Baby Shower Video Wishes and Quotes for Parents-to-Be

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There are different ways to express your excitement for your expecting loved ones. You can call, visit or assist in shopping. Sending a gift or a card is another option. If you want to do something more memorable, you can host a surprise baby shower and present a compilation of baby shower video messages to parents.

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The baby shower wishes don’t have to be long. What’s important is that they convey your joy for your family or friend’s upcoming milestone.

If you’re unsure of what to say, put yourself on the soon-to-be-parents’ shoes. What will make you feel the support of your circle? What words will bring you comfort?

Below is a list of ideas for your baby shower video message. Whether you’re going for meaningful wishes for parents to be or cute baby shower quotes for a boy, a girl or even a twin, you can find something to say.

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Messages for Expecting Mothers

1. I’m so happy for you! May the rest of your pregnancy remain fun and safe.

2. Aside from your baby, you also grow as you go through motherhood. Keep growing and glowing!

3. I’m praying for your safe delivery and quick recovery. Congratulations in advance!

4. There’s beautiful and then there’s you. You glow differently when there’s a baby in your tummy.

5. I wish the baby is healthy inside and once outside. Congratulations!

6. You mean a lot to the rest of us, but to your child, you are everything.

7. Carrying a life in your womb isn’t easy, but at least you get to hug your baby anytime and anywhere, right?

8. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to be a singer, a dancer and an entertainer in the coming months.

9. Whatever you do, it will still look amazing to your baby. You’re awesome like that.

10. Soon you’ll have someone who will yearn for you, someone who will make you feel needed. How wonderful is that?

Child with pillow

Messages for Expecting Fathers

1. For your little one, you’re a hero and an entertainer rolled into one. Congratulations to you!

2. Your responsibility is big but your inspiration is bigger.

3. The coming months will be filled with so much noise. There’ll be cries and shrieks. There’ll be sounds of thrown items and of rushing footsteps. But then there’ll be precious laughter and that’s all that matters.

4. Fatherhood is strange sometimes. You feel strong yet helpless the moment you see your baby out. So, get ready.

5. Congratulations! You now have another excuse to buy new toys for your collection. Good luck with your new playmate though.

6. You’re bound to be a good father. We know based on your jokes alone.

7. There’s funny and then there’s you. I hope your child will stay patient with you.

8. I wish you’ll have satisfying series of naps in the coming months. You’ll badly need those the most.

9. No matter how clueless you feel right now, you’ll always have answers to your child’s endless questions. It’s one of the superpowers of fathers.

10. I can’t wait to see your ‘World’s Best Dad’ shirt and mug. 

Messages for First-Time Parents

1. The coming years will be messy and noisy, but what will make those easy is seeing your child happy. Enjoy the journey!

2. If you’re worried about whether you’ll be good parents or not, I know you already are. Have faith in yourselves.

3. I wish you all the happiness that parenthood brings. I also wish you the patience and strength to withstand all the challenges.

4. Congratulations on your first baby and the countless of upcoming discoveries.

5. You and your bundle of joy deserve all the love and support you’re receiving right now.

sleeping father and new born baby

Messages for Baby Girls

1. There’s no doubt you’ll have the kindness of an angel, the beauty of a princess and the spirit of a warrior.

2. Right now, no one in this hall is as lovely as you and your mom. We haven’t even seen you yet!

3. Be brave. Be beautiful. Or just be a baby for the meantime. I’ll save the pep talks for later.

4. Your sweet smile will surely melt us.

5. Mark my word: No matter how old you get, you’ll always be daddy’s little girl.

Messages for Baby Boys

1. May you grow up to be stronger, smarter and funnier than your dad.

2. I’m looking forward to your parents’ wonderful stories about your first burps, steps and mischiefs.

3. I can’t troll your parents 24/7, but there’s you.

4. I hope you fill your home with laughter.

5. The world wants to say hi to you, little guy.

Messages for First-Borns

1. You’re bound to be a tough cookie. It’s your parents that I’m worried about.

2. I can’t wait to meet those tiny little feet and watch you take baby steps.

3. Both you and your parents are heading towards to an uncharted territory. May you all stay jolly.

4. Your parents are both excited and anxious right now. I hope you’re happy inside.

5. Dear tiny fellow, don’t kick too hard; your mom will get hurt. But don’t stay still either; it bothers your newbie parents. Just move enough or just do you.

Messages for Rainbow Babies

1. Like rainbows making the sky more colorful, you make your parents’ lives more beautiful.

2. We can give many gifts to your parents but they already got the one they wanted the most: You!

3. Thank you for holding on. I hope you stay strong and healthy inside until the time’s right for you to go outside.

4. Dear baby, you may be tiny but you are your parents’ biggest miracle.

5. You’re a proof that prayers work. I hope you become a blessing to others, too.

Messages for Twins, Triplets and Beyond

1. Double the trouble, double the fun. Congratulations to the second power!

2. You’ll never know how strong you are until you have a pair (or a set) of babies at once.

3. Imagine having two pairs of eyes admiring you and two hearts loving you in the coming weeks. What a wonderful scene it would be.

4. Congratulations on having twins! I hope you’ll never be confused.

5. Oh, how pleasant it would be to have not just one, but two little ones hugging and kissing you? You’re lucky.

mother with newborn child

Quotes for Parents-to-Be

1. Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed. (Linda Wooten, writer)

2. Having children is like living in a frat house—no one sleeps, everything’s broken, and there are lots of throwing up. (Ray Romano, comedian)

3. You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. (Franklin Pierce Adams, columnist)

4. I rescind my previous statement, ‘I cannot fall in love with a girl who regularly poops in her pants.’ I had yet to meet my daughter. (Dax Shephard, actor)

5. There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one. (Sue Atkins, TV presenter)

Heart-warming, right? Your baby shower wishes to parents and to their bundles of joy don’t have to take much time to create. They just have to feel sincere.

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