Discover the Benefits of Having a Virtual Guest Book for Your Wedding 

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Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it's all about celebrating your love with family and friends. Traditionally, a physical guest book is used to capture well-wishes, memories, and advice from your loved ones. However, in the age of technology, you can take this cherished tradition into the digital realm.

What is a Virtual Guest Book?

A virtual or digital guest book is a digital platform that enables your wedding guests to leave messages, photos, and videos, preserving the memories of your special day. It can be a Video Guestbook, a website, or even a dedicated app.

With all these choices, it's easy for guests to participate and share their well wishes. 

Why Choose a Virtual Guest Book for Your Wedding

Now, you might be wondering, "Do you need a guest book at a wedding in the digital age?" The answer is a resounding yes! Virtual guest books offer a lot of benefits that can enhance your wedding experience in ways you never imagined, especially when you opt for's Video Guestbook. This will soon become the new standard for guestbooks.

Why Choose's Video Guestbook

Picture the magic of reliving your wedding day through heartfelt and touching video messages and footage captured by your beloved guests. You'll feel like you're at your wedding, enjoying the magical day, all over again.

And it's easy to do! It takes just two minutes to set up your wedding guestbook and get a QR code that's linked to it.You then feature this QR code on cards or posters throughout your wedding day and reception. 

Then, once guests scan your code, they're taken to your Video Guestbook and are prompted to record their video messages with a mere tap. There's no need for them to download an application or create an account. It's effortless — just tap to record!

So, whether the messages are playful, endearing, profound, or humorous, these warm wishes — or even snippets of marriage advice — are sure to become cherished memories for you and your partner.

And that's not all! Your guests can also upload video and photos from their phone's library. That's a great option for guests who have recorded other footage, like speeches, first dances and anything else they feel you'd love!

The cherry on top? After your wedding, you don't have to be a video pro to whip up a fantastic montage of these messages. Thanks to's user-friendly design, you can seamlessly use the editing tools to arrange, add other content, and merge the clips into a single video montage. Download it and enjoy it forever!

The Benefits of Having a Virtual Wedding Guest Book

1. Having a Virtual Guest Book is Easy and Convenient

One of the many advantages of a virtual guest book is its convenience. Your guests can leave their messages and well-wishes right from their smartphones, wherever they are and whenever they're in the mood. This means no more long lines or rushed scribbles at a physical guest book station.

And,'s Video Guestbook takes this convenience to the next level with a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless experience for both you and your guests.

2. Videos and Pictures are Better than Scribbles

Unlike traditional paper guest books, virtual guest books allow for multimedia content. Your guests can record video messages, share photos or other clips from the occasion, which means you get amore dynamic and personal keepsake to cherish.

With's Video Guestbook, your guests can easily capture the heartfelt moments, laughter, and tears ofyour loved ones through video messages, creating a treasure trove of memories.

3. It's Flexible and Easily Accessible

With a virtual guest book, geographical barriers vanish. For example, if you have a destination wedding, while you'll probably have your QR code posted at your venue, you can also share the event landing page via a URL for your friends and family who couldn't attend your wedding in person.

4. You Can Preserve It and Cherish It Forever

Physical guest books may gather dust on a shelf (and more likely, get lost — ask your parents for theirs), but virtual guest books are easily accessible and can be preserved indefinitely.You can revisit the heartfelt messages and relive your wedding day whenever you want. 

5. It's Environmentally-Friendly

For eco-conscious couples, virtual guest books are a sustainable choice. They save paper and reduce the carbon footprint associated with producing physical books. So, if you're the couple who thinks green, having a digital guestbook is a great choice for your wedding day. 

6. They're Fun to Customize

Virtual guest books offer a wide range of customization options. With a product like's Video Guestbook, the QR code templates offer you a wide choice of design, font, and color options to match your wedding style. 

How to Set Up a Virtual Wedding Guest Book with's VideoGuestbook

Ready to set up your own virtual wedding guest book? With's Video Guestbook it's easy.

1. Create an Account and Customize Your Guest Book 

Once you've chosen'sVideo Guestbook, create an account and start customizing your event page. Add your names, wedding date, and personalize it with a picture of your choice.

Then at this stage you can also pick the QR code poster template that suits your wedding aesthetic and theme. Play around with colors, fonts, and choose your photos, to create a landing page your guests can engage with. Or if you prefer to design your own using other software, download the QR code to add it to your designs.

3. Share Your Video Guestbook with Your Guests

Place your postcard-sized posters at table settings — we've found that one card on each seat works best. Optionally, print large size QR posters for high traffic areas. The key is to ensure your guests are reminded to do it and that they have easy access to the QR code when they're ready.

For guests who may not have been able to attend, you can also share the link to your Video Guestbook via your social media, text messages, emails, wedding invitations, or even your designated wedding website.

Make sure everyone knows how to access it and participate, and if you need some tips on how to encourage more messages, we've also got you covered. 

4. Put It All Together

Using's easy-to-use video editing platform, you can put all your video messages together into one polished montage. Add more content, drag clips to rearrange them, add GIFs, music, and text. Then, when you're happy with the finished product hit export to save your file. 

5. Enjoy Your Virtual Guest Book

Right after the wedding or for years to come — especially on anniversaries — enjoy your Video Guestbook and the memories of your special day, all over again. 


In the age of technology, virtual guest books are the natural evolution of a timeless wedding tradition. They're so much better than scribbles, offer great convenience, and elevate your ability to cherish all your memories and heartfelt messages for years to come.

So, don't hesitate to embrace the benefits our virtual guest book and create a digital legacy of your wedding day that you'll love looking back on.

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