Best Virtual Gifts for Teachers

The Celebrate Team

With the extra work teachers put into remote classrooms and with the ever-present stress, they deserve the utmost credit more than ever.

Show your favourite teacher some true appreciation with one of these virtual gifts — sure to make them feel extra special in these trying times!

Teachrs' Gifts
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A Thank-you Letter

What can be more powerful and heart-warming than a personalized handwritten note displaying your appreciation for what this care-hero has “given” you?!

Scan your letter using the ScannerApp and download your handwritten masterpiece to your desired personalized formats.

Often under-appreciated, teachers keep these meaningful notes forever, validating why they went into teaching — inspiration!

Teachers' Gifts
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E-cards with a Twist

Racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect gift? Ease your troubled mind and give your teacher the gift of choice and flexibility.

Check out Giftly — the e-gift card option that allows you to personally design an email gift card from an unlimited list of retailers.

Most importantly, you get to replenish your teacher’s caffeine stash with the Starbucks or David’s Tea option! 😳

Personalized Pencils

Have you ever heard any teacher say “I just have too many pencils”?

No? Actually, teachers always need these! Send your teacher a pack of pencils customized with their name or whatever inside joke you two might be sharing.

Teachers' Gifts

Webcam Light

Fast wifi and a reliable connection are absolute necessities for online teaching. But what about the lighting?

Enhance the online learning experience with a portable webcam light. The resulting lighting helps accentuate your teacher’s facial expressions — super important in the online universe!

Teachers' Gifts
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Group Video from the Class

What would be even better than one of those good old written cards?

How about a group video gift from the entire class?!

If you’re not close friends with the whole class (or if they’re not easy to reach), you can create a smaller group video with just a few of your closer classmates.

With’s fun and easy editing options and personal touches, your teachers will feel so cherished and thankful they had the opportunity to educate someone as thoughtful as you! 😀

Check it out!

Having a live event?

Create a Guestbook with the Magic of Video

Our Classic and Q&A styles are fantastic for surprise gifts created before an event! But what about AT the event?

Are you having a Wedding, Milestone Birthday or Anniversary, Retirement Party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañera, Celebration of Life or any other live gathering?

Here's a fabulous and low cost way to capture special messages from guests AT THE EVENT and even from friends who can't make it!

Try it now! Test an example of the Guest contributor experience.

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