How to Create a Digital Wedding Guest Book

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So you've decided to go with a Video Guest Book for your wedding! First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The big day is sure to be an amazing event, and we know all the guests will have a blast.

A virtual wedding guest book will give guests a wonderful way to send their wedding wishes all from their mobile phone, as well as giving you a guest book you will actually want to rewatch: a beautiful compilation video from all your guests at your wedding, instead of boring old hand written notes in paper guest books that will sit on a shelf for years (and then probably disappear during a move at some point!)

Setting up your digital guest book is also super easy — we'll outline the steps for you right here. Other virtual guest books might require you to use their equipment, a camera they send you (or a booth, or what have you), but not here. Here for your virtual guest book to work, all your guests need are a working camera on their phone and cell service. Most guests carry their phone at all times, so that's not a problem!

With our digital guest book service, wedding guests will scan the QR code (either in person at the wedding, or to send to loved ones and friends who couldn't make it) and record their well wishes, advice for you, anything they want! It'll also be fun to see your wedding through the eyes of your guests because they'll be capturing everything going on in the background. It's all done for you in-app, and after you'll have these beautiful memories forever.

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Step 1. Create a Video Guest Book

Good news! you've already decided on your virtual guest book, that's why you're here! By clicking Here you can easily get started on your virtual video guestbook.

Guest creating wedding video guest book

Now, who is this virtual guest book for? Is it for a wedding, or a different event? When is the big day? Here is where you'll create the info page easily, and your digital guest book is almost ready to go - the next step is the most fun.

Step 2. Create your Printables!

This is the fun part! You get to choose a design template on our customizable app with images and messages you've chosen. Each design template will have a front and a back, as well as a QR code. You can post photos on the front of the template of the happy couple, as well as post messages on the back of the card (like suggestions for the guests, or thanking them for contributing to your virtual guest book).

We have some pre-filled text (that we personally love) to help entice guests into contributing to your digital guest book, but the beauty of our photo printables is that they can represent your wedding however you like. Once you've selected a photo (or photos!) to upload and completed your written message, your photo design is ready to print and download right away.

Step 3. Take your Design to a Printer

While most of the virtual wedding guest book is indeed virtual, the printing of the photo template is not. You will have to take your photo template to a printer to print the real thing. We know, we hate leaving the house too. The good news is, this is the only time you'll have to until the big day (for the digital guest book that is - we can't guarantee you won't have to go pick up groceries at some point!)

Step 4. Get married!

Bride and groom procession after wedding

We don't have to explain this one! Have the biggest wedding, the smallest wedding, a virtual wedding - whatever your wildest dreams are, go out and make them happen for your wedding day! At your wedding, guests will scan the QR code on the photo template and record a message for you and your partner at the online guest book. It's bound to be an event your wedding guests will rave about, and you'll have these memories for life.

Step 5. Sit back, relax, and watch your digital guestbook

After your wedding is over, you'll be filled with all of the joy, well wishes and happy messages from your friends to last you for life. Time to open up your virtual guest book and watch all the messages your family and friends submitted! Log back into the to watch the love your guests left in all the videos. Did they tell a funny story? Share some advice? Whatever they decide to leave, we know it will be uniquely you.

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