Funny Birthday Video Message Ideas

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Have you ever considered tickling somebody’s funny bone on their birthday? 🤔

Of course, you have!😃 And what better way to do it on that special day than with a video message?!

Here are some funny birthday video message ideas that will target the heart and the funny bone! ♥️🦴

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Funny Birthday Video Messages

Top of the list for funny video ideas, you'll find birthday videos highlighting your moments together, and here is an awesome place to find some. Have a look 😃 Aim for a creative birthday video with a heartfelt birthday wish. Some of the best birthday video ideas are spawned from aiming for a personalized birthday video. The more fun the video, the more impactful your funny birthday message. Collect memorable old photos and videos, a funny story, or an inside joke from all your friends and family members. Collate them into a single birthday video (could be a short video or as long as you wish) and surprise them at the birthday party at midnight! Revisiting cherished times and a stroll down memory lane will make a priceless birthday gift! 😍

Funny Happy Birthday Video Ideas

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For the youngsters (and the young of heart ☺️), compile a birthday video (pictures and video clips) starring young'uns of all ages having fun, serenading, and celebrating the hero of the day 🎉. Loved ones, close friends, and other friends will love getting together to create a gift video. In some cases, that might even make the first memory 👶😃.

Happy Birthday Funny Video Ideas

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You cannot be funny without having fun. How about a Happy Birthday Video with pictures, videos, music, dancing, AAAND props? An important birthday can and should be fun. Would you like to make someone's day? Here's a great start ... have a try!

How To Make A Funny Birthday Video

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Do you need some funny birthday video ideas to make a birthday video for your friend as a birthday gift?

We've got the perfect solution!

If you want to give a meaningful video gift for a heartfelt birthday, but don't have the time or resources to make one yourself, this article is for you! In it, we will show you how easy it is to compile heartwarming happy birthday messages into one surprise video gift. Let's get started.

Once you get what makes a great birthday video, you may want ideas that spice it up to a funny birthday video level. These include examples of inside jokes and general humor that may not have been all that funny at the time, but the general humor grows over the years with the telling;

  • We had a bit too much to drink (we were teens ...). I helped transport my friend home, thinking his parents would "rake me over the coals." When we got there, his father opened the door, took one look at him, and, with a big grin, yelled to the mother - "Come here, have a look, our boy is drunk."

  • We loved the M*A*S*H tv show. One particular episode had the characters being upset with the same blah cafeteria food each and every day. One of the characters was from Chicago and was obsessed with memories of Adams Ribs. We (especially me) talked about it a lot over the years. And my friend kept urging me to go. I finally decided to make a rib pilgrimage to Chicago, eating ribs. I did find an Adams Ribs, but it was a hole in the wall that had no chance of being my dream ribs. But I found a great ribs restaurant (recommended by a cab driver who told me he was a huge hockey fan and was convinced I was Wayne Gretzky ... 🤪), and I saw some great Cubs games!

Funny Birthday Wish Video

Birthday wishes come from the heart. Funny birthday wishes come from the heart and head for the heart, with a detour to the funny bone. A funny birthday wishes video comes from the heart, heads to the heart, makes a detour to the funny bone, and keeps re-circling each time you play the video.

Funny Happy Birthday Video

Happy birthday videos and a birthday video greeting with heartfelt birthday wishes, especially those that evoke emotions, are to be treasured. A funny happy birthday video (or a life story video) will surely bring tears of fun.

Funny Happy Birthday Videos To Send

Sending funny happy birthday videos is an act joyous in itself.😃 Receiving funny happy birthday videos doubles the joy! 😃😃 Certainly better than a thousand words ...

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