirement Party

A retirement-themed anniversary video is another great way to celebrate and share their momentous event together. Recognize how much work has been done over the years and look forward to what's to come.

Find a photo of the two when they first started working, now that they've retired. Talk about what you want them to do in their retirement and other things your parents are passionate about like gardening or cooking. You can use an image or video to accentuate this point.

You can show a slide with some "retirement goals” for each of them. Include photos and a video clip or two of them when they were newly married, and then again now. This tracking of their time together will allow for a great moment when it comes time for your video.

There are plenty of free ideas on sites, where you can search through a library of templates with the click of your mouse, select an image and text, and download to share.

Make a video to go along with the slideshow! You can include royalty-free music from a music library.

Maybe do a video interview where you ask them questions about their life together - what's been most challenging? What have they learned? How are they different now?

Have a slide with your favorite memories of them as a happy couple from the past 50 years, and then show pictures of you as kids together.

Milestone Anniversary

When planning an anniversary party for a couple, you can choose a theme that suits the particular anniversary. Also, use a theme based on something that is meaningful to them.

Ideas for 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries are the most popular and common celebrations. Other  anniversary milestones to connect to the presentation include the 5th and 10th.

Regardless, these numbers are still a great way to create an anniversary video for your parents. If your parents have reached the 60th or diamond anniversary, make the celebration extra special.

Aside from a wedding montage, include a gift such as a safari adventure or a leisure cruise. Maybe, you can give diamond jewelry for your mom or a diamond-studded watch for your dad.

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Whatever your gifts are, your parents deserve such treatment. Repay their efforts throughout the years of raising you.

Anniversary themes can be anything that feels right to you! Spend some time with your partner to discuss what would feel most meaningful for them.

With an easy-to-use video creator, you can make a video that is worth sharing on social media, with loved ones, friends, and family.

5 Ideas to Make an Anniversary Video

Not quite sure what to do with your anniversary video? Use these 5 ideas to help you finish this lovely video project in just less than an hour.

Of course, this time to complete doesn’t include the waiting period for participants to submit their videos to you. Below is a list of tips and tricks for when you are creating your video to upload.

Choose the Best Reel

While you may want to include every picture of your parents together, it's best to keep things simple by focusing on milestones or key occasions in the relationship.

Search for photos and clips in HD quality to make your anniversary video look its best and not pixelated. Moreover, select the images that illustrate their love for each other in the past decades.

Mix the Photos

Similarly, you might think the logical thing to do is include every photo of your parents, but what makes a good slideshow is variety.

Want to reminisce about their anniversary trip to Hawaii? Feel free to include images as well as some other photos that will bring back different memories and connect them to the time they spent there. Maybe try searching through Facebook for old images they are tagged in if you want an idea of what to select.

Remember to include happy photos of friends and family members in your slideshow as well.

Speak from Your Heart

What’s special about an anniversary video is that you can add words to your images. If you don’t consider yourself much of a wordsmith, add text about love.

There is no wrong or right way to make an anniversary video, as long as it means something to you and your spouse or the couple you are making the video for.

Use Sentimental Words and Music

Add personal touches to your anniversary video. Choose warm words and quotes or write original messages. Include meaningful family songs. Avoid slow songs that will put viewers in a slumber.

If your parents have a theme song or song that they play over and over again together or when company is over, that is a sign to select that music to create a long-lasting effect on them. There are also plenty of free music options on sites like, a royalty-free music library.

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Apply Animations

Every newlywed couple sets out to create an heirloom album with photographs and memorabilia collected from their historic journey to share with others.

However, not every couple chooses photography as a way to document the year-long festivities that follow happily ever after.

When creating and editing your photo slideshow, use transitions with text and video clips to tell a story.   

Common questions:

Which app is best for making anniversary  videos?

There are a lot of apps out on the internet and the best should allow you to create an anniversary video in the easiest way. You should have many video options when it comes to templates, and advanced features are accessible to your dashboard.

Most especially, you should be able to add text, pictures, or video clips without hassles. So, try our Celebrate app. Account creation is free.

How do you make a work anniversary video?

Creating a work anniversary is quite easy. Choose a template, add photos and video clips, and save what you have made. You can also invite other friends and family to give messages to your parents.

Maybe, you can ask their colleagues from your company, their best friends, neighbors, or anyone who knows the couple personally. They can upload their contributions with a short click, and these will be added to your online account.

How do you make a wedding video montage?

A wedding video montage can share events during your parents’ formative years as a couple.

It could mean their life before they have you, the struggles that made them stronger as a couple, or anything that would bring back the old days.

With the best anniversary video maker on your computer, you can make a beautiful anniversary video that tells an amazing love story.

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